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  1. First of all, i would like to thank you guys for this responses: They are really enlightening and I didn't expect less from this community. Oh, of course it makes it fun and, as far as possible, even realistic. It is quite difficult to find the exact origin of a myth or a god when, rather than having a precise origin, they simply arise from the convergence of so many factors, previous traditions, metaphors and historical events that trying to define the genesis of a single one can be the task of a life. Hell, many propose that those old conceptions of "the days when the gods wal
  2. First of all, I would like to clarify that with this text I do not intend to end a debate as complex as that of the truth in Glorantha. I am rather a new person in the setting, attracted thanks to my fanaticism in the "deep lore" of Elder Scrolls that later became an obsession with religion and folklore. I just wish to give my vision about it, a vision perhaps ignorant, but open to corrections and criticism. I've been reading these pages for a while now in silence. I only uploaded a post once, and since then I have dedicated myself to read and feed myself with the excellent discussions th
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