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  1. Oh Lloyd... Again I went to react to a post of yours, and again have been turned away! "Maximum reactions per day reached".
  2. I meant in that specific comment, you're comments generally are always constructive:) And I feel we are moving off topic...
  3. Wow, I might actually obtain a copy...
  4. I thought that at first to, but I don't think it was intended to be hostile. He went on to say constructive stuff afterward, and we were able to set aside our differences.
  5. Is this evident in all his work? I mean, I love Black Sabbath and Tool, but in general don't really love drug fueled art...
  6. I meant because I was thinking about reading his work, and I still will. I did not intend my comment to be a generalization, but rather to be specifically about Mr. King. Edit: There is also the point to be made that the keyphrase is "hates Christianity". That would be a generalization which I wouldn't want to put up with. You can hate individuals, but while I might dislike L. Ron Hubbard, I'm not going to then put a blanket ban on all who tell me they believe in Scientology. I certainly dislike some atheists I have known, but I don't hate atheism. There is a difference between discrimination, brainwashing, or unfounded hatred; and a dislike of specific people who you know to be against you or what you hold true. Then there is the truth of not judging even individuals because you don't know what their life is like or how they arrived at the conclusions they did. My personal philosophy on the matter would be to live and let live, and my comment was founded in frustration toward prejudice. Yet according to the other comments and King's own statements, he does not have a blind hatred of all Christians, which makes this all pretty much moot points. Just wanted to get it out:) Haha, most people don't even know what that is:) But no, when I write I try not to have a political or religious agenda to get across, at least in most of my work. And yes, quite sound guidelines, thank you! I may use it as a test of my own works to see if they stand.
  7. I really enjoyed this, thank you @klecser!
  8. You guys deserve many times more than your professed earnings.
  9. No I was neither insane nor drunk... I mean, certainly hope I wasn't, I'm not old enough for mental illness.
  10. Quite cryptic my friend:) That applies to all Lovecraft's work actually, cause if one was to say that a person has to be an atheist to write lovecraftian that would mean one would also need a dose of xenophobia and racism... And as @Loïc states... we shall all write what we are inspired to write....
  11. That makes sense. I'm simply saying that I am a believer in God, but I have written cosmic horror short stories, does that mean that my tales (which feature true and mad science, no mention of god, and atheistic themes) is not cosmic horror on account of my personal beliefs?
  12. So you're saying an author can only be "lovecraftian" if they denounce god? What's the difference between "lovecraftian" and "Lovecraft inspired"? That's what Lovecratian means... Also did Stephen King ever claim he aspired to be a Lovecraftian author? I never attributed that to him, he's just a master of horror in general.
  13. Dethstrok9

    Call of Cthulhu memes.

    We need more of these, if you make some, we can add it and credit you. We are all us!
  14. I have found a Lovecraft story which could be of great inspiration to Keepers about how to make simple things scary using hierarchy of knowledge.
  15. Oh yeah, I had to bring all my D&D friends into the fold:) It's great that people like you can join the group, every new person is a new cultist... (Paid for by the Esoteric Order of Dagon)
  16. Call of Cthulhu has a FB group! (if that's what you mean)
  17. So he hates Christianity? That sucks...
  18. Where did you find this? Or did you make it?
  19. Okay, so again I will stress that the rules are suggestions and Role-Play is the main idea of the game. I have run modules before, but if there was anything I thought wouldn't work for the scenario I cut it or let different story hooks and plots grow organically out of the player' decisions. As for stopping the horror, that can be accomplished however works for you:) All methods you just listed could work, and it's up to you how to reward your player's creative thinking. It also is possible to kill the enemy sometimes, as stated by @TheEnclave, you just have to be smart about it. And no, in my games magic is always very rare and difficult to use. It should not be easy to use, unless there is some kind of backlash. It's actually great when players think they've found a way to beat the system with a spell, then realize said spell is slowly corrupting them or killing them. I'm glad you enjoyed it, my entire channel is dedicated to Call of Cthulhu and many of my videos are similar to that one, with practical advice for Keepers of Arcane Lore. Please consider subscribing:) And yes, that sounds perfect for keeping the horror building, sanity and psychological horror is one of the highlights of this amazing game! By linking everything together, you can create tension as they try to figure everything out and dig deeper into the unfolding plot-line, sinking into despair as they finally understand the truth, but that truth is their very end. One of my favorite examples of this is the SAW franchise;) The first Matrix is also a good example
  20. They are creating normal characters. Let them know that their characters, even ones like a Police Officer, is just as scared as they are in real life. Tell them to think about what they would actually do in the situation. If they tell you they actually would attack the 50 ft. tall tree creature with thousands of eyes and flowers spewing black sludge which they witnessed absorb and liquefy multiple passerby, well... I guess they are going to be in for a surprise. Don't railroad them if they insist on getting killed, but I would try to make only one or two die the first time, just so they really understand the consequences of battle against the horrors of the Mythos. Also, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I made a ton of mistakes the first time I ran, and continue to make mistakes as I keep running. That doesn't keep the players from having a blast though:)
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