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  1. Just finished. Can't say I had a major issue with anything you wrote. I'd use the heroquest points like a runepool rather than having each station as its own spell though. Judging by the hints we're getting about the official rules from RQG products I think your rules are not going to be far off the official rules. Since we've been waiting for official rules for forty years I'm impressed. And it's remarkable one of your players picked immunity to acid as a boon.
  2. I hope they don't bring them back.
  3. Usually parried broos and scorpion men twice, and skipped attacking, in RQ3. There was a good chance you could lop off a stinger or decapitate a broo real quick. They'd get wise after round one though.
  4. Finished the book and greatly enjoyed it! I spotted a few typos here and there, but nothing that obscured the meaning of the text. (I totally would have signed up with the Shadowmages, too.)
  5. Love the sidebars with 'authors comments'.
  6. I noticed the spirit magic and some other minor stuff-- no one gets Sense Assassin other than Humakti in my Glorantha(YGMV). But I got way more than my monies worth. And you could fit it in in Sartar, Prax or just about anywhere.
  7. Thanks for doing this I enjoyed it. I do have one not exactly lore question though: if there's a Kralorela manuscript out there that's, close to, or ready to go to print why wait? I get that there might not be enough resources to work on more than one product at once, but if you're waiting to develop an audience we're here. I've wanted to see the edges, East, West & South of Glorantha filled in for more than 30 years.
  8. I think I'll avoid searching "stirrups" for my own sanity. But I will HR a ride roll is required to stay on your horse after a charge attack.
  9. They've, at least, disappeared from, most of, the art.
  10. I'd have thought charging rules would have gone away in RQG -- no stirrups in the bronze age. You should, at least, need to make an extra ride roll to stay on your horse-- I think RQ3 had that...
  11. Pg. 73 Kanarg's rune spells are listed twice. Scale on the map of the Forrest of the Dead would be nice. Labeling the roads would be nice too. Pg. 144 is Escatar's chaos rune really supposed to be 80%?
  12. I, for one, liken the new sorcery rules, even though it makes one of my old characters way less powerful. We're those changes based on some old unpublished material or is the whole design brand new?
  13. The parry weapon should damage the natural weapon in the cases you mentioned as far as I know. I would parry twice against broos and scorpion men back in the RQ3 days, before subsequent parries, and forgo attacking. Many stingers and broo heads suffered.
  14. Mine didn't get answered, but, that might need to wait for the Malkioni, or magic, book. It was nice for them to get most of them out of the way though. Btw, I wish they'd publish something and take my money.
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