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  1. My current next systems are Runequest and Vampire the Masquarade, but perhaps I will be able to turn my gaze to Mythras in the future. What makes it unique compared to some of the other systems I've used like CoC and D&D? (also if the creators of Mythras wanted me to review their product they could always dm me to pitch their game so I can make an informed decision on purchasing and reviewing it.)
  2. Awesome, excited to hear the new episode! My RuneQuest books have not yet arrived but hopefully soon I will be able to enjoy the podcast far more with the power of knowledge.
  3. He probably should not have been hacking into the player's computer in the first place... Very meta and likely could be considered cheating, which in this case warranted a quick painful death: )
  4. That would make sense, although it is not too difficult to switch a scenario to work with a previous or later edition.
  5. Have you been disappointed by combat in role-playing games? Well be that way no further, here is the perfect video for you! Taking inspiration from Sandy Peterson himself, Dethstrok9 goes over some of the best ways to make Call of Cthulhu 7E combat more engaging, exciting, and interesting!
  6. Most of these guidelines apply to ALL role-playing games.
  7. Thanks to Mr. Petersen for inspiring many of these points.
  8. Let's delve deeper into the true meanings of these oft used game terms.
  9. Well then, hopefully in the future you shall have the pleasure of quoting the Emperor and saying, "Everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen."
  10. Sounds like you and your players are having a great game!
  11. I greatly apologize, my singing sucks... But yeah, here's a song I made (parody of Everlong by the Foo Fighters).
  12. And so you fall... Sucked into the void of the Legion... WE ARE MANY:)
  13. Also, on a side note the Legion has grown to over 200 members. Thank you guys for all the support, We are All Us!
  14. Pardon me if I shoot you in the leg so you satisfy the god whilst I escape...
  15. As far as I know, there are no rules for this, but it's a really cool idea! Personally, I would make it so that he has the tattoos carved into his body all over (1d4 damage, plus any disadvantage to Interpersonal skills the keeper desires as the character now could be considered deformed). Next, I would say he now has 1d4 points of armor (so each time they get hit, roll 1d4 to see how much damage is reflected), however, the pain nd suffering is not blocked completely, but instead is channeled to the mind. For each 2 pints of damage reflected they take 1 pint of sanity damage (round up). I might actually use this idea in my games in the future, very creative. This is just how I would go about it, you could always homebrew however best works for your party. You could also increase the damage reflection indefinitely as the damage is really still taken as SAN damage.
  16. How about when we bind items into demons?
  17. Are we to hear a new episode in the near future? What indeed!
  18. Ohh, gotcha:) And yes I too am not the best at preparation, heheh...
  19. That is essential to the process. Do not create the full plot-line (that would be railroading), but instead allow the plot to come to fruition organically.
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