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  1. It's available on DTRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/82087/BRP-Witchcraft
  2. If you're using an OGL licensed work you are required to copy the OGL and cite where the material originates. So in the case of Jackals they had to put in the OGL license because it came from OpenQuest, which came from Legend. The part that I find troublesome with declaring that the book has no open content is that the open content had to come from somewhere for folks to be using it. So instead of having a clear list of what was open content and what could be considered open content I have to "pop the stack" to figure out where the open content came from. It's not that it's wrong, it's that it
  3. You're welcome. Licenses are a hobby for me, so I tend to pay special attention to them. It's a great conversation starter at dinner parties. 😁
  4. The Mongoose Glorantha books are a strange case because the "This book contains no open gaming content" was redundant. I think that might have been a hold-over of their disclaimers from their d20 books. The OGL is not a guarantee of open gaming content. It has two categories of content: product identity and open gaming content. Both must be explicitly be stated according to the license. That leaves a third category of content: content that is in the weird limbo of not being either category. If a book doesn't contain any open gaming content then it's safe to say that the authors and publis
  5. Not as unusual as you might imagine. The Mongoose Runequest 2 / Glorantha books used a similar statement ("This game product contains no Open Game Content."), and it has appeared in subsequent OQ supplements and in the River of Heaven series. It's a catch-all statement that seems to be used to indicate that the author doesn't wish for any of the mechanics or setting to be reused without permission (whether that permission is impossible to transfer in the case of Glorantha, or requires special agreement in the case of the others is left as an exercise for those wishing to figure that out).
  6. Unfortunately they've declared the whole book doesn't contain any Open Game Content, so it doesn't contribute anything back to the OGL ecosystem.
  7. Thank you for this clarification. I know that speaking about the future is something that is best left for professional prognosticators and not forum-postings that suddenly become sworn vows to fans who take everything as gospel, but wondering if there might be some small life in this line as a form of Fantasy SRD or small POD line. I know that the immediate answer for the POD is likely "we still are paying to store current unsold inventory" but it feels like this was a good idea that never got its due that could have a comfortable life inspiring future folks who love BRP and fantasy but
  8. I'm not official Chaosium but I did just recently receive the updated POD for SoloQuest and it looks good. Hopefully things are fixed now with the POD. Really pleased with the PODs thus far. Thank you so much, Official Chaosium folks.
  9. These are awesome for those of us who were to up inside a certain large fantasy game to pay attention to anything else. Thank you so much for these.
  10. Adding to this: perhaps some guidelines for where you'd want to have a 3, 6, 9, ... M, M2 vs 5, 10, 15, M, M^2… might help as well. When I compared this against the published rules for HeroQuest I wondered why the bump as so large. (And I wasn't sure where to put the discussion about it.)
  11. @Ian Cooper I'm interested in this, but Facebook is a complete non-starter for me. Would Github issues and PRs work better for those of us not inclined or unable to be on Facebook?
  12. Once you pull away the higher-tier pledges for special items (illustrations and special GM sessions), you've got folks spending around 168K for a boxed set and some additional goodies like the How to be a GM, dice, etc. The average someone spent was $112, and cutting out the large spenders you have around $107 per person. Not bad for a $50 box set. Also consider that the retail market for these didn't appear that great. I thought for sure that the copy that my FLGS had would be gone within a month. I think it took around 3+ months to finally sell, and I doubt they'll be restocking it.
  13. (Note: Not a member of Chaosium, just a happy lurker, so take opinions with adequate grains of favorite substance.) I doubt we'll see a new version of BRP until a few things happen., The first is a demand for it outside of a few faithful onlookers of a forum. BRP is not known as a generic system the same way that GURPS, HERO, Fudge, et al are known. So convincing folks that they need yet-another-generic-system is going to have to come from outside of Chaosium. That is likely what the BRP Open License is about: creating that demand. The more we can get folks to adopt the system the more de
  14. I have the PDFs of the Glorantha Classics (and one hardcopy of Borderlands and Beyond). From a layout perspective the POD versions are easier on my eyes (10+ years of layout iteration will do that). The other thing (from a PDF perspective) is that the PDFs are indexed so you have the Table of Contents handy. The Glorantha Classics have more artwork in them than the POD versions, but that was true compared with the originals. The biggest reason I can think to get these is that they're POD, so if something happens to them you can pick up another copy. You'd be hard pressed to pick up
  15. As someone who has picked up a (not insignificant) number of these POD books I can say they're absolutely gorgeous. I've only ever owned a few fleeting copies of some of the supplements so I have no direct comparisons to make, but what I've seen is quite good. I'd rather emulate the content and some of the layout and have a searchable PDF than have scanned copies that forego all of that for the sake of semi-fidelity. There are few things more distracting to my eyes than seeing literal cut-and-paste artifacts, but that's just me.
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