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  1. In prior versions, Mee Vorala worshippers, i.e. black (fungus) elves, could mix potions that changed your gender. There was a small chance you became asexual or hermaphrodite. The black elves sold them to other humanoids.
  2. Apparently the designers of RQ didn't worry about it being Touch at the point that is actually Glued, since those Lunars attacking The Cradle popped it on the tops of ladders while touching the bottom of ladders. I think that was what left me with the impression it was not Touch. Sorry for the error. RQ2: 80 meters. RQ3: where it becomes Touch. IMHO maybe it should be Ranged again.
  3. Indeed. Another good use of Healing Trance is to recover from Mindblast. Other than recovering from those two spells, I don't see much use of Healing Trance.
  4. Glue is really useful in attacking walls during a siege. Once the ladder hits the wall, Glue it in place and the guys on top cannot push it away without dispelling it. (Used in The Cradle repeatedly). Glue someone's boot to the floor (they could untie their boot and get free if they cannot overcome the STR). Limited, but sometimes useful. Not all spirit spells are as useful as Protection, Bladesharp, and Heal.
  5. The point of the fire is that it doesn't need to move, and it doesn't need to attack (no DEX x3). If the opponent moves into the spot where the invisible fire exists, they take damage from the fire, or acid. Yeah, the Substance Talosi is a bit questionable. But the fire/acid works okay. but only does 2d6. The acid is probably the best, because it really eats through armor for 15 minutes. Making the opponent easier for other attacks. The Fire can be resisted for half damage, and is likely to be successfully resisted. As Illusory Acid, it also can only be damaged by those things that can damage acids, so the 4 HPs are not such a detriment. (Don't cast it near the guy with Fireblade.) I agree with you that Illusory X is pretty expensive for its power in combat even when in the best circumstance. It is, however, potentially useful in creative situations like pretending to be a specific enemy. Or stealing the crown jewels under an Illusory Sight making them look like something else. Picking up something across the room, via Illusory Motion, when you don't have access to Flight. Note that Trickster has other spells which have no combat applicability. Remove [Body Part] is a good example. Not sure when you ever cast that, especially at 2 RP/part. Though there was a RQ3 scenario where a Trickster Priest had separated himself many times over, and the usurping Priest trapped the parts all over the 'temple'. Maybe remove an ear and slip it into a pocket of someone going to the big meeting? Really hope it isn't detected... Not like an ear or eye could move by themselves. Illusory Substance may be more useful than that spell.
  6. I agree that Illusions seem a bit too pricey to get the desired effect. Tricksters are fine with their other available spells. One that wasn't mentioned was Lie. Lie is subject to egregious munchkinery. Let's say your party is speaking with Lunar soldiers. The trickster in the party using Sleight hides a garrotte on the Lunar officer. Then he Lies "The officer is a Thanatari Doom Lord! See, he has a garrotte on his belt!" The rest of the Lunars are REQUIRED to believe that until "incontrovertible evidence of its falsehood". Now, those Lunar soldiers may not worry about Chaos as much as the players do. But everyone worries about Thanatari, it is in the old cult description and I am certain it will remain. And, if the officer casts Madness or Mindblast to 'prove' he is a Seven Mothers devotee of some level - the trickster just says "Proof he is an Atyar and cast Consume Mind on the real Lunar officer who was assigned to this post!" Incontrovertible evidence is impossible, with the Trickster embellishing every bit of counter evidence to his own devices. The only way is something like a Detect Truth spell where the soldiers are also initiates of Humakt and can see the "dark, smoky glow' emanating from the Trickster for themselves. Yanafal doesn't grant that in these rules. In almost every case, the Lunar officer will soon wake up dead by his own troops. Unless all the Lunars really are Thanatari in disguise - then they would be thinking "How did that (trickster) catch on? We better shut these guys down permanently." But back to Illusions. I believe the spell descriptions are vague enough that an Illusory spell cast upon a person, stays with that person. So in the example of casting illusory armor (Sight), one RP could make a helmet, and it would move with the substrate on which it was cast. You only need Illusory Motion if the illusion is freestanding. That means if the Trickster casts Illusory Sight on a party member of the right size and wearing the right clothing of a particular face, he will appear as some person for the next 15 minutes. Maybe coupled with Illusory Sound to duplicate the voice of the particular person. I would certainly require an Act roll for fine control, like giving orders. There are minor adjustments to Reality that make Illusory spells powerful, with extreme creativity. But if you are trying to cast Illusions of an additional opponent in order to stab a scorpion man until he is dead, that is a massive use of RPs. The designers had to balance the potential for both uses. Example: Illusory Sight can make a fire appear under an opponent. He would then really try to get out of that spot. But it wouldn't actually hurt him, sans Illusory Substance. Which means the Trickster could cast only Illusory Substance x4 and do 2d6 damage to the opponent standing in invisible fire (specific mention of 'such as walking into an illusory fire' in the description). But the opponent doesn't see what is causing the damage. Maybe it is just some spell effect (it is, in fact). So does your opponent even try to move away? How does he know the boundary? Maybe after the second round of taking damage...And the Substance is real though temporary. So why not use Acid that actually eats the armor and hit points away? Note: Your party members cannot see the 2d6 Acid blob either and may walk through the spot after the opponent dissolves away. Which might amuse the Trickster. Can the Illusory Substance be a Talosi smashing the pit against him? In which case how deep would the Illusory Substance 4 pit be? Would it do 2d6 damage to each swallowed hit location like an actual Talosi would inflict? Would that require Illusory Motion for the slamming pit? It doesn't need much Move rate. This would require a DEX x3 roll though. The acid may be more generally useful. Still the Illusory Motion to move the invisible acid would be useful. In a long battle 5 RPs could kill a bunch of opponents. Can anyone not in the Illusion, and/or without magical sight, be able to Dismiss it? Can I use an Illusory Substance fire against a swarm of Bullsnitch (Bestiary)? The party and mounts should have enough armor to take a few rounds, but all the Bullsnitch would burn away fast even at 1d3 for 1 RP. Then heal. The invisible fire may have only 1 HP, but how do the Bullsnitch even attack it? Yeah, it probably should have more than 1 HP.
  7. Thank you. I currently have Heroquest: Glorantha and The Coming Storm. I did not yet get Sartar Companion or Eleven Lights.
  8. At first read, I like that idea. I will definitely consider that house-rule.
  9. Not that they should have access to those sorcery spells to begin play...but they can get them soon enough. Our LM has Geomancy, Total Recall, and Logician for now. Mastery of Runes works out well for starting characters with those. But Steal Breath and Boon of Kargan Tor require additional mastery of Runes. Note that those three spells are not used in combat, so the slow casting and the high MPs aren't that limiting. Great at knowledge gathering though.
  10. The grammar isn't that you only use your bow for bow things, it is that you ONLY use your bow. Nothing but your bow. You don't cast healing (except on your bow which specifically excludes yourself). You don't cast Dispel Magic. You don't First Aid. You don't cast Protection or Shield or Spirit Block. You don't fight in spirit combat after the shaman sends a ghost after you (you can shoot arrows at the ghost, but it isn't going to be effective). But you can cast Multimissile or Speedart (note elves rarely have Firearrow). You don't walk away, though you can walk to find a better angle for the target that slipped around a wall. Those are major drawbacks. I remember my character in a party of four experienced Rune Lords and a Shaman fighting a huge Chaos demon. The demon noted that I must be under Arrow Trance after I put a few critical arrows into it past its 40 points of armor. I had doubled my 205 Bow skill, so my critical chance was 21% rounded up. The GM ruled it was so tall, I had little chance of hitting my friends. So it sent its Allied Spirit after me. Shut me down quite well. My Allied Spirit had to dispel me. I spent the remainder of the fight in spirit combat.
  11. Oh, I agree that they should have been more explicit. I think they meant for some interpretation to be involved because some characters wouldn't have a Loyalty Passion. Could your Love(Wife) be the passion that pulls you out of Berserk when she steps between you and the Chalana Arroy healer? Maybe the Hate(Kinslayers) pulls you out of Berserk. There are lots of potential passions, not simply the one I used as an obvious example because of the specific word. Maybe the Eurmal should turn the blood around the battle field to ale using an Illusion spell so the BG Berserk drinks it all (Mythic reference from KoDP computer game) and passes out. The Myth is certainly on my side. Eurmal pulled Babeester Gor out of Berserk by turning the waist or neck deep blood of all the people she killed into Ale and she accidentally drank it.. Chalana Arroy pulled Storm Bull out of Berserk against Ragnaglar so he wouldn't be a kinslayer using her uniquely powerful Harmony (which is the basis for the Chalana Arroy Associated Cult ability from Storm Bull). So, yes, "this was a poorly described spell that..." left out the mythic context used repeatedly in canon. Another context that supports me is Arrow Trance on p27 of Bestiary. Last sentence: "This is not a Berserker spell; the user knows who their friends and enemies are." Why use that sentence if the Berserker spell lets the user know who their friends and enemies are? Clearly Berserker does not let you know. Sorry for missing all that additional mythic stuff in the earlier posts, I was thinking they were a little long already and hadn't looked for additional context. Yes, the spell is 2 points. I think the spell is good and it is much faster than Weapon Trance. It doubles your skill against Chaos, which by the way should be almost always the situation when a Storm Bull uses it. Partly, because otherwise he is just half-again as good, and partly because he isn't fighting Chaos! Babeester Gor probably the same. Zorak Zoran, well, Death Lords probably cast it just for kicks - maybe not often against trolls. Don't discount how good it is that the Berserk keeps going after the broo maims his arm, ignores the ghost that took him to 0 magic points, the spear taking him to 0 in the head. Sure, he may die when the spell ends and his CON returns to normal. But hopefully someone heals him at that moment. All those other things are what make the spell Fun! If our party's Eurmal said he was casting an illusion that all the blood was Ale, I would definitely let that stop our Berserk because it matches Myth. But our Babeester Gor hasn't cast Berserk yet. She relies heavily on Slash and Shield spells. She did cast Summon Talosi and Command Cult Spirit tonight. No real combat this episode. The Talosi really helped find a solution.
  12. So in a game with Mechanics specifically called Loyalty(x), you don't think that is a reference to mechanics. "Especially in RQG where the other PCs are quite possibly in the same clan or tribe", and the Berserk likely has Loyalty(Sartar), Loyalty(Colymar), Loyalty(family), or similar; you don't take that as an indication that the Berserk should roll against his Loyalty Passion as a mechanic. Now, RQ2 did say: "...Persons affected by this spell must make a roll of their INT on D100 each melee round to stop fighting before the 15 minutes is up. Should no foes be alive or visible then they will attack friends, mounts, trees, and each other." That was before they had a Loyalty mechanic. Now they have one, and have described how to pit one Passion against another, and implicitly referenced it in the spell description. So you need it explicitly referenced; that is your choice. Now, in my games, I let the other characters yell out and point, "That one is still twitching!" (reminder of Gimli/Legolas after Helm's Deep. Sure Legolas was not Berserk. Point being the orc was dead). Once the Berserk has delivered a coup de gras to each enemy (not a nice subtle coup de gras mind you), while rolling his Loyalty Passions to break out, then he will attack his friends. YGMV. MGF! I remember a night where our minotaur Storm Bull friend went berserk and we killed all the enemies but one. The rest of us all tried to hide, while he killed the last one. Our Lhankor Mhy didn't hide well enough. My character jumped out to intercept and had to spend a few rounds dodging and parrying to stop the rampage (BG Axe Sister) while the minotaur rolled against his INT. That was quite memorable, so I view that as MGF. **edited for grammar.
  13. You got the correct impression of my potential lessening of the Overpowering portion of X Trance.
  14. That is what I meant, it was clarified before.
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