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  1. Well, this has gotten well beyond my familiarity with Glorantha. As far as my initial question goes, we've come to a solution wherein the ZZ is actually an incarnation of Zolan Zubar, who doesn't have the Disorder rune like Zorak Zoran, and doesn't work with undead. Instead, anything he summons will be Darkness spirits and ancestor spirits. So we'll still clash on many things, but not the big one. Thanks for your help, everyone! I got way more response than I expected. Please continue the philosophical debate!
  2. Missed this suggestion earlier. I may revise my own OUT to accomodate this. Thanks.
  3. I did, yeah (though I admittedly had trouble parsing it). Lots of interesting theories about the Kitori that I'll pass on to that player if he's interested. The runes listing (Air Darkness Death) will be interesting, for sure. And I see far below that it confirms Zolan Zubar to be enemy of undeath. Useful!
  4. This is all great stuff, everyone. Yeah, my general thought was for the fighting styles and mindless rage, we might disagree on things, come into conflict on how to treat the dead, but largely be able to work together. The undead was really the big issue, and I can see I was right to question it. Right now we're discussing reflavouring his summoning of undead to actually be Darkness Spirits (elementals, basically?) So that's one option. As for the Zolan Zubar connection, since this is 13th Age, every character has a One Unique Thing. His is that he is a reincarnation of Varzo
  5. (Technically this game is 13G, but all of the questions are from a flavour standpoint, not mechanical, so I figured I'd post in the more active forum.) So we're starting a Glorantha campaign. I have little knowledge of the setting, but have been reading a lot. I chose to play a Humakti (Sword of Humakt) and another player was looking at a Zorak Zorani character. Obviously there's the fact that the gods themselves aren't fans of each other, and there will be conflicts in the way we fight and/or treat the dead. Gore and massacre, vs honour and respect, etc. That's fine. We can roleplay
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