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    Started with AD&D (1st Ed.) back in 7th Grade (1980). Also played some Robotech and Rifts, GW Fantasy Roleplay 1ed, Traveller 1ed, Gamma World 1ed, a cool 40k Campaign using the Alterity Rules, FASA's Original Star Trek RPG, Twilight 2000 1st Ed, A little HERO 4th, and Some GURPS, and some Call of Cthulhu 5th.
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    Right now (as of 1 Nov 19) starting to get into BRP Family. Want to really merge it with Palladium's Nightbane/Heroes Unlimited (love everything CJ Carella did with Nightbane.) I like BRP and its cousins for their simplicity and elegance.
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    Southern Illinois
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    Old Gamer who hasn't had time in years to play wanting to find time again.
  1. I'm familiar with Delta Green just don't like the every character has to go insane eventually. I'm like Kirk. Don't believe in a no win scenario. Maybe combine some elements of Conspiracy X with Delta Green. Have to think about it.
  2. I've recently gotten a copy of Conspiracy X 1ed RPG. Love the backround, original system seems ok but I really prefer a % based system. I was wondering if anyone had already done some work on this type of conversion/ game type.
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