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  1. 1) YGMV, but IMO Malia is a death goddess. She doesn't return the dead to life. She wants them where they are. She does however, view a successful DI as a way to spread disease, in chaotic ways. Never the same. So consider a few examples: Revor exploded sending extra disease fragments that every PC needs to roll to resist (CONx3 as it is extra nasty), Revor attacks the one who dealt the death blow in spirit combat as an intelligent Spirit of Disease (since he had POW as well as CHA, it will be nastier than the normal Spirit of Disease) with his POWx5 skill in Spirit Combat, Revor casts his remaining Rune Points as Cause Disease and maybe a couple for the DI. Only a Disease Master should be able to invoke a Cause Plague on a successful DI. That thing is nasty! 2) Keep it a scimitar or kopis. The party can try to trade it to someone who has a magic item they looted which has a Limitation that allows a member of the party to use it, but not the trader. That may take the rest of the season, there are not magic shops like in computer RPGs! (ignoring certain Issaries giants). 3) This is based on how I would treat #4. Yes, they can loot the broos. Anyone with Treat Disease skill (while Chalana Arroy is about the only teacher they are likely to find, everyone can learn it) can 'cleanse' the items. If the Treat Disease skill fails, the PC making the attempt is exposed. If the Treat Disease skill fumbles, everyone in the vicinity is exposed. So don't let someone with 15 skill try it. Explain to new players that looting the broo will likely expose them to disease, unless you have someone very skilled Treat Disease, and that can do some awful things to you. 4) You are exposed to disease in the following ways: a) You are injured by a broo's weapon or special ability. b) You injured a broo and keep your weapon (unless cleansed). Don't recover your arrows/bolts c) You loot a broo and failed your Treat Disease, which exposed you to the disease on that broo. d) Something else that seems like it should expose you. Each occurrence of the above forces counts as an exposure. So for the love of Chalana Arroy, don't hit broo with multiple weapons. Note: if you wounded multiple broo with the same weapon and keep it, roll only once for each different disease the various broo had. Note: I do not include being attacked by a Spirit of Disease - there are well defined ways you get diseases from them and no need to add. I do not count them exposed due to parries or hits stopped by armor. They will usually have better Spirit Combat skills than the PCs and will infect. Another note: If a weapon only hit a broo while Fireblade or Firespear was active, the weapon does not need to be cleansed. In my game, anyone with those spells used them to fight broo specifically for that reason. I figured the Sky was mythically powerful against disease (see Yelm's Fight Disease spell) and the weapon had been 'replaced' so the actual weapon doesn't quite hit the broo. Every Malia-worshipping initiate broo has at least one disease. It was a requirement for initiation back in RQ2 and likely will still be in Gods & Goddesses of Glorantha. Thed-worshipping broo may have one. Each broo may be different (GMs should have that ready). When exposed you need to roll a CON roll to resist (or get the first level of disease and have to roll again to see if it progresses). Normal exposure to disease would be CONx5. But broo are worse and thus start at CONx4 to resist. Disease Masters should likely be CONx3. The Chaotic Feature of 87-88 should make it harder to resist an exposure. Very rarely the GM could say one is even nastier. Again, YGMV, but I think that works well to balance things.
  2. If you want the party to be able to use it after they defeat the boss, as you indicated may happen, I would suggest just adding the ability to auto-roll location as '20' on any critical or special. Keep it with special or critical damage as indicated by the Skill roll. And the victim can parry or dodge as normal. This isn't D&D, where a hit automatically does damage. It is RQG where parries and armor reduce damage. Don't confuse the world systems. Once the victim parries and stops all or most of the blow, the victim will still be scared of the idea that special or critical damage unnaturally goes right at the head. As GM, I would definitely let them know. Just like they would know that a foe is waiting for SR 12 and aiming for the head. Considering that the closest equivalent in RAW, is delaying until SR 12 at half Skill; this is one powerful sword when the magic is invoked. i.e. chance of special or critical damage will be twice what it would be if the wielder delayed. If you go with making the location '20' rather than Special damage, the wielder may actually prefer getting special damage on another location. Not always, as it depends on base weapon damage and the foe's armor. A slash that takes off an arm or leg, or good body hit is going to put the victim out of the fight anyway (if it gets significant damage past the parry). On the other hand, if the wielder is facing a scorpion man, where slicing off the first couple legs barely does any GHP damage, by all means the wielder will take the '20' rather than Slash damage.
  3. 1- Have you reviewed Revenant on page 123 of Bestiary? That seems the likely fit. No mummies per se in RQG. Zorak Zoran in previous editions was somewhat famous for empowering mummies from their Death Lords and now 'The Zorak Zoran cult is notorious for “preserving” Death Lords as revenants.' Mummies usually evoke wrapping in burial clothes, where revenants can be preserved in other ways. 2- Perhaps use a revenant and grant it some of the Spirit Powers on page 165-167 or maybe sorcery spells. Note some Spirit Powers will not make sense as it will not have POW and is embodied. 3- See #2 above.
  4. Indeed, 'removes the consequences' can be interpreted as either the baby was removed from the world or removed from the womb - let's say magically transported outside the victim's body. At that point, established that it is Chaotic because Cure Chaos Wound would not have worked otherwise, the Chalana Arroy is under no requirement to protect a Chaotic living thing. A bystander could stomp on it, or simply let it starve. I doubt the Chalana Arroy should do the former. I feel the interpretation should be left to the GM who understands the sensitivity of their players.
  5. I respectfully disagree with your wording given the context to which you responded: broo babies. It is specifically one thing 'Chalana Arroy is about'. They have access to the one Rune Magic that takes care of broo babies. Chalana Arroy also gives that to Storm Bull, but it is primarily Chalana Arroy that has access to Cure Chaos Wound. It specifically states: "The spell also completely cures the victim of broo impregnation and removes its consequences." There is no statement in the skill First Aid about abortion. First Aid isn't intrusive surgery. Hence, it is invariably the healer's job to abort broo babies. Any culture without powerful Storm Bulls around must rely on Chalana Arroys to save the needless suffering of parasitoid victims. At least until they run out of Rune Points. That is just the way it is in Glorantha. Cure Chaos Wound really is a fantastic spell. Most diseases are likely to be 'from Chaos', and it cures those at half the cost of Cure All Disease. Note: 'Powerful' Storm Bulls because most Storm Bulls won't learn Cure Chaos Wounds until they get the more obvious fighting spells. Every CA healer should have it in their initial 3 RP, Storm Bulls may pick it up at 6 or 7 RP.
  6. I agree with most of the above except #3, at least in general. In prior releases CAs were vegetarians. Especially because you can eat parts of many plants without killing the plant. In some cases without even hurting it at all. e.g. seeds. So, unless you were completely unable to use vegetation as your meal, e.g. a desert, a CA shouldn't hunt either. While RQ:G is not literally stating vegetarians, I expect it is part of 'needlessly cause pain to any living thing.' (Page 290 of RiG). I recall one adventure on a certain 'boat' where I was playing a Chalana Arroy initiate. To stop a Lunar soldier from finishing off a fallen but alive defender, my character Gavving slept the Lunar. While Gavving was healing someone near the end of the battle, our friendly minotaur Storm Bull grabbed the still sleeping Lunar and tossed him overboard. He said "He wanted to be with friends." Gavving stammered "But he could have drowned." Gavving was torn, but eventually couldn't fault the minotaur too much. Well done by the minotaur's player to traverse the minefield of having a Lunar under the 'protection' of the Chalana Arroy initiate, and his Hate (Lunar) passion. Well, this was RQ2 and he didn't literally have a Hate (Lunar) passion on his sheet. But it would have been if the mechanic had been in the rules. How do other feel about Gavving eventually forgiving the not terribly bright minotaur?
  7. Sorry Bill. I do not mean the Red Book of Magic itself. There is a new download associated with it: https://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/RuneQuest/CHA4034 - Red Book of Magic/RuneQuest - Rune Spell Reference.pdf It is the Rune Spell Reference. The Rune Spell Reference is a list of each Rune and which Rune spells exist for that Rune. In that download, the list of Truth spells lists Arrow Trance. The list of Plant spells does not list Arrow Trance. So that reference does not correctly match the Runes listed in the original Red Book of Magic. Which you posted. Handy reference. I do use Adobe Reader. Here are the screenshots: I was informed of it in an email with subject: Ab Chaos #159 - Call of Cthulhu – new free character sheets to mark the game's 40th anniversary.
  8. I see that the Rune Spell Reference is out. I noted that Arrow Trance is mistakenly under Truth Rune and not Plant Rune. It is correctly under Sky Rune.
  9. I doubt it, as the target gets to consider. I expect they would try to throw missile or thrown weapons at you. You are within 50 meters to cast it, so within most missile/thrown ranges. Besides, the "This spell pulls an opponent’s attention to the caster as a more opportune target for attack." in the description is important. So presumably, the guy with the gate key is already fighting someone, either on the wall or with missile weapons, for you to cast it. A Chalana Arroy High Healer affected by the spell may view the caster as 'more opportune' to attack. That doesn't mean she will break cult vows to physically attack the caster. But this thread being what it is, go for it! I remember reading something called a Lead Cross in Plunder back in the day. **no spoiler**. A PC on a similar but less severe path could frustrate High Healers simply by casting Distraction on them. An interesting question is whether Distraction would work to distract a guard not 'attacking their current target', but just on guard duty. For example, could you cast it on a guard to make him want to interrogate the caster while the caster's friend unlocks the gate and slips in. That would be pretty darn good for a 1 point Spirit spell.
  10. I definitely see the issue with extending this rule to the NPCs. And all rules really should extend to the NPCs. If initiates can DI so successfully, then how does anyone actually die in a major battle? Three or four deaths required before, to pick a character name, Vasana actually dies while defending the temple? The party comes up with brilliant tactical plans and defeats a gaggle of broo, and one third of the broo are whisked off by Thed to fight another day? Maybe you can suggest Thed doesn't like those weakling broo getting to live again, but then my example would simply change to defeating a file of Silver Shields or Granite Phalanx. In my game, a certain Rune Lord of Yanafal Tarnils who murdered the husband of one player character was confronted after a year of effort (6 years after the murder, but 1 year after the PC learned who had committed the murder). After hours of preparation by the PCs and a few rounds of combat, the Lunars had lost a couple initiates and a rune priest of Seven Mothers was unconscious (but alive). The characters were sorely disappointed when Yanafal Tarnils intervened at the Rune Lord's request to whisk the living away to the nearest temple. But the party could continue on to the prize both parties were trying to recover. IMHO such encounters should not be commonplace. With too much chance of DI, they would be.
  11. A decent idea, easy to remember. And a roll of 38 would succeed and leave a POW of 0 just like a 19. Would a roll of 39 be a success with POW reduced to 18, or a success with POW still reduced to 0?
  12. I did receive another email with the voucher and it worked. My leatherette version is on the way.
  13. Thank you. Done. I had sent one to the specific customer service rep from my original order. But, of course, that person may not work there any longer.
  14. Unfortunately, I still cannot find the voucher.
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