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  1. 18 hours ago, Jeffrywith1e said:

    Such a great interview. Thank you! The timing is unbelievable. Just picked up the Agents Handbook and am getting into this game right now, too.

    I made a video on "How to get into Delta Green" a little while ago, you should check it out if you want.

     And yes, Dennis was awesome to talk to, I was blown away by how cool his answers were:)

  2. 32 minutes ago, Tranquillitas Ordinis said:

    it would still require a citation.

    You stated yourself that these ideas are not necessarily yours, and I'm sure I have read similar processes before, although I believe they were for D&D.Your post reminded me of it.

    I stand corrected though, you are right. I thought about it further and realized I should have informed you I was making the video and asked if you wanted representation. I apologize for my oversight, and thank you for the support. In fact, maybe we can collaborate on something in the future if you'd be interested in doing so:)

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  3. @Tranquillitas Ordinis I will link your post in the video, would you rather it in the description or a pinned comment?


    I will mention that while you wrote the original bulletin point post, it was extremely vague to me. Your post inspired me to greatly elaborate on what you wrote, as well as add my own comments and steps. If you did not notice, I removed or condensed many of your steps and added my own. I do not believe I stole your idea or passed it off as my own.

     But I agree a link to the forum post is appropriate, and as soon as you let me know what form you would like it to take place, I will add it. I did use the link when I made this reddit post actually:


  4. 3 hours ago, Old Man Henerson said:

    Wow, those are some pretty harsh restrictions, I can see why you are leaving them. You are also right that the BRP one doesn't sound nearly as bad as that, I will have to go through it more carefully later.

    With the website, I was thinking of making one to promote my project from once it was completed. I thought that it would be a better way to utilize the keywords, since my project is based on a public domain work and no one has made before. I will have to look and see if promoting from a site is legal here.

    I wish you luck on making your rule system and I hope you have lots of success with your channel as well. ;)

    Same to you, let me know when you project comes out! If you want, I could review it and stuff:)

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  5. 21 minutes ago, Old Man Henerson said:

    What was wrong with the contract? I am thinking of using the new BRP OLG myself for a project I have in mind. Congrats on making two projects by the way. :)

    Everything was wrong with it, but I'd want to cite it so you would know what I'm talking about... 

    Lets just say it takes all creative rights away, half the profits, and tell you they reserve the right to republish without notifying or crediting the author. If you post else where on Drivethru, like the D&D area, they only take 20% and you retain the rights to your own work. The brp ogl also has a bunch of problems imo, but it's not as bad. 

    Thank you, my endgame project (at least for Miskatonic) is in the works:) 

    You said something about a website, but I'm pretty sure you can't use the CoC rules system to publish anywhere but MR.

    I'm planning on my next project being creating a rules light system loosely based on a horror film I really like. Then I'll be able to add to it and promote it through my channel and not have to worry about royalties or creative rights. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, Old Man Henerson said:

    Good video! I knew that CoC spells were more cosmic in nature than the standard D&D type spells, but I could never find any resources for them on the internet for me to use. After reading a lot, I came to the conclusion that they were more tailor made for the individual scenarios that being a standard list of spells. I found it very interesting that the spells are made to be more like scenes than utilities, it would make everything much more cinematic.

    Also, you said that you published a scenario on DrivethroughRPG, was it very difficult? Do you think promoting from a website would be better?

    For Call of Cthulhu, I have to publish through Miskatonic Repository. And after my next project, I will be stopping using it. I really don't like the contract they make you agree to.

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  7. 6 hours ago, soltakss said:

    Good video.

    You pronounced Glorantha correctly, at least it's how we say it. Lozenge was a bit trickier, I pronounce it Loz-Inje, but some people say Loz-enje, it's as the old fashioned cough sweets or shape.

    Interesting that you have spent a lot of money on Glorantha/RQ material, I hope you like them and look forward to your videos about them.

    It is inevitable that their power has drawn me deeper...

    I will say it will take awhile for me to truly appreciate the game as I started dual enrollment and will be rather occupied for the next 8 weeks of intense schooling. I will keep trying to upload at least twice a week, but it will likeybe more gm advice and reviews until I can focus on a new game. 

    If you haven't already, go listen to their podcast, it's awesome!

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  8. 10 hours ago, soltakss said:

    Liked it, as always.

    I read a horror novel based in New Orleans, where a detective was trying to solve a series of Voodo ritual-killings of children and a cult was trying to kill 12 children to avert a disaster. The detective solves the puzzle and saves the last child, escaping to a farm in the mid-west. The book ends with him sat on his porch, looking over the plains, when he sees the mushroom clouds appearing in the distance. By the way, the film they made of it skipped the last scene, which spoiled it slightly.

    That fits in with your moral dilemmas theme, doing the right thing that turns into the wrong thing.


    Yes indeed it does, great example! I believe these situations really bring home the horror and ramp up the tension in my own games.

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