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  1. I wanted to like the original BRP Future Earth, but it was a bit of an unfinished product in my view. Sarah Newton is a great creator but the slim volume seemed a product of time/page count constraints. Sadly I'm not a fan of FATE so that's where it will remain for me unfortunately. This type of setting is right up my alley but I think I'll need to do my own to get what I want.
  2. Vale Mr Stafford. I had the pleasure of an online interaction with him where he impressed me with his sincerity and the strength of his ideals. He and his works will not be forgotten.
  3. I did meet someone who thought it was pronounced "BURP" and was a derivative of GURPS.
  4. As I understand it, SB1-3 are basically the same game, as is Elric!/SB5. So how does SB4 differ from them?
  5. Nice layout. Consider a consistent capitalization scheme in the subheadings. At the moment words seem capitalized at random.
  6. Of course!!! Can't believe I didn't see that before. Well played.
  7. Just a comment, I thought the dedication to Lynn Willis and his name getting first billing was an excellent tribute.
  8. I see that "culture" has been added by hand to the character sheet. Does MW have rules for character culture?
  9. I'm ridiculously impatient for this release...want to have the hardcopy of the main book and advanced sorcery NOW...!
  10. Ah. Thanks for clearing that up then.
  11. Jon Hodgson and Russ Nicholson art!!! Nooooo! Now I have to spend money......
  12. Just saw this, from September, on Chaosium's site: Can anyone confirm or deny whether this is Magic World?
  13. Still impatiently waiting for Magic World. :-) I want to rationalize my RPG collection down to a few books, and I'm hoping that MW will be able to replace half a dozen other BRPish books I don't have space for, like Stormbringer 5 and RQIII, MRQII, which are great, but looks like MW will actually be more useful to play in the future.
  14. I've spent too much time fiddling with the Chaosium site only to be rejected a a customer because I live in Japan and apparently this causes a system meltdown. I guess they just don't want my money.
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