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  1. You dare to continue to breath? What, you're just staring at me? Thou shalt faceth mine vengeance for thy incompetenceth assumptions...
  2. Oh my goodness, don't even bring that up! No... It's more horrifying than the actual thing. I won't believe it... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOO OOO.
  3. SHUT UP MORTAL! I am Professor Deth reincarnate, and the Yith have nothing to do with it. My goal is to reanimate Lovecraft, and Chaosium already knows. You are meddling in affairs beyond your control, and I have your bike now!
  4. I would need to come up with my own deity, but I have a couple that could fit the purpose. I am currently in the midst of 4 projects, a collection of short stories where this idea would go perfectly, a screenplay called the Game Master (working title), a RPG system which was originally going to use the new "ogl" but it retrospect I will make a unique system instead, and finally a bundle of CoC scenarios for DriveThruRPG. I've actually got some incredible artists working with my to get some color into my work. But I digress... Anyway, another problem with all these posts is an assumption that people have any idea who Lovecraft was. We won't ever know his thoughts on whether or not Derleth did well 'cause he's no longer alive (the avatar of Nyarlathotep has passed on). In fact, he's actually a terrible role model and I wouldn't want my works to be knock offs of his works. My opinion on writing horror or cosmic horror will not be swayed by others opinions, I was just wondering the reasoning behind Travern's comments. It's all subjective my friends:)
  5. And yes I was thinking along those lines, but subverting it to be the opposite. The ending would be favorable in the god's eyes, but the human's mind would break... What would make it interesting would be that the god genuinely likes the MC and haughtily considers the "special treatment" as something good and just, but in reality it ruins the humanity of the MC and there's nothing he/she can do about it.
  6. That was indeed my point. Oh but now my gears are turning with that story idea, and there would be no happy ending or escape...
  7. What about a story of horror where the god believed they were working toward the greater good (and was therefore benevolent), but the actions they took were horrifying? What if a god wanted what was best for you, and by that token tested you in ways similar to Jigsaw from SAW, but the god's goal was "helping"? That still fits the bill you spoke of, toward how cosmic horror works (note this is purely hypothetical as I already outlined that I as you say "suspend my beliefs" when writing cosmic horror). It seems as though one would be putting a subgenre in a rather narrow box with these generalizations.
  8. Heheh... My bookshelf has broken down many tines over by the overwhelming weight of content. I read constantly, but I will still take your advice and start smaller to see if I like it. Um, interesting perspective... I personally love the idea behind that though, linking everything together. But just my opinion, maybe it'll change when I actually read it:)
  9. I liked your idea of the players joining or forming a militia, similar to the driving idea behind Delta Green, it makes sure they have a stake in the investigation and aren't just there randomly. That way, the players can be whatever they want as former background, but they are all together. In fact, I would stress the point during character creation and let the players know the reason behind it. Some other occupations could be a Bounty Hunter, Police, Family to the Victim, or oppressed minority trying to change the world. I think you've got a pretty awesome campaign shaping up:)
  10. If I begin reading King, what should I start with? I've heard that they all go together somehow... Is there a chronological order?
  11. I loved running Crimson Letters (which is found in the Keeper Guidebook) but it seems as though you specifically want Hastur the Unnameable... Ripples from Carcosa is a great one (or so I've heard) for the infamous Yellow King! The description reads as follows: O do not seek to learn or even ask, What horror hides behind...The Pallid Mask! --Lin Carter, Litany to Hastur OF ALL THE VARIED and mysterious Great Old Ones of the Cthulhu Mythos, few ensnare the imagination as easily as Hastur. The image of the silent, deserted city beside a dark, foreboding lake where sinister things lurk is one that stays with the reader. Many of us have walked the twisting streets of that dead alien city in our minds, finding our way into the tall towers to stand before an ancient throne. There sits the King in Yellow, the Lord of Carcosa, who gazes at us from behind his Pallid Mask. It is a journey many of us have taken, whether alone in our dreams or around a table rolling dice with our friends. It is a journey we are about to take again. Ripples from Carcosa seeks to expand upon the mythology of He Who Should Not Be Named and it gathers much of the varied material on Hastur into one place. The first chapter reviews the Great Old One Hastur and his various avatar forms. It examines the Yellow Sign, the play The King in Yellow, the Mythos tome of the same name, and the effects these things have on the human mind. Within these pages are a trio of adventures pitting the investigators against Hastur and his human worshippers, playable as either stand-alone scenarios or as a linked campaign, called Ripples from Carcosa. Each scenario focuses on a specific time period: Roman Invictus, Dark Ages, or the End Times of the far future. Pre-generated investigators are provided for each scenario, although keepers should feel free to incorporate existing player investigators if so desired. Across space and time, the King in Yellow reaches out... Dare you look upon his pallid mask? Here's the link: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/138396/Ripples-From-Carcosa?term=king+in+yellow&filters=44826_0_0_0_0 The PDF is $10:95 and 130 pages of content. I think you could reskin the scenarios to be different times if you wanted, happy Yellow King hunting:)
  12. Oh Lloyd... Again I went to react to a post of yours, and again have been turned away! "Maximum reactions per day reached".
  13. I meant in that specific comment, you're comments generally are always constructive:) And I feel we are moving off topic...
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