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  1. Oh yeah, I had to bring all my D&D friends into the fold:) It's great that people like you can join the group, every new person is a new cultist... (Paid for by the Esoteric Order of Dagon)
  2. Call of Cthulhu has a FB group! (if that's what you mean)
  3. So he hates Christianity? That sucks...
  4. Where did you find this? Or did you make it?
  5. Okay, so again I will stress that the rules are suggestions and Role-Play is the main idea of the game. I have run modules before, but if there was anything I thought wouldn't work for the scenario I cut it or let different story hooks and plots grow organically out of the player' decisions. As for stopping the horror, that can be accomplished however works for you:) All methods you just listed could work, and it's up to you how to reward your player's creative thinking. It also is possible to kill the enemy sometimes, as stated by @TheEnclave, you just have to be smart about it. And no, in my games magic is always very rare and difficult to use. It should not be easy to use, unless there is some kind of backlash. It's actually great when players think they've found a way to beat the system with a spell, then realize said spell is slowly corrupting them or killing them. I'm glad you enjoyed it, my entire channel is dedicated to Call of Cthulhu and many of my videos are similar to that one, with practical advice for Keepers of Arcane Lore. Please consider subscribing:) And yes, that sounds perfect for keeping the horror building, sanity and psychological horror is one of the highlights of this amazing game! By linking everything together, you can create tension as they try to figure everything out and dig deeper into the unfolding plot-line, sinking into despair as they finally understand the truth, but that truth is their very end. One of my favorite examples of this is the SAW franchise;) The first Matrix is also a good example
  6. They are creating normal characters. Let them know that their characters, even ones like a Police Officer, is just as scared as they are in real life. Tell them to think about what they would actually do in the situation. If they tell you they actually would attack the 50 ft. tall tree creature with thousands of eyes and flowers spewing black sludge which they witnessed absorb and liquefy multiple passerby, well... I guess they are going to be in for a surprise. Don't railroad them if they insist on getting killed, but I would try to make only one or two die the first time, just so they really understand the consequences of battle against the horrors of the Mythos. Also, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I made a ton of mistakes the first time I ran, and continue to make mistakes as I keep running. That doesn't keep the players from having a blast though:)
  7. Great save though! "Well, I was in an important meeting soooo....":)
  8. Very true, always found that humorous. It means next to nothing, because they aren't really getting more powerful. The main thing they get is new types of power or new ways to use power, which is likely where the novelty comes from.
  9. If you are looking for a way to judge a monster's power level, take a look at how much damage it can deal in a turn and how much health it has.
  10. Hey welcome Soutti! So here's the major difference between Call of Cthulhu and most other systems. It is not balanced in the normal way, and Investigators are actually discouraged from battling enemies too much. A cultist or ghoul is about the best any PC could hope to slay the conventional way. The idea is to have the players figure out what's going on, then you can add a weakness the "monster" has for the players to discover (you only need to do this if the monster is supposed to be defeated, many scenarios revolve around other ides such as escape, NPC protection, or stopping the horror as opposed to killing it). Call of Cthulhu's mythos monsters are mostly overpowered to insane levels, and Investigators don't level up in the usual sense of the word. While players can increase some skills, the majority of the game is spent role-playing a horror themed game. True to its nature, horror is supposed to be disturbing or at least have a sense of helplessness. In fact, the enemies don't really get more powerful (unless you want them to, all the rules are really suggestions and Keepers should do whatever works for their game), the players get progressively weaker as their sanity is drained away. I hope that helps answer your question, but this game is pretty different from say D&D, so if you have any further questions please reach out:)
  11. I was going to try to make a game using the OGL, but I've been researching it all over the place and have decided it would be easier and more benificial to simply create my wn system for it. That being said, I would be happy to help out on this noble project to salvage the BRP OGL:) (so to answer your question, yes)
  12. My greatest joy in Role-Playing is when players get that way, makes my day every time, I'm so glad your players love it:)
  13. We are going live again to continue the unraveling of the mysteries of the Robinson Home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFVqQO5nQCg
  14. Probably does in some form.
  15. Gee doc, that's heavy...
  16. I have recieved numerous comments on these videos which lead me to eventually make a part 2 for both these videos. I'm glad you like them:)
  17. We also got a ton of great feedback on this, which means follow ups are in the works:)
  18. I have seen his so called acting, and as an actor I must agree he's a trifle, well you know:) But I was just hoping against hope that a mainstream Lovecraft movie did the genre justice.
  19. I know it's has been awhile, but was this film any good? I've seen mixed reviews 😕
  20. Let me know your thoughts on my list, which is specifically for 7E in its current state.
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