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  1. Any other resources about this mysterious order? They get a paragraph in the Book of Uther. and a passing reference in the Book of the Warlord. Pondering a non-standard character idea . . . a younger son who happily remains an esquire, pumps up his scholar-diplomat skills, and eventually joins the Indigo Monks.
  2. Now that is very helpful. I need to chew on that a bit.
  3. I dunno . . the Book of Estates says: Someone must oversee the domestic staff, and he is called the Majordomo. He organizes and oversees all household servants, who are divided by departments. Meals are on time, people sit in the right place, and the tablecloths are clean; all because of him. The entertainment, service, and menu are arranged by him. He hires and fires everyone beneath him. (Historically, this person was sometimes called Steward or Seneschal, as in Kay the Seneschal.) There's a chart in the book re: 10-pound estates, indicating that certain staff is supervised by the
  4. Upon further reading . . . I guess in the Book of Estates, "steward" is an alternate term for "majordomo," and the presumption is that the Lady of the Manor will handle this role in smaller households, while an esquire is needed by the time you hit 50-pound estates.
  5. Maybe this should be chalked up to Pendragon being an ever-evolving beast . . . in the Book of the Manor, the steward appears to be a nobleman --- probably an esquire ---who generally "looks after the manor" and appears to be the senior staff member. In the Book of the Estate, the steward is a mere commoner, specifically overseeing the crops, and standard 10-pound manor doesn't have any nobles other than the knight, lady, and maybe the chaplain. What gives?
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