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  1. This was interesting to think about actually...
  2. In retrospect and after reading all chapters, Peru is one of my favorites. I would definitely play though it, it kindled my imagination in ways the others did not.
  3. Yes. I will reference the document and this thread, as well as the Q&A thread.
  4. Highly likely actually, my first video was my opinionated first impression, I have been following the discussion for awhile and my opinions have changed.
  5. Agreed, I am looking at a possible diceless system for the game I have in mind, but I too love the percentage based rolls for their ease of use and simple rules.
  6. I guess that makes sense, but that's just a type of dice. Dice don't make a game, and if you have a setting or story in mind, I would sacrifice the dice in favor of being able to create the story or use the setting I want.
  7. Just don't use the OGL. If Chaosium says publishers are lining up to use the BRP "OLG", then by all means let them make their games. If there is something better for everybody else, just use that. Do you really even want to use the BRP logo anymore after all this? That's the only real perk of this so-called olg, and it doesn't mean much to me. I was planning on using the OGL, but now I think I would be better off just making my own system or taking advantage of actual ogls. I don't think this move was intended for us, it is geared toward making sure something like OpenCthulhu never happens again. Its purpose is not for you to make a game, its purpose is to tell you "hey, we created (or simply own) ect. Don't pretend you have any legal right to use ect the way we do." We don't, and their move makes total sense, and they are telling us what we can do with BRP as well; which is nice. I don't like that they are disguising the fact, but if others will use this license to make something awesome, great for them:) I just won't be using it myself.
  8. This is a comic strip created by my sister Leila:)
  9. Which got the great honor of being first? Which are your top 5?
  10. Cough Cough Edgar Allen Poe Cough
  11. After playing Call of Cthulhu, Carter was inspired to create a cosmic horror short film, and I really enjoyed it!
  12. That I will do mate:) Love these as they will go perfectly for my next Call of Cthulhu game on Zoom.
  13. You dare to continue to breath? What, you're just staring at me? Thou shalt faceth mine vengeance for thy incompetenceth assumptions...
  14. Oh my goodness, don't even bring that up! No... It's more horrifying than the actual thing. I won't believe it... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOO OOO.
  15. SHUT UP MORTAL! I am Professor Deth reincarnate, and the Yith have nothing to do with it. My goal is to reanimate Lovecraft, and Chaosium already knows. You are meddling in affairs beyond your control, and I have your bike now!
  16. I would need to come up with my own deity, but I have a couple that could fit the purpose. I am currently in the midst of 4 projects, a collection of short stories where this idea would go perfectly, a screenplay called the Game Master (working title), a RPG system which was originally going to use the new "ogl" but it retrospect I will make a unique system instead, and finally a bundle of CoC scenarios for DriveThruRPG. I've actually got some incredible artists working with my to get some color into my work. But I digress... Anyway, another problem with all these posts is an assumption that people have any idea who Lovecraft was. We won't ever know his thoughts on whether or not Derleth did well 'cause he's no longer alive (the avatar of Nyarlathotep has passed on). In fact, he's actually a terrible role model and I wouldn't want my works to be knock offs of his works. My opinion on writing horror or cosmic horror will not be swayed by others opinions, I was just wondering the reasoning behind Travern's comments. It's all subjective my friends:)
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