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  1. I think the new rules can apply to any monster you can imagine.
  2. We finish off RuneQuest fittingly... With Runes;)
  3. RUNES!!!! The end is nigh... And yet this end is merely the beginning...
  4. This completes the trilogy with a introduction to Runes, and then a recap and links to all the assets I previously mentioned here. We are all us, thank you for helping me find this awesome game!
  5. Here are some good articles:) http://duxploitation.blogspot.com/
  6. I mean, Klecser made a very useful tool for newer Keepers which could be helpful, but I know what you mean. Aside from that, awesome collection of resources! Yes indeed you can play with just the free stuff, and have fun while you do so:)
  7. How to prepare your pre-written scenarios. (Although I'll bet many of you already understand this...)
  8. Thank you for the correction, going about fixing it:) And yes, I may be more excited about this than anything I've tried to obtain (with the exception of the original core books)!
  9. We just obtained some HUGE NEWS about the new Mallus Monstrorum for Call of Cthulhu seventh edition. Here are the secrets unveiled, and the history of the clues we have gained. Here is everything we know so far and what to expect going forward in regards to the new 7E MM. And of course I'm swooning the whole time:)
  10. Secrets unveiled... Lots of forum metagaming.
  11. Huge thanks to this entire thread for assisting with this project. The recent announcement allowed me to finish the "script" and upload.
  12. Hell YEAH!!! I have been waiting for this since I got the core books (guess it wasn't that long ago, but I've been waiting for a 16th of my entire life:)
  13. Thank you, I appreciate the support! The next few have some more players and some cameras, and things are starting to get interesting:)
  14. Call of Cthulhu Keeper Advice, inspired by my new favorite horror musical by Tim Burton Sweeney Todd: Spiraling downward into insanity using description (Call of Cthulhu Keeper Advice). Dethstrok9 also has some important information to share in terms of channel related news.
  15. Thanks to Tim Burton, and you! 300 Legion members is no small feat, and we have done it!
  16. The video teaches how to scare people with a specific type of description.
  17. That's quite intriguing really, although it likely wasn't the most user friendly it sounds very unique. Might pick it up sometime (if I can find it).
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