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  1. I'm not sure. On the table on page 199 it specifically states that for a Special Attack vs a Normal Parry - "parrying weapon takes damage over its HP, with the same amount of damage going to adjacent hit location". The entry for a critical attack on the table states the same, with the added line "with no armour protection". The wording on page 200 under "Parrying a Critical Hit" flies in the face of this and really obfuscates things.
  2. Ah! Yes... thank's so much. I was reading the text, but I wasn't putting it together properly. The shield absorbs it's current HP in damage, then the remaining damage is dealt to both the arm and the shield, in this case 6 points. And you're quite right about the arm armour being allowed to absorb in this example. Terrific help.
  3. Thank you! I might just do that. And you're quite right. Definitely a moral to be taken away, however in this case just used to illustrate my thought process at hand
  4. Edit: Thanks for your help! One piece of the puzzle has become clear; I was incorrectly equating the damage absorbed by a weapon/shield as also being the damage it received in certain circumstances (such as with a critical or special hit vs a normal parry). I now understand that the weapon/shield absorbs up to it's current HP in damage, and then any remaining damage applies as per the chart on page 199. I'm still not entirely clear about the wording on page 200 "Parrying a Critical Hit" vs the Parry table on 199, but I've posted an edited version of question 2 in the Core Rules thread on
  5. This is a topic I wanted to come back to now I'm making my second pass through the rules. I do very much like the above approach, but this does hinge a little one whether your combats are firmly theatre of the mind or you're someone who likes to use "MOV units" as an imaginary/visual indicator during combat. What I mean to say is it's potentially a bit of an obfuscation when a character with a MOV below 12 moves four units, and a character with a MOV above 12 moves four units... exactly how far in front does that put it? Sure you can do some quick maths, but personally I'd prefer that calculat
  6. In my continuing second read of the mighty RG:Q tome the Treat Poison skill is really sticking out to me. As read someone may, once per poisoning, attempt a skill check to purge 2D6 POT of the poison from their patient's system before damage is rolled. I definitely like this, since a straight up poisoning looks downright lethal in some circumstances (refreshingly as it should!). Ingested something bad? A quick regurgitation should help deal with some of the incoming damage. However this does come with a thematic incongruity: what about venom entering someone's blood stream? Or even vapour
  7. Thank you both! I'm glad it's not just me. I was also reading some of the SIZ entries for one or two larger creatures in the Bestiary and trying to work out what that nebulous number actually meant. In essence it seems like "winging it" and "logical crowbar-ing" are in order.
  8. A little help if anyone would be so kind. Now that I understand all the various bits and pieces separately, I'm working through RQ:G a second time to cement everything together. In regards to Adventurer Sizes, it seems clear that 1 Siz roughly equals 1 stone in terms of weight/healthy mass. This doesn't fully track (especially earlier on in the table) presumably because of the system's insistence of otherwise being metric in all other respects. I'm guessing the KG ranges had to be tweaked to keep numbers near enough whole and vaguely correct when compared to lbs. Now we come to page
  9. Above and beyond! Thanks again everyone. A truly brilliant response. One of the most amazing things about Glorantha is the wealth of material, but it does make it a bit of a facer to a new comer. So much information out there, but discerning what's useful now? Not so easy. This has answered my questions and more.
  10. I am, but thank you for the heads up. I must admit I'm keeping my fingers crossed for print on demand. We can hope!
  11. I'm very much a new comer to Runequest and Glorantha in general. The character creation system in RQ:G immediately hooked me as a real winner, save for a distinct lack of spell summaries to aid in spell choices and cut down on book flicking/backing and forthing. To help with that problem I've put together a simple spread sheet for Spirit Magic, Rune Magic, Bestiary Rune Magic and Sorcery pulled from the RQ:G core books. I've included runes, points expended and a brief synopsis. Find it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1voKm6zmVZDGmNS0crmTdaumip7io8zmGJUps9jtSnOo/edit?usp=sharing
  12. I don't suppose you could be persuaded to share the histories you came up with? It's certainly one of the aspects of RQ:G that caught my eye coming to the system. Speaking of sharing I created a spreadsheet to aid with page numbering and spell synopsis. Please feel free to make use of it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1voKm6zmVZDGmNS0crmTdaumip7io8zmGJUps9jtSnOo/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Very kind of you! Thanks very much for sharing them.
  14. Thank you both very much for taking the time to write all of that. I wasn't aware of the Troll Pack, so I'll definitely put that on the list. Brilliantly informative on both counts, and I think it sets me leaning towards Borderlands and Beyond to begin with... though Pavis and the Big Rubble absolutely sounds like something to absorb and dive into sometime soon. For now I shall also indulge in play throughs of King of Dragon Pass and Six Ages and dream of a good old tribal campaign. Many thanks!
  15. Hi everyone. I'm a new devotee to the wonderful world of Runequest, Heroquest and Glorantha. Right now I'm diving head long into the world and slamming into the enormity of the prospect! So time to start smaller. I'm very interested in the Gloranthan Classics, however I can't seem to find a good synopsis about the flavour that the big three offer. Can anyone kindly oblige? I'm aware that Pavis and the Big Rubble is likely good old dungeon delving, but I'm guessing there's a city intrigue component? And I don't know what to make of Griffin Mountain and Borderlands just atm. Thanks ver
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