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  1. Ok, that’s useful. I found a handful more information in the Well Of Daliath too. But I fail to found details about said tournament, or the heroquest that this may represent. Also in the "https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/the-tournament-of-the-masters-of-luck-and-death/" it says that not everyone who participates in the tournament ends up dead, that there are some who return strengthened, and not necessarily because they are possessed by the eternal essence of Belintar. Any thoughts on that?
  2. So, is there some official information about the cult of the masters of Luck and Death? May be in older editions? all help counts
  3. Well this is a big issue in our campaign, my players awaken Orgorvale too, and for the last months they have founded his independent cult at the best of their abilities. But well, the information was short about her, so i gave her amnesia to buy me some time and craft sometime interesting (her awakening was unexpected...). The excuse for this, in my head at less, was that she was forgotten for so many years, in an almost forsaken grave, and worse, his identity stolen by a dragon in her last recorded interaction with humans. So her connection to the events in the god time was thin if we sa
  4. Easily a bandit can be a thief, even a warrior or a pirate can be a thief, many god fall in this archetypes, but a trickster? that's another history. I think that all tricksters can be thieves, but a thief hardly qualify as a trickster.
  5. I love this thread. Well first almost a fact, every trickster god in the world is almost certainly the same, thus making Eurmal an universal cult. Then with this here go my dumbest theory, the second council in an era of peace wish to create the perfect being, a god, this was Nysalor. In my mind this was a attempt to bring the prodigal son, the bright one, to the world, they wish to bright Yelmalio in the flesh (Basically spartan jesus). But in the middle of all this our beloved trickster was too tempted to pass out this opportunity to make a joke out of all the races at the s
  6. So, new player in the group show up, enthusiast as hell about her new Babeester Gor initiate. Want to know all about her, so i'm here again to consult the veteran scholars of glorantha xD Well here i go, what are the more important myths of Babeester Gor, and where to find them?
  7. Wow that really helps to see the details of the surroundings, but I was referring to something like what David Scott said. The fort itself.
  8. Hello everyone. Well like the title say, There is a map for Two Ridge Fort ? That's the new stop of my adventurers and their "plan" to resolve diplomatic disputes between tribes. If i can, i like to use the original maps, if there is one, instead of choosing to create one from scratch.
  9. Epic typing error, I already edit the question, sorry for that
  10. Then ...I finally got to the point where my good founding members of the Orgovale Cult begin asking questions about their new goddess. Is there any official information on Orlanth's granddaughter and his exploits and adventures? Or I finally let my imagination run amok with mythology until I come up with an interesting idea?
  11. Thank you both ! Then I'll see what I find there.
  12. Hi everyone. I want to make my players participate in "The Battle of the Queens", maybe even make them be involved in some of the results or be eyes witness. Where can i find informations about this event to successfully replicate all the variants?
  13. Well, after many months i finally reunite a group of adventurers prepared to give a chance to RuneQuest. This are all players of systems d20, mostly d & d, and that make me really nervous, there are almost no people in Argentina that knows RuneQuest or, if they know it, they don't have the time to play. So there's this little group of malleable players, the country is in lockdown, so no one has roleplaying in decades ... this was my opportunity, with a little help of discord and roll20 platforms there we are. The idea of the campaign was simple, the Clan
  14. Hi everyone! I wanted to ask if there is any plan to release a Spanish edition of our beloved new Runequest. Does anyone know something? and if so, is there a confirmed date?
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