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  1. Barntar can be a transformation of Baran Tor Tor part is used by the Kargan Tor, thus probably has militiant connotations Bar- part is used by one more deity, Baroshi shi- is rare sound but is utilized in the name of Shepelkirt, thus has lunar and chaotic connotations Bar part has earth association Thus I propose : Bar-an-tor - slasher-at-fields Baroshi - fieldblooded
  2. You can always throw a henchmen at that player so that he isnt overall useless in combat. Say that this hench fell madly in love with the priestess after he got saved by her and now is obsessed with protecting her or something. A sort of lover-protector. Bonus points for player not actually wanting anything to do with that hench.
  3. Okay hear me out. TRICKSTER SORCERERS Trying to master the material world and its secrets rather then striving to transcend it. It fits.
  4. Wait, going further down this road, what prevents illuminate from obtaining 90% in all elemental runes and becoming avatar of Glorantha?
  5. Armies and Enemies of the Elder Races?
  6. Too bad these dont use japanese art. It is so damn good.
  7. History is an art, not science. It even has its own muse- Clio. We can only guess how things were in the past without ever having a chance of being correct or objective. Very Gloranthan if you think about it. Also, ring mail makes more sense in the context of a bronze age, when people only begun to obsess over killing other humans and nobody knew yet how to git gud at it. I think everyone can agree that its existance at least is a possibility, it fits into setting and is catch-all category for leather with stuff on it that looks like something from Conan movies.
  8. Swordstaff of windchildren is just a sword on a stick, its a kind of polearm, like a glaive of sorts.
  9. Want to replanish points? Barter for it like a true follower of merchant deities.
  10. RQ is middle of the road. Riddle of Steel, Song of Swords (this one has also a space setting called Ballad of Laser Whales, just wanted to put it in somewhere since it is awesome.) and duel rules for Legend of Five Rings comes to mind in terms of detailed combat. Change encounters as needed: The scenario said there are 5 broos attacking but you think it will be overkill? Cut it down to 3. Party with no shaman against a guardian spirit? Lower its POW (probably by half, these are ridiculous) or replace it with a cool monster they can hit. Lower armor of the enemies ESPECIA
  11. Babs initiate will have death rune high enough to be barren either way, and the only people interested in such monstrosities are tricksters. And its not like any cult rules will prevent tricksters. Edit, also for me Babsists are taking on the role of archetypical women scorned, be it in cold blood or in hot rage, avenging wrongs done to you and then making sure nobody else can repeat that which created you (or die in a blaze of glory after burning down in a supernova of anger.) Pretty much a female only version of Punisher. On another hand Vingans to me are a mother bear of sorts exc
  12. Acks has a decent system for trading (even if it is not autistic enough for my tastes) and is a good place to begin, too.
  13. Heler is a bizzaro version of Lodril. They are both unpredictable, jolly wildman with penis imagery (Aroka as Helers) that work with liquids and have to work under a strong authority figure. One is a fallen sun the other is ascendent sea. Even their colors are opposite palette swap. "Mhy" is the sound you make when you are thinking. Regional variants on Lhankor Mhy cults are Lhankor Uhm and Lhankor Yhym. This is also why Y is truth rune. Remember that fire goddess traped in Balazar? Thats Yamsur.
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