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    I'm a avid hobbyist who has worked to create several of their own rule sets (not published but have contributed off-the-record to several other known RPGs), am currently developing a small line of miniatures, and enjoy RuneQuest 2nd Edition.
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    I am currently setting up a RuneQuest 2nd Edition Club in my local area where the focus will be only on the world of Glorantha.
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    Lenexa, KS, USA
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    The miniatures and role-playing hobby is a longtime interest of mine. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the various places and ways of life unique to the settings so many fantasy RPGs occur.
  1. Well, I went ahead and created some generic templates. See attached for the first one. If you all want more I will send them out. Might be easiest to just roll with what you give a person from beginning and work in additional experiences, training, etc. to include bonuses to attributes or skills. That seems the most practical way to create a more natural character limitation. RuneQuestCharacterMaleTemplate1.pdf
  2. New to the system, but can already see how important POW is. For my own campaigns I am going to use a simple formula that will allow my players some customization and random-chance, but let us jump right into it. It seems to me there are two types of methods to survive long enough in RuneQuest- either start out with some decent physical stats and train your butt off to perfect your combat skills, or invest heavily in POW if you're not the physical-type. Either way players will ultimately come to rely on another person for support and both magic and runes to take on the most dangerous
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple character sheet inspired by the character sheet of Rurik Runespear on Pg.143 of Runquest 2nd Edition, Classic Edition (printed January 2016). I feel like everything which is important to know can be jotted down neatly on this sheet, without skill spamming, makes for a very easy-to-read simplistic approach.
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