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  1. Yes, yes, I know, this should be in the Glorantha forum, I realized very late, when I had already made the post. And I guess it's too late to move it. Wow, Thanks, that´s really useful. I was looking for specifics about Vyran itself but i assume that may be imposible, although it may be just another name of Charmain.
  2. Well hello everyone. Tricky question for those who have dived in deep water. What is really known about Queen Vyran of Blue Castle? Are there details? Or is it all lost in the mist of time?
  3. Although it does mention the issue of the implicit relationship between cults and temples, it is not specifically this that I was referring to. Anyway it serves to give a little reference.
  4. Hello everyone ! So this is today's topic. My players are in the final act of the Smoky Ruins, deliberating on So I remember, maybe a few months ago (I think) that Jeff posted a clarification on Facebook, saying that cults and temples don't really belong to a tribe, they are autarkic entities. But I can't find the post among the dozens in the Facebook group. So, technically, the cult of orlanth is a bit more involved in tribe politics than the earth temple, since its queen acts as the cult's orlanth rex, but this is not the case with the cult of Ernalda in the tribe of Colymar (Even though its members do belong to it). Which also explains the tension between both sides due to political influence, I guess.
  5. Hello, hive mind! So maybe I made a corrupt and probably insane Wyter with random rolls. And this little thing chose to have Telekinesis as one of his spiritual abilities. And here is the real question, I know the description says that "The spirit has the STR characteristic, even when discorporate, equal to his POW. The spirit´s STR can project up to 10 meters or more", so how does this work ? mechanically, let's say which combat SR does it act on? Can it be considered as an attack or is it only used to throw things? or even better can it act in combat? How do you rule it? and all his ramifications.
  6. Hello hive mind! Someone knows where to find myths about Subere?
  7. Hi there ! I know of the policy of saying nothing about almost anything until it is finished, but is there any news about this project?
  8. In my head an Eurmalian Trickster Illumination is one of the most dangerous and terrifying thing in all of Glorantha.
  9. Then masks and more masks, the story rumbles and changes thanks to the point of view of the winners, So like I said a while ago gods and heroes are obviously lost or confused. So today I present to you my new change in history, Ulanin The Rider, husband of Orgorvale Summer, is not very well known other than for this. But I say that his old name was very well known, at a certain period he was known as Hyalor The First Rider. Once a mortal man and ancestor of the Hyalorings.
  10. My bad, Gloranthan underworld exactly.
  11. Wel... my crazy players want to go to hell... by foot, so so badly, so I'm already seeing a possible future. The question is, there is alredy some kind of mapping about hell and how navigate/explore the terrain ? or... dont know, some advise ? Do not get me wrong, I would love for them to go there, but I would like to be prepared, if there is official content of any edition, better, otherwise I will prepare to put everything together from 0
  12. So this is a new one for me from a few days ago. Just as Yelmalio was previously known as Elmal fitting into the pantheon of storms, Gustbran is the name given to Lodril. Possibly allying with Orlanth just to annoy his brother and staying long term by simple inertia or the stasis rune taking effect. Edit 1 : Taking his volcanic "true body" as a forge variation of Mount Doom is just the narrative detail I needed to convince me.
  13. So many responses ! 1) This will be the next big thing in the next session. 2) However, this was my first choice, and it might be their choice. 1) Not really, 1 player yes (background things), but they are 7, so it's not a consensus 2) Pretty well 3) High level politics on a regular basis, several important figures appear very often. This... this is a very good suggestion actually. Thanks ! Dorastor is already a stopping point in the next group vacations, it could be a good suggestion to demonstrate the advantages and benefits of this option xD Oh I already did this, in the form of black veins on his chest slowly expanding as his body slowly readjusted to its new condition with the extra 4d6 STR (+15 points at the end)
  14. Yes, this is one of the problems. I'm going to put you in a situation. Only a few minutes passed from this situation onrol, the Humakite at the end of a battle took a magic item from the enemy Boss, (Vamargic and his necklace in the Smoking Ruins). The warrior had no better idea than to put the necklace around his neck "so that he could continue fighting." The souls in there began to speak to him, asking him to use them, to help them with his revenge and other ghostly things. A couple of rolls in between, he ended up sacrificing a pow point for access to the necklace's powers, which he began to use on the spot. So a little later again, some rolls in between, now we find a Humakite with 10% in the chaos rune and, thanks to the chaotic traits table, with an extra 4d6 points in STR ... a true monster in human form. The problem with the necklace was fixed, with his companions putting him to sleep, tie him and then skinning his neck by removing the object, almost killing him in the process. But, this does not remove the chaotic taint on his soul, and with that also the extra force that is not truly a visible chaotic feature. I thought I'd put something similar into practice, maybe an "obsession (necklace)", or some kind of passion that demonstrates the increased violence that extra STR comes with. Or both at the same time. Thinking about it now, perhaps also implement a gradual physical deformation with increased musculature, which goes hand in hand with increased passion for violence. Again, for now I am looking for options and I am open to new ideas. His party is not going to be very happy about all this. The player is not a murderhobo type, but he likes to role-play interesting and new things, so he's quite happy with the problematic situation, not to mention that he embraces the fact that Humakt is neutral against chaos and not actively hostile to it.
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