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    I'm a avid hobbyist who has worked to create several of their own rule sets (not published but have contributed off-the-record to several other known RPGs), am currently developing a small line of miniatures, and enjoy RuneQuest 2nd Edition.
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    I am currently setting up a RuneQuest 2nd Edition Club in my local area where the focus will be only on the world of Glorantha.
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    Lenexa, KS, USA
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    The miniatures and role-playing hobby is a longtime interest of mine. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the various places and ways of life unique to the settings so many fantasy RPGs occur.
  1. New to the system, but can already see how important POW is. For my own campaigns I am going to use a simple formula that will allow my players some customization and random-chance, but let us jump right into it. It seems to me there are two types of methods to survive long enough in RuneQuest- either start out with some decent physical stats and train your butt off to perfect your combat skills, or invest heavily in POW if you're not the physical-type. Either way players will ultimately come to rely on another person for support and both magic and runes to take on the most dangerous of enemies in combat. Me personally I like the idea of very much mortals taking on the demigods and immortals of Glorantha if not only to do their bidding and earn their favor. ⚔️
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple character sheet inspired by the character sheet of Rurik Runespear on Pg.143 of Runquest 2nd Edition, Classic Edition (printed January 2016). I feel like everything which is important to know can be jotted down neatly on this sheet, without skill spamming, makes for a very easy-to-read simplistic approach.
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