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  1. I'm going to guess Dilettante. Then Investigative Jorunalist, then Archaeologist, then Police Detective.
  2. Not a bad idea. Or perhaps they could have a small MR, but not increase the Cthulhu Mythos skill - if you have the skill, then you can use the book as a reference, picking out the truth behind the occlusion, but it remains impenetrable to the uninitiated. An observation made in a Trail of Cthulhu supplement (Cthulhu City) was that if the Mythos underlies all of reality, then looking into any subject would eventually lead to Mythos truths.
  3. To answer less flippantly than I did before, the setting of Children of Fear is a critical part of play - atmosphere, plot, background, everything - it immerses itself in the milieu far more than most campaigns. How good a job it does of portraying the cultures along the way is therefore a part of how it plays. I'm not demanding you agree that that paragraph is the one to single out in a review that was glowing across the board, but it was an aspect the writing needed to do well in regardless of any of our political views, and it did.
  4. Also if Lovecraft's real in the setting, that implies his first-person-narrator characters are not real (there's no reason any of them - let alone all of them - would go to someone like him to publish their accounts), and you have to figure out what that means for the events of those stories.
  5. Don't do it - any secret society that becomes synonymous with secret societites is a rubbish secret society!
  6. Do you mean your players want to read Lovecraft's stories, or your players want to have their Investigators read them? If you're concerned about the former, don't be - it'll stoke enthusiasm for the game, and it won't take any impact away from your scenarios. If you're concerned about the latter, then Lovecraft may not even exist (his stories are canonically written by other people in the setting).
  7. I think Weird Science would be a tonal clash with the campaign's big set pieces. The Investigators will have no access to the kind of resources a weird scientist would need to have access to, and long periods of travel through difficult terriain will make carrying them around unfeasible. I'd very much recommend not including it. Psychic powers could work, especially if interpreted though a Buddhist lens (which they will get plenty of opportunity to do, via Tenzin Kalsang. This could either be a way to tie the Investigators into the metaphysics they're dealng with, or:
  8. There's been a positive storm of them showing up on drivethru the last couple of days.
  9. Sacraments of Evil for me. It's never been released in pdf that I've seen.
  10. Oh, sorry, I meant Dagon's promise in the original might have been a metaphor. Your post made it clear the Hittites meant that kind of thing literally.
  11. It might also have been a metaphor - it's one we still use now after all (it wouldn't be remarkable to hear a sports team say they're going to eat their opponents alive or something like that, and we wouldn't take it literally if we did).
  12. That sounds great. Is there an ETA for general release?
  13. IIIUC Rivers of London is about relatively low-key magic that the protagonist has to incorporate with their other talents and strategies (obviously con-artistry in John's case), and features a protagonist with a foot or hand in several different worlds - occult, mundane, police/criminal - which sometimes requires them to stretch their metaphorical limbs to an uncomfortable degree. If the game captures that, it will work well for the real Hellblazer or its adaptations. (I don't actually think Constantine is as bad an adaptation as it's often made out to be, though that might be because of the cataclysmically low expectations I had for it. It did amuse me that All His Engines came out at much the same time as the film, where John is in Los Angeles and part of the pressure is that it's not his town the way London is. I will give the film credit for the best vision of Hell ever set to screen)
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