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  1. As we all know, Glorantha is anime. If you replace all instances of "Orlanth" with "Vinga" and "storm god" with "magical girl" you will get a plot of new PreCure season. Seda-NYA and NYA-salor are catgirls. Orlanth versus Sedanya at the castle blue:
  2. Most of Orlanth myths are about him becoming best friends with his enemies. Of course he can be friends with Sedenya too.
  3. Complete bullshit theory: there were many worlds that were a part of glorantha (this is kinda true), the glorantha we think of belonged to Uleria (thats why she is the only member of gloranthan court to survive). The world is actually life rune shaped and that is why the sky is reflection of the earth.
  4. Iirc that particular tribe in op might be made from westerner migrants that brought Issaries with them, so having tatoos pointing at the primary communication organ seems reasonable.
  5. iirc You can get a loan from guilds to buy better gear and skills.
  6. I like to think that there are two kinds in Waertegi, light green skinned ones that stayed on land during the closing and are pretty much fish hobbits, and the dark green skinned ones that went through literal hell and look demonic.
  7. Nysalor is Yelm Gbaji is not Nysalor, he is his worries and doubts personified. Arkat helped Nysalor overcome his doubts after which Nysalor ascended as the next driving force behind Yelm Yelm = Arraz is just thougthless autistic orb that needs a pilot. This explains why there were so many suns, they were his "driver". Murharzam was one of these drivers, thats why the sun died after he was killed. The current driver is Nysalor. It also explains relationship of Arraz as the servant of the gods. Tolat is the real red moon. Orlanth is Vingkot. Vadrus was Umaths Babeester Gor, a spirit of revange that came out of his corpse. After he killed the sun, he ceased to exist as his job was complete. The only winner of the gods war. Antigods are kaiju (Godzilla and other stuff for these uninitiated.) Crimson Bat is Antigod. There is a secret son of Lhankor Mhy there somewhere. We know that he laid with the lady of knowledge at least 1 time, on loon island, and possibly another time in underworld. We know that his quest for knowledge wasnt fruitless, because he is know it all god after all. Probably a secre Orlanthi god of Sorcerery. If there is a child from the LBQ, then it probably is a deity of Mysticism as it wouldnt be born before compromise, so is neverborn and that already has a ton of mystical connotations. Mahome is the most competent deity in the entire pantheon. Just think about it, she made a random orphan into a god of hunting, in a place where nothing grows and before hunting existed, with just three meals. Having only berries and carrion avaiable. When father Yelm hates mother Kygor Litor very much he pierces her womb with his fiery spear and impregnates her with a race of mutated troll goblins. Trollkin get Yelm as ancestral cult.
  8. This is special case, in KoDP normal bride price is 20 cows, 30-50 cows is for marrying off actually usefull clan members, like initiates. It is rather low for how usefull they can be but these also work as political marriages so the real price is friends you make. Not like it ever will come up but IMG a price for a princess is 100 cows.
  9. Unironically King of Dragon Pass is a good start, on top of being a good game.
  10. Yet other ones are licked clean by their cows. Thats a nice map, what have you used to make it?
  11. How is that thigh section connected to that skirt?
  12. I dont get it. Is it some sort of very clever wordplay in islandic?
  13. I love the moustache and sword, but the combination of loincloth and undershirt (which looks pretty good on its own) looks really weird.
  14. Yeah I admit it was just a random thought I had when reading through Elder Secrets of Glorantha, back when westerners were knights and not sino-italo-tochariano-bactrians.
  15. Horali do not get magic because Seshnela is iron-heavy environment. The chances of horali being outfitted in a suit of unenchanted iron is much higher then everywhere else. Iirc iron does not cancel magic cast on you before putting it on, so it makes sense for them to get buffed to insane levels by their zzaburi while not knowing any magic (well, maybe basic spirit magic) themselves, they couldnt use it.
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