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  1. 12 hours ago, Lloyd Dupont said:

    From what I understand DS, you play or GM horror story.
    Where the Henerson guy play weird stories..
    The protagonist might be the same, but the flavor and rationality and result is different! ;)

    To use reference I know better... I would say DS you play "Alien", where bullet only serve to prove your hopelessness againt the Exomoprh, whereas Henerson play Predator (1), where there is a mysterious powerful Alien.. But he bleeds like the rest of us...

    This is quite true, and that makes my interaction with @Old Man Henerson very interesting, to me at least. We have fundamental difference in taste and yet seem to agree on many things. Plus intriguing conversation always grows out of difference of opinion:)

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  2. 20 minutes ago, Old Man Henerson said:

    In any case, copious amounts of bullets, fire, and explosives are enough to solve any problems one could encounter.

    I try to make sure it's not that easy in my own games, but do any of Hp's stories have main characters using explosives or the like? I don't really remember if they did...

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Lloyd Dupont said:

    I think we should split up to explore this dark and damp crypt faster! 😛 

    Great idea, but first I want to investigate this strange noise... You go on ahead, I'll be fine. 










    What is that?






    Are they eyes? Or tiny flames? I think I should touch it, because I am super curious! The fire is cold as ice... The unseeing eyes... That face. A kindly smiling face, grinning from eye to eye. Blue as our new second sun. Reaching out to touch me... To feel me. I think I will scream to show my discomfort (screams), and now I will just stand still.... 46 and 2, the shadow becomes me to be in me from thee. My god... 

    My true god... They are always watching... Oh hey! You look nice! I was just waiting here for ya:) You look great. Why do you mean it's been three days? I haven't been here for three days. You okay my friend? No? Well that's okay, I think you look wonderful. Your eyes sparkle... 

    Why can't I move my legs? What have YOU done? My gods... They will not take kindly to this. In fact, I think you should come closer.

    A little closer... I need you... You are so great! Your eyes I mean (reaches out and...)

    SCREAMS are heard. My gods don't care, they just like the way blood pours from the socket. I can't feel my legs, but my third eye has opened...

    I have an IDEA! Let's split up;)

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  4. 17 minutes ago, Old Man Henerson said:

    Now that is a strong cup of joe.

    He probably should not have been hacking into the player's computer in the first place... Very meta and likely could be considered cheating, which in this case warranted a quick painful death: )

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  5. Just now, Old Man Henerson said:

    Great Scot!

    In all seriousness though, I have heard of these creatures before, but hounds of Tindalos honestly sound like something that would appear on a doctor who episode.

    Probably does in some form.

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