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  1. I must thank you all for this information, it has been very helpful, but now i must ask, if "we are all us" than why is the lunar pantheon so opposed to Orlanth, and how to i make sure that my character is not killed on sight in Sartar (i'm plannin on disguising myself, but i know that at some point i'm going to have to reveal myself to the people and my companions)
  2. Hello there, i'm need of some help. As the title of this thread implies, i need help understanding lunar theology, philosophy and ideology. I'm asking becuase i'm going to play a Runequest: Glorantha campaign soon, and i'm interested in playing a lunar, and thus, need help understanding their ideas, religion, motivation, etc. I have some very basic knowledge of the theology: The red godess was dead, then brought back to life, and therefore, is in the middle of everything, and because of that, chaos is also a natural part of the world. Correct me if i'm wrong, and help me expand my knowledge.
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