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  1. I have seen Morale. The Cradle, final battle. Humakti player was just so pumped when he got to use that spell to inspire bunch of remaining mercenaries to one last stand. Epic gaming moment and worked just fine. Almost all of them died.
  2. This. Changing conditions or what it is called. I have used this quite a lot and once my players figured it out, it made them very innovative. Catch-up rules for improvements are also something we use to keep lower abilities somehow in pace with higher ones.
  3. It is about the challenge and opponents. What do you consider to be a challenge to the PCs? In my game PCs are so good that no average warriors can match them unless something special is going on. HQ2 rules allow this just fine.
  4. New poster commenting, greetings to all. In my table I am considering that >100% helps only in attack, not in the parry. Parry gets already benefit of multiple parries, so high skill is still useful but would not prevent allosaurus to hit you. And imho new runemagic rules are just fantastic.
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