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  1. Spoiler!!!! So, i'm very interested in running the mini campaign included in "Berlin the wicked city". i read through the book and it just seems tons of fun (5/5). I did however have a somewhat big question that I may have missed regarding the first scenario, "the Devil eats flies" so again - spoiler alert!!! One of the major NPCs of the Scenario is Prince Constaninovich, which is in fact a counterrevolution assassin named Pyotr Shabelsky-Bork. he is the one that actually hires the players to find Franziska Schanzkowska/ Sasnovski. now the thing that I can't figure out is why? what are is motive with her? the scenario internal logic is that this Franziska is claiming to be a Russian princess, related to the house Romanov, but first it doesn't seem that Constnovich can know about that before the appearance of it in the news already in the middle of the scenario, and second, he already know that her true identity is that of "a Polish peasant girl calling herself Franziska Shanzkowska or similar". In short: only in the middle of the adventure he knows that she claims to be of royalty, and more that that, he knows who she actually is, what is his interest in all of that? At the moment it seems that the scenario starts with an NPC who just pretending to be a prince in order to find a peasant polish girl for no particular reason. i'm pretty sure i missed something, so please, if you can help me see it, please do... thanks!
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