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  1. Hello there everyone, i noticed that in the MoN campaign, after the Peru prologue, there’s a 4 years timeskip before the New York chapter, and i been wanting to ask, how do you deal with such timeskip? Specifically, player character improvement? I’m asking because if either me or my brother where to run this campaign, we probably won’t put another adventure during the timeskip. 

  2. Hi everyone, i'm here asking a few questions that came to my head.

    1.- would it be possible for orlanth and the red moon to find peace? and how?

    2.- what would be the effects in the world if peace was managed?

    now, this question came to me after reading some adventure or campaign idea that i found in 4chan /tg/, that is about an orlanthi warrior and a red moon priestess that fell in love (like romeo and juliet), and initially they are running away from the war, trying to find someplace to live in peace, but after sometime, they decide to do a heroquest so that Sedenya and Orlanth married, thus, maybe putting an end to their conflict.

    so, i was curious if any of this is possible, how it would be acheived, and what would be the effects on the setting, specifically the example that i wrote.

    sorry for the bad english.

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  3. Hello there, i'm need of some help.

    As the title of this thread implies, i need help understanding lunar theology, philosophy and ideology. I'm asking becuase i'm going to play a Runequest: Glorantha campaign soon, and i'm interested in playing a lunar, and thus, need help understanding their ideas, religion, motivation, etc.

    I have some very basic knowledge of the theology: The red godess was dead, then brought back to life, and therefore, is in the middle of everything, and because of that, chaos is also a natural part of the world.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, and help me expand my knowledge.

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