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  1. Thanks for the response Kronovan! This is pretty much what I am looking for I think. Does anyone know if there any adventures that are particularly bad or good? There are a lot to choose from. My players are totally up on their Lovecraft lore btw. I have been looking at the intro game parachuting into Czechoslovakia and I may want to do something different to spice it up. I have been thinking I might do Island of Madness from the Miskatonic Archives as the introductory. Only instead of a shipwreck make the fish guys disguised as people hijack a Zepplin crossing the Atlantic and
  2. Yes! Sorry I forgot to mention... I did pick up the pulp cthulhu book and have perused it... mostly
  3. Hello everybody! My first post! Actually I know the second world war pretty well but the title tickled my ridiculous alliteration bug and I had to write it. I am starting a WW2 Cthulhu mini-campaign (9-12 sessions) and just picked up my 7th edition Cthulhu book. The only books I have are the two main and the pulp book currently. I have 3 players who are old gamers but aren't familiar with the rules. We are looking for some pulpy WW2 action... ala Dirty Dozen or Kelly's Heroes. I don't know if it is cool to discuss other companies products, but if anyone could recommend some
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