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    Started with AD&D (1st Ed.) back in 7th Grade (1980). Also played some Robotech and Rifts, GW Fantasy Roleplay 1ed, Traveller 1ed, Gamma World 1ed, a cool 40k Campaign using the Alterity Rules, FASA's Original Star Trek RPG, Twilight 2000 1st Ed, A little HERO 4th, and Some GURPS, and some Call of Cthulhu 5th.
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    Right now (as of 1 Nov 19) starting to get into BRP Family. Want to really merge it with Palladium's Nightbane/Heroes Unlimited (love everything CJ Carella did with Nightbane.) I like BRP and its cousins for their simplicity and elegance.
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    Southern Illinois
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    Old Gamer who hasn't had time in years to play wanting to find time again.

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  1. I'm familiar with Delta Green just don't like the every character has to go insane eventually. I'm like Kirk. Don't believe in a no win scenario. Maybe combine some elements of Conspiracy X with Delta Green. Have to think about it.
  2. I've recently gotten a copy of Conspiracy X 1ed RPG. Love the backround, original system seems ok but I really prefer a % based system. I was wondering if anyone had already done some work on this type of conversion/ game type.
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