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  1. Hey there folks, i have a question. How would an eurmalian based illumination work? How did it came to be? It's possible pros and cons? What would be it's secrets and what it's all about? Etc. This question came to my head as i was talking with my brother who came with an idea of an illuminated eurmalian.
  2. so, you're saying that they should join their parents in the war against arthur? sounds cool, but i'm wondering, wouldn't they lose honor for going against their liege lord?
  3. Hey there people, i'm just here to ask if any of you ended in war against king Arthur. Mostly curiosity, becuase my players are in the precipice of this situation. You see, we just started the boy king's period, and the players are now playing with the children of the former generation. we just stopped the game as arthur has appeared alongside with merlin and claimed excalibur. As everyone knows, lot's of nobles has sided against him, and in this case, those nobles include the player knights parents (who during anarchy period became the true power of salisbury and rydichan), and of course, one of the players is married with a saxon princess, his sister is married with a saxon king, and they're allied with half of the saxon kingdoms, as well as one of the players is married with the countess of rydichan. Now, Earl robert wants to side with arthur, but as i said before, the older generation won't support him (they don't have anything against arthur, but they hate merlin). So, the situation here is that the players current knights (the current generation) doesn't know whoto support: either they choose their families, or they choose their liege lord. As you can see, they have a hard choice to do, and in one case, they go to war with arthur. So i would like to hear your opinion on this situation.
  4. This thread and it’s answers have made me wonder, how would a lunar-orlanthi sartar be? Would they be followers of the white moon? Would they worship both sedenya and orlanth? The only thing i feel sure of is that they would still fight against the lunar empire, kind of like if america became communist in the 30s would still probably fight the soviet union later on
  5. let's say your a lunar missionary to pre-sartar dragon pass, and you've been given the work to preach the wisdom of the seven mothers and of sedenya to the sartarites (or maybe you arrived by accident and decided to take the opportunity). How would you do it? what would you tell them? how do you make sure they don't kill you the moment they find out you worship the red moon?
  6. thanks for all the answers, and i will take them into account, but do you know of a book that has some info of pre-sartar dragon pass? you know? a book with a list of possible clans and stuff like that? right now i'm reading Sartar: Kingdom of heroes
  7. I've been thinking about this from some time, and i know i'm not the only one, but it think that king of dragon pass would be an excellent campaign idea, and probably would be an excellent way to introduce players to runequest, but the problem i find is how. as we may know, in KoDP, the player controls directly the clan, while in runequest, the characters play as individuals (although, still members of the clan). so i got thinking, how would you run this situation?
  8. Hello there everyone, i noticed that in the MoN campaign, after the Peru prologue, there’s a 4 years timeskip before the New York chapter, and i been wanting to ask, how do you deal with such timeskip? Specifically, player character improvement? I’m asking because if either me or my brother where to run this campaign, we probably won’t put another adventure during the timeskip.
  9. Hi everyone, i'm here asking a few questions that came to my head. 1.- would it be possible for orlanth and the red moon to find peace? and how? 2.- what would be the effects in the world if peace was managed? now, this question came to me after reading some adventure or campaign idea that i found in 4chan /tg/, that is about an orlanthi warrior and a red moon priestess that fell in love (like romeo and juliet), and initially they are running away from the war, trying to find someplace to live in peace, but after sometime, they decide to do a heroquest so that Sedenya and Orlanth married, thus, maybe putting an end to their conflict. so, i was curious if any of this is possible, how it would be acheived, and what would be the effects on the setting, specifically the example that i wrote. sorry for the bad english.
  10. I must thank you all for this information, it has been very helpful, but now i must ask, if "we are all us" than why is the lunar pantheon so opposed to Orlanth, and how to i make sure that my character is not killed on sight in Sartar (i'm plannin on disguising myself, but i know that at some point i'm going to have to reveal myself to the people and my companions)
  11. Hello there, i'm need of some help. As the title of this thread implies, i need help understanding lunar theology, philosophy and ideology. I'm asking becuase i'm going to play a Runequest: Glorantha campaign soon, and i'm interested in playing a lunar, and thus, need help understanding their ideas, religion, motivation, etc. I have some very basic knowledge of the theology: The red godess was dead, then brought back to life, and therefore, is in the middle of everything, and because of that, chaos is also a natural part of the world. Correct me if i'm wrong, and help me expand my knowledge.
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