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  1. It's a matter of interest that in the Dorothy L. Sayers book "The Nine Tailors" (published/set in 1934), a crook-housebreaker claims his job was made easier by having access to the local smithy/mechanic in order to make his own 'new' set of picks.
  2. Not to be dismissive, at all, but read/re-read The Case of Charles Dexter Ward to get the feel of it. None of the ... ah ... victims were subject to a spell but once they were recovered whole, I assume they were subjected to some form of treatment.
  3. That's why when Homer Simpson plays CoC, a fumble results in the player saying "D'oh!"
  4. As long as you don't hold the gun the wrong way round, bullets go in one end and come out of the other. As said, you can fire it. You might hit something with luck.
  5. While I've always known of and seen "Dagon" on You Tube, and I have a DVD of "Horror Express" (not Lovcraftian as such but definitely a 'watcher'), I'm thankful for the heads-up for "The Lurking Fear". I didn't know it had been made - and I aint seen it yet - but this is one of my favourite Lovcraftian/CoC 'game' stories. I'll tell you if I'm grateful for the film after I've watched it! Bugger - Tubi is non-EU/UK!
  6. In aikido, one principal of handling an opponent holding a weapon in close combat (and retreat is a poor option) is to move yourself not away from the weapon but position yourself oblique to it. E.G. you're facing an opponent that's holding a knife, gun etc. in their right hand - and isn't actually firing - then move forward and to the side of the weapon, say the left of the attacker. You present your body sideways ... then do your stuff. The attacker has to aim across their body, you are presenting a slightly smaller target and brings them into your reach. Then you concentrate on which d
  7. Eh. Takes me back to the 2nd Ed. (?) rulebook with a couple of witty songs. I still recall ... "Pardon me, boy Is this the lair of Great Cthulhu? Where the mould and the slime Gets you ev-er-y time!"
  8. Sorry, but that is far from my intention. I never said Investigators shouldn't use magic. A Keeper always gauges the mood and intent of their players - that's why Table Top RPG's endure; the personal interaction which may be lost online. I am not advocating the restriction of Investigators; if magic is there then it can be used ... for good or ill. I'm experienced enough of a Keeper (and referee of many RPGs) in that I think I can handle the styles of my players*. I try never to forget, it isn't just The Game. It's meant to be fun and the players - and myself - should play it for fun. Met
  9. Pulp looks fun to play and a welcome addition to any RPG collection, but it seems to me to be using CoC background and most of the system to run adventure games based on Indiana Jones, the modern Mummy movies etc. Well, 1930-1950's "pulp fiction" style anyhow. I've never played it, true, but it looks fun. I can't possibly 'diss' the game at all. But I think a bit of me, the deep-down fan of HPL, feels it's ... um ... not Call of Cthulhu. I suppose I'm the sniffy one who thinks it takes the mickey of the original source work and turns it into a light-hearted romp. Nowt wrong with that, of
  10. Thanks, all, for replying to my post. Some very good points raised and plenty for me to ponder on. I'm sorry, Klecser, if I offended you by raising these discussion points. I was not stating fact, only my opinion. I was not telling people what is "good" CoC or bad. I was only airing some worries that affected my playing in the past. It's down to style of play - if you are comfortable with Investigators and magic then fine. I'm not the one to tell you to stop it. If I'm stating the obvious to you, or to anyone, then ignore it. CoC magic rules are far more harsh than other, earlie
  11. I see many posts on here, discussing how to handle players and spells, investigators and "Mythos Magic", how a Keeper should handle players who want to delve into the Forbidden Arts and so on. I'd like to put forward my own take on this subject, discuss it and leave options 'revealed' for Keepers to use in future games. Before I start, I must declare certain, ah, strictures: This is game use in long campaigns; considering how long it takes to digest a Mythos tome, possibly benefitting from knowledge of spells, one-shot or single-session scenarios needn't worry. Unless, of course, th
  12. At my private secondary school, in the UK, it's amazing how unqualified teachers can be. For instance, our physics teacher wasn't qualified to teach at all, but he had a Masters degree in Physics, so they thought it'd do. It didn't. He was a lousy teacher. Good at physics though.
  13. In interests of answering the original post, for my part, I'd suggest that there's many a library that says it has XYZ tome but ... is it? Really? I mean' if a book is rare then it takes a rare scholar to confirm that it's genuine. Blahtown Library may claim it has a "genuine" copy of Noddy's Book of Spells ... but it takes an expert to access it, study it, and then declare that it's either the genuine Blyton original or a knock-off. Any rare book - of any specialism - adds kudos (and funding) to a library. It's an investment. Now, a genuine library (a repository of knowledge) may be run
  14. Dunno that it's available. When a Keeper creates a pre-gen, the character is being created for that particular scenario/adventure. The biography and story-hooks have been incorporated into the character. What you're describing seems to be a third, blank sheet on which is recorded extra information for the player of said character, specific to the adventure. Then that's down to the Keeper, not to Chaosium? Not sure what you're asking for, honestly. Are you asking for a blank sheet, in the same style as the double-sided character sheet?
  15. Always remember that you may be qualified, highly, to do a job, but you may not get it. There may already be a Chair in Archaeology at XYZ University who has less skill points than an Investigator, but he has the job!
  16. I'm sadly behind on this idea of ambient music. When I run sessions, I minimise background noise so not to distract from my awe-inspiring narration/ruling/NPC-acting. I suppose it come from having to run games in a pub/club. Although while writing for CoC, I tend to listen to 1920's/30's jazz tracks either on Spotify, YouTube or the few CDs I've obtained over the years.
  17. Getting back to basics (!), blunderbusses armed with broken-up silverware can be comforting, shotguns with shells loaded with rock salt can spoil the evening for cultists and old boxes loaded with gunpowder sends splinters which irritate most human and non-human creatures. Of course, all useless against the real Big Boys of Mythos but we don't expect any of them, do we, folks? Guys? Hey ... guys? It all takes me back to my reviewing days of the '80's. Mechwarriors and Battletech was great, in general. Then, the Japanese Mecha came in to RPGS (rather than boardgame/wargames). I f
  18. As the Chieftain (tankie, consultant on World of Tanks, and lecturer on You Tube) is wont to say: From inside the tank, it's the steel you send down the tube. Inside the tank, there's a lot to give you a negative life experience.
  19. I recall meeting him once, decades ago (! 😲) at a gaming/sci-fi convention. Seemed like a nice chap but, if I recall correctly, he was a bit ... ah ... short of temper with readers who, while liking his work, dared criticise it.
  20. Asking questions is the only way to find answers.
  21. I'm sorry but I need to play in a game where I can call out ... "Size of An Azathoth!" Makes me think of a Bill Bailey joke: "I was the kind of kid who wondered why the magician didn't say something silly like ... Size of a chaffinch!" Says my age when I remember the cartoon, from The Banana Splits.
  22. Thing is, the magic system was designed with the source material in mind; it's rare for the good guys to use magic while the bad guys do. That's the, ah, nature of the bad guys in the Mythos, not an RPG. This might be an issue with those used to games - usually fantasy - where magic is flung around with nary a care. Horror games limit who can do magic, how they do it ... and at what cost to their soul or spirit. Magic Points are to use in the game mechanics, POW is part of the characters psyche.
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