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  1. I see why the Starter Set is going to published as print and PDF simultaneously, but I hope future books to come out as PDF's first.
  2. That was wonderful. I'll be waiting for part two. Still not sure how I should feel about an old character lopping off Belvani's arm in a duel...
  3. I became interested in the West, 30 years ago, because you could run a campaign there after 1621. As a person that only had contact with Glorantha at the game shop it seemed like once the Cradle made it to the sea history was on pause in the central theatre of Glorantha. Out West you could be a mage constantly bickering about how to create the perfect society, or an Orlanthi making your bones getting paid to kill chaos, by said mages -- though they never did find that Thanatar temple. All with only a light sprinkling of Lunars to remind you how annoying they are. Now that history has played itself out in Dragon Pass I want to know what happens everywhere else, but Fronela most of all. I do hope Loskalmi sexual practices don't end up being too creepy. I'm hoping for the Thebian model, though I think Glorantha rich enough to not need models.
  4. My biggest problem running a Malkioni RQG game would be not knowing the myths well enough to run a heroquest. In the murder hobo days not knowing how to run a heroquest was fine. The only one my Malkioni went on involved being thrown down a bottomless pit when he smirked while a Death Lord was lectured by his mother.
  5. Way back when I'd had Kingdom of War ended by massive sorcery in a final decisive battle. When the armies of Loskalm marched into their old territory they'd found nothing but elves, elves and more elves. Rather than become another Kingdom of War (a tired trope that I hope disappeared with the medieval stuff) they'd say this could totally work for us and go home. A buffer of a new elf forest that spans the Janube and swallows most of the land that sent mercenaries against them would seem like a blessing. Coming out of isolation isn't for everybody. I'd change almost nothing knowing what I know now. Except I'd have whatever godlearner bomb the Loskami drop on their enemies, that makes the living envy the dead, happen in Earth season, 1625.
  6. Frp

    Hrestol in RQ:G

    As a GM I wouldn't want my players to build up a reserve of Rightness or to gain any advantage if they did. Always being one failure away from being shunned by society, and the invisible one, fits the vision of Malkioni society I've built up over the years. Getting a free pass to break a taboo because you're got a couple points stored wouldn't. Maybe if you violate a taboo you should go straight to zero no matter how righteous you are. Or maybe players shouldn't know, and have no way of guessing, what their Rightness score is. But lots of play testing will be required to iron out the details of caste magic, and even "the Chain of Veneration", for that matter. I'm just happy more of Malkioni society has been thought through than I expected.
  7. I can't believe I never did the math😕
  8. Horal (and Talar and Dronar) might not be dead.
  9. Western cultures have a long history of turning a blind eye to what the lower castes do, as long as they're not breaking any taboos and fulfilling their duties.
  10. Humor for Talor and Flamesword for Gerlant. I least I think so. Can't imagine who else they'd be for. I see your point about See Rune Magic. It's not like someone couldn't just create it if they thought it would come handy too.
  11. --SPOILER -- Its Arkati magic. Anyone that has access to that spell in an orthodox western church isn't likely to share that they know it. There are a couple rune spells in RBM that come from western heroes too. I figure western warriors, and maybe others, will have access to limited rune magic.
  12. I loved what I saw. Thanks for doing this, again! Looking forward to the products that are in progress. Some talk about the Malkioni was nice too.
  13. Well, the thing is, I could never equate the rationalist Gloranthan West with medieval Europe. So everything between Genertela: Crucible of the Hero Wars and the Guide, about the West, holds little interest for me. I've read a fair bit of it. I didn't see anything that inspired me.
  14. Good stuff, even though I'm partial to playing Malkioni. I do like the way RQG requires you to integrate into your local, Gloranthan, environment. And, yeah if you're players aren't into it they should do something else. It would be nice to see what else is going on in the rest of the world, and get to run some campaigns and characters, from the East, West & South, before Dragon Pass' history is spelled out in great detail to 1640. That and I want to see if my old Fronela campaign ends up being even a little close to whatever ends up being official.
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