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  1. When the compromise was negotiated an ingeniuous grain goddess asked: "Time mother, how will your child impact the growth power ? We need to let the grain settle in the ground We need to let the sprout become a proud plant Our worshippers need time to harvest the treasure We need to let the soil rest" Then Barntar answered, before any of his kin acts wrongly "And we need to wash any parasite which may settle during your sleep" And the cycle of growth was included in Time; it was called Year and her children were named Season
  2. Orlanth is the master of air, for sure, but that doesn't mean that Vadrus (resurrected) would accept his brother's rule
  3. A beautiful sentence, so poetic. Thanks waouh, a very nice information too. PS I m serious
  4. I m not sure. Does Mac Thlugasta (a scottish version of Magasta ?) consider Heler as a friend or a traitor ? I m talking about Helering and Seafolk after Time not what happen in the first ages of godtime.
  5. GM or player, character creation is one of my favorite part in rpg. based on episod two of the blog I like the process described in the rules but as GM there is one point I always flee (roll for characteristic or skills) and some I prefer to change. My main goal is to have players happy to play their characters, and characters with nice story. That means 2 main things: Players decide and don’t roll Players align their stats with their background In this post I will describe the oriented background part. Another post will follow in few days, with my
  6. as windchild ? I wouldn't try 😛 probably some human communities are able to, but my words were for any communities, not only humans: few ludochs would say that Yelm is the best.
  7. Here and now “When they announced to me the loss of my mother, I didn’t cry. I saw them tired, wounded, I heard the yelling and the pleas of the fighters. I smelt their blood filling the air. There were shit and piss too, of course, but that is the fragrance of any war, isn’t it? I asked for a sword and a shield. I asked for revenge. I asked for murder. But warriors refused. They said I was too young. Too young? As I moved toward them, my rightful ire against their enemies in my eyes, they retreated. Then a man I recognized as a member of my extended family, grabbed me, twisting
  8. oh I didn't know that (we will see if it is still the case with the so expected cults books). Does that mean that if you are both seven mothers initiate and kyger litor initiate, then the kyger litor magic is impacted by the moon (because "flavor change" ) or only when you leave seven mothers cult ( "flavor change" as retribution) ?
  9. I consider than for any spell (spirit / divine / sorcery) what is required is what is required in all case, except if you sacrifice something. CHA is required, but as you sacrifice POW for echantment, you save a part of CHA as described by @Kloster fireblade "activity" is required, and I see nothing in the rules explaining you can sacrifice something to transfert this "activity" to the enchant (I m not talking about spirits, but about spell matrix). Now, you can create a house rule that define a "cost" to save other requirements. (I don't but each table is different) Ma
  10. I m not sure to understand exactly your position. Do you mean than let's say a illuminate lunar agent , both initiate in seven mothers (or any lunar cult) and Orlanth (or any non lunar cult) will be affected by the moon cycle in both lunar magic and non lunar magic ? For me there is three things: the moon magic is affected by the moon the illumination "powers" may be affected by the school (lunar or other) the non moon magic is not affected by the moon. Why should it ?
  11. Sorry to use chalana power on this post, but looking for Kangharl choices, I would like to know if there is any consensus (or canon story) explaining "how Kangharl decided to follow lunars" is it any lunar illumination(like beatpot) ? any rational conversion (see how powerful we are, you want the kingdom , we share our power with you) ? any irrational conversion (if you love me, follow my faith in the red moon) ? any psychological effect (stockholm syndrome) ? any magical domination (like sorcery spell, succubus ability, etc...) ? or something else ?
  12. absolutly I think that , from an earth cult perspective, Orlanth is only seen as a "tool" used by Ernalda I m pretty sure (as @jajagappa proposed solar version) that each elemental cult is convinced than the most powerful god(dess) is their own god leader (Orlanth , Yelm, Ernalda, Magasta, Kyger Litor) Of course they are all wrong, the most powerful god is the most despised, the trickster.
  13. the creature cannot be considered as unarmed but as it is chaos.... everything is possible to avoid any headache (especially with an embedded arm), let's say that the unarmed category described in the rules is ok 😛
  14. We all know that, the sun was killed by the storm but no one killed Magasta our father When the wind was fleeing chaos to seek protection from the Sun and the darkness, the Sea remained and flooded Chaos Magasta is the most powerful. He was not killed like Earth or Sun, He never fled his kingdom like Darkness or Storm.
  15. I would like to see a runespell from crafting gods doing that something like " bless exceptional item " 1 point / touch / permanent / stackable (max 3) the spell must be cast before any craft roll if the craft roll is a special success each point gives a 1 POW enchant if the craft roll is a critical success each point gives a 1.5 POW enchant ( 3points => 5 POW) if the craft roll is a success, a failure or a fumble, the spell is casted without any effect or " bless exceptional item " 1 point / touch / permanent / stackable (max 3 the spell
  16. remember you need at least one arm to use fist or grapple skill. Only kick and head should be in the unarmed section
  17. We all know that , since she was in the Hell, Orlanth missed too much Ernalda and decided to fix the world. When Yelm and Orlanth meet, Yelm was convinced by his concubine that darkness, the "under" world is not the best place to lead the world Orlanth was convinced by her wife that the world cannot be a good place for their children and tribes without day and law Then Orlanth and Yelm make peace
  18. thanks sir, now, you have to know that I need 10 minutes to write two sentences 😛
  19. Here we are. I put my no-life and my sanity in your hands, poor readers who will (try to) read my project. I will use the blog to write the story of Aendel and his company ( HOMBAK #1 ).. This story will be based on A virtual table: only one GM : me, and one player… me. It is not a true campaign log. More a story. The RQG rules, with my few house rules. The point here is to test some rules (for example is a sorcerer so useless as PC?) I am not excluding to cheat when the story could be broken due to a bad dice roll. In this case, I will note it here too. I may redo several
  20. Here and now “What do you want to know? My name? Which one? You already know all of them. My friends and my family call me Aendel, so let’s use it. Where to start? the beginning? My mother, Jareen Londrosdottr, gave birth to me during the fourth year of Dangmet’s reign, the wild day of the truth week, during the great Umath season. My clan was the Taraling. Here, my kin counts lot of kings, as Leika my lovely cousin, Kangharl the shameful, unfortunate Kallay and many more. My father has nothing to be ashamed of his lineage. But I discovered this point when I was youn
  21. well I am not enough specialist 🙂 I just evaluate shield size (or maybe vicking movies) Of course it was for a static formation, like in your link. in a charge or any movment, it would not be possible to be so closed I agree and same for the 3 ranks, thinking your point it seems not possible I agree. I was thinking about turtle formation, but that is not a phallanx, and I m not sure there is any turtle formation in glorantha (more easy to destroy than irl, spell, gnome, giant...) so yes, I change my view : 5 if they are in a static wa
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