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    Creator of DriveThruRPG's Call of Cthulhu product line "Time RIP", Game Master with 4 years of experience, and long time role-player. Actor, voice actor, writer. I also just started a RPG/Gaming U-tube channel, come check it out!
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  1. Sounds as backwards as a Tim Burton film... I love it!
  2. I recently started looking into the live-action RPG system Call of Cthulhu LIVE, is it good? Well-written? Worth the price, work, or time?
  3. Just read all this... Is there still a game in development? Or has this all been scrapped... Or has the game been published without my knowledge?
  4. Thank you EricW for sharing! I loved this, do these creators have other, similar, creations?
  5. Once more "At the Mountains of Madness" is the story controlling the top spot!
  6. Welcome back! I recently started playing CoC, and it rapidly became my favorite game, and BRP became my favorite system (I transferred over from D&D 5ed).
  7. Neil Pert was an inspiration, as well as one of the greatest drum gods of all time. He will be sorely missed, for his work was closer to the heart.
  8. This video is about RPGs in general. Please watch, as I believe all gamers should understand this.
  9. Well, it all has come down to this. Neck to neck as they approach the goal is "At the Mountains of Madness" and "The Shadow Out of Time" Vote now to discover the truth...
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