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  1. Email: coachrobertmori@gmail.com Thanks again for your help
  2. The whole starting in 439 AD isn't that bad with SoB as it lays out the tineline events. I have DM'd many games of DnD so prep work does not scare me. But you are right about having to do a lot of fill in the blanks which isn't bad. But 3000+ years to fill in would be killer to do. That mist of been a grind to figure out everything. Thanks for all the links as this will add 100% more realistic feel to the game.
  3. A lot above in the points and will help a lot. I am in a current game that started 439 AD and the DM just rolled our Glory with out much information onto how we got it. What is HBR??
  4. Hello people, I am the DM he is talking about in the thread. Reason I chose to do 439 AD is because I was planning to have the hierarchy leading into the Boy King and the conquest of Uther. I am fairly new to the system, first time actually DMing a game and have played in two prior games and one currently post by play.
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