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  1. On page 16 of the guide it says enchanted iron's magic dampening effect is ameliorated for a specific person that the item was enchanted for, and them alone. For an player of RQ2 and RQ3 that was quite a surprise, but I've seen no sign of that being applied in the RQG rules. What happened?
  2. Having to become, at least a little, chaotic to do it is the rub. It'll keep the players guessing.
  3. Dilis. That's exactly where he'd be. If you master the chaos rune you get a chaos taint: page 383 of Roleplaying in Glorantha. So if you can directly tap chaos you're already tainted. I want the chaos things he taps to die in some icky fashion too. He's an NPC so I can hand wave the actual mechanism of what he's doing when melts or turns a broo to dust. My guy would be a Borist too. I guess I have a darker view of them, YGMV.
  4. I'd like to hear people's ideas about using tap spells on chaotic things. Does the sorcerer become tainted if they steal air or tap the body of a chaos thing? Mostly I'm interested in what happens if a tainted sorcerer, that's mastered the chaos rune, taps chaos directly? Can they just consume a gorp, broo or whatever? Can they tap chaos sites? I'm pondering a potential NPC that characters might make a devils bargain with. How bad can he be, he eats chaos...
  5. This just makes me want the cults book even more. I want to know who gets all those sun related spells... And seeing Pamalt's spells reminded me how much I wanted to incorporate someone that worshiped him back in the RQ3 days. Running campaigns in Pavis and Fronela I never could come up with an excuse.
  6. The RQG rules make being a Hrestoli sorcerer easier. You don't need to learn four extra skills plus ceremony, enchant & summon anymore. Just master as many runes as your intelligence will allow and augment your spell casting percentages with rituals and meditation if you need to. Losksami farmers probably learn to meditate so everyone should be good at it by the time they're ready to be a wizard. So they'll be able to do what specialists can do. It'll just take a little longer. Depending on how caste lines are drawn, time will tell, if a farmer, or guardian, can learn a rune or two on thei
  7. Argrath does seem a bit off. And if he weren't he'd be the first major Gloranthan hero that wasn't.
  8. I love how they announced that on the sly. I have no idea what's in it, but it'll make me a nice gift from me to me for Christmas.
  9. Check out the Q and A thread. I asked about sorcery enchantments. It can be done.
  10. My favorite character was a "Man of All" in the RQ3 days. Most of the spells he'd cast would be buffs, long, before combat back then. I liked from\set fire too but if it wasn't cast before combat started it wasn't happening. I'm liking what I've seen of the new rules, so far. They fit the setting. Rune spells bouncing off him, and probably get cast back, would have been sweet back in the day. I'd love to know how the chain of veneration is going to work and what a Loksami taboos are.
  11. Great fun! All I wanted to know about the Lunars and more. Even though I don't think I could ever run such a large scale game I'll snap up book 2 when it comes out. Any chance "How the West Was Won" will be shared like this?
  12. Just finished. Can't say I had a major issue with anything you wrote. I'd use the heroquest points like a runepool rather than having each station as its own spell though. Judging by the hints we're getting about the official rules from RQG products I think your rules are not going to be far off the official rules. Since we've been waiting for official rules for forty years I'm impressed. And it's remarkable one of your players picked immunity to acid as a boon.
  13. I hope they don't bring them back.
  14. Usually parried broos and scorpion men twice, and skipped attacking, in RQ3. There was a good chance you could lop off a stinger or decapitate a broo real quick. They'd get wise after round one though.
  15. Finished the book and greatly enjoyed it! I spotted a few typos here and there, but nothing that obscured the meaning of the text. (I totally would have signed up with the Shadowmages, too.)
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