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  1. It's an idea, and fairly similar to what RQ does with it's category modifiers. If the modifiers applied to improvement rolls (as in RQ3) as well it could make APP very useful to Courtly skills without changing chargen. My spin on this general idea would be to create a new APP-based Derived Statistic, call it 'Charm' or something, calculated as: Charm = (APP-12)/2 Which gets you APP 5-6 -3 Charm APP 7-8 -2 Charm APP 9-10 -1 Charm APP 11-12 +0 Charm APP 13-14 +1 Charm APP 15-16 +2 Charm APP 17-18 +3 Charm Plug in Igraine's APP at the height of her beauty, and you get (32-12)/2 = a nice round +10 Charm. I'd only apply Charm to Courtesy, Dancing, Flirting, Intrigue, Orate, Play (Instrument), and Singing, however.
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