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  1. My main change is to remove the Spawn. Hypatia Masters instead had a terminal illness that Nyarlathotep promised to cure in exchange for her participation in the Gate Ritual.
  2. This is a great selection! Will they be available past October?
  3. Wow, you weren't kidding when you said "early next week" - Sunday at 3AM!
  4. Checking back, @tendentious does seem to be right. However that's not how I would run it.
  5. You don't need to cast the spell to reduce a dead body down to its salts (that just takes chemistry/alchemy, though learning the spell presumably teaches you the specifics). Then you cast the spell to turn the salts back into the person, or you can cast it in reverse on an existing resurrectee to undo it and make them salts again. You can't use it to turn a regular never-died person into salts.
  6. That's a great idea! It also potentially offers insights or leverage to Investigators. If one of them knows Jack Brady, it will be easier to get his trust - if one of them knows Penhew he might be reluctant to kill a former friend - the same probably isn't true of Huston, but someone who knew him could convince him they're willing to join him. Do you plan to have Masters serve the same role in the campaign? To some extent, she and Carlyle might be a shortchange compared to the other three - neither of them are in a condition to be interacted with much. An idea I've had in the past is
  7. Insane Insight could also be handled by rolling against your SAN loss as if it were a momentary skill. So, you face a deep one, fail you SAN roll and lose 3 - you want to try for insane insight, so you have a 3% chance.
  8. Sometimes it will be worth it, sometimes not. Implicitly it will steer all the Cthulhu Mythos skills toward having an atmosphere of information rather than insight - it's slightly less in keeping with the idea that Cthulhu Mythos reduces maximum Sanity, or rolling the Mythos skills for "emergency magic/insight." If you do have have the highest Mythos rating reduce maximum Sanity, then the latter will diminish more slowly, since the individual Mythos skills will be lower than the overall one would be. That latter bit from the previous point would also make Mythos skills less likely t
  9. Possibly use the Wartime experience package from the Investigator's Handbook if you have it - by definition, Hellfighters must have such experience.
  10. Gumshoe is several games by different writers, so the sell for the system is expressed somewhat differently. Trail of Cthulhu is written by Kenneth Hite, who in the introduction outright calls Call of Cthulhu the greatest roleplaying game of all time - so the way he puts it is milder than what's being described here. Hite's version is in short that scenarios have a risk of stalling if a critical information-gathering roll is failed - some people have their own workarounds for that, while others actually want to have that chance of failure - but Trail is there for people who want a workaround
  11. I have to say the level of discount for previous purchase of the pdf seemed pretty generous. I wasn't expecting to be able to afford this today, but...
  12. I wouldn't, personally, My aesthetic for the Dreamlands is to either omit them or have them be the principal focus of the campaign (which means I don't include much of the extraterrestrial Mythos). But that's just me.
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