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  1. Ok, that explains a part of the matter. Yet, then is correct that if you are, for example, an initiate of each one of the lightbringers, you can theoretically have 7xCHA Rune Points?
  2. So, this is a thought, so far i know the CHA is the limit for the Rune Points you can sacrifice for the pool (ok, you can give more but for spells, and they don’t count for the pool). But there i go and re-read the adventure book of the GameMaster Screen Pack, and there i take a look on Leika, and this good queen have 16 points in Orlanth (Adventurous and Rex) and 12 in Vinga, far exceeding her 21 CHA. Then i go to the Core book, and see this little thing ""The maximum number of Rune points an adventurer can have with a single cult is equal to their CHA"... Soo... still going with Leika as an example, her limit is actually 42 points? And common rune spells such as Extension, i assume, can work in other cult spells even if they have different pools. And again, if they are initiates of yet another cult (or subcult, like Vinga), they can have triple (and more) their CHA in points, I’m understanding this correctly?
  3. Agreed. This is only one of the reason I dislike this 1 skill rule for attack and defense (but not as much as I dislike the over 100% opposed rolls rule). I already had a discussion about this subject with Jeff. I acknowledge his arguments, but it is still (for me) in opposition with my personal experiences, both as player and as a former fencer. Edited 5 hours ago by Kloster added former, as my last fencing championship is 35 years ago Then again, the weapons tend to break pretty easy, so, I’ll prefer to lose that wooden shield to my broadsword.
  4. Ok, that balance the thing a little bit, plus the "protect the main weapon" stuff, I am satisfied with this answer. Thanks !!
  5. that's... that's a really good point there
  6. Thrown weapons can be parried if the target is aware of the attack and is ready to parry. Missiles shot by projectile weapons cannot be parried. However, a shield can be used to provide coverage against projectile weapons, if it is not used to parry that round. Literaly from the RQ:G, they cannot parry an arrow.
  7. They have the exact same hp that a medium shield, and even more than a small one. I agree that they are the only passive defence towards missile weapons, but they cannot be actively parry, they are likely to be an extra armor for the locations the cover. All this without considering any magic, of course.
  8. I always wonder, why a player would chose a shield over a sword in a fight. Don’t misunderstand, I’m pro shields. Example, two warriors, one with a broadsword and a medium shield vs other with two broadswords, neither with more than 70% skill, lets suppose that the SR allows the two to attack with the all weapons, and the hp is the same of the shield, but the damage is much better. The parry doesn’t have SR, so is the same for both of them.
  9. Godweyn


    Completly out of the matter, and with a few connections, i theorized that, in his time, the creation of Nysalor was an intent of bringing to the world the bright son, aka Yelmalio,but something went very wrong, bringing only the body with an aspect of Eurmal for personality, then the chaos began ! Good old times
  10. The skill check only happens in downtime, soo 1 check per season, no matter how hard you try to kick high POW spirits buddy
  11. Godweyn


    that’s the same that being the horse that carry the sun, not the sun itself, in the myth Orlanth bring the torch from the underworld and give it to Elmal so he can bring light to the world again, the torch is Yelm. In my mortal understanding Elmal is not the sun, but is the one in charge of it.
  12. Godweyn


    Well in the ""the book of heortling mythology" there are a LOT of mentions of the good Elmal, but if you look close enough, he is not a fire god, not now, he was stripped of his fire powers too, or in other words, the story of Elmal is like the counterpart of the Yelmalio story, for a greater myth. The only problem is the order of the events, that, of course, are impossible of really trail because time don’t exist, so is entirely possible to two entities that are the same to be in two places, with to different outcomes at the same moment... after all there was no such thing like a "moment". Example nº1 page 124 : " ...We lived on, in peace, and had a chance to have children again, even though there was only poor light from Elmal, and it was always cold." Example nº2 page 148: "...Elmal was wounded several times, each time worse than the last. At last he stood guard, feeble but still lit, atop the inert body of Kero Fin, lighting the land like a dim sun. When Orlanth and Ernalda cured Yelm of his wounds the Emperor gave them a horse of healing that they released. It galloped across the sky to Elmal, who mounted upon it and rode to the Underworld."
  13. Godweyn


    Let’s see... personally I always understood the myth of Yelmalio and Elmal as one, since the article of the many suns. Glorantha is a massive puzzle of histories interconnected that only the god learners try to complete with some succeed. My point, this is a great opportunity! I always fantasized with the yet to complete story, in the Orlanthi myth, Orlanth resurface to the world and throw the powers of the sun, or the light, to his thane in Kero Fin in form of a torch, in others Arachne Solara give him the Stallion to mount. I always interpret all this like Orlanth travel to hell for the sun, yes, but maybe not for Yelm himself, maybe only for the powers that made the world work, and when he succeeds, he gives them to his loyal thane, to the light in the darkness to manage, because there was nobody more trustworthy of he. So Yelmalio/Elmal mount, supervise, control, whatever you like to call it, the disc in the day, and stand guard for the world in the night. I always like the idea that this is part of a myth still to be discovered, a hell of a heroquest, an end of campaign, and maybe a reinterpretation of the "hill of gold" and "guards the stead" events, that again maybe are only one gigantic myth, pieces of a puzzle for the sun's destiny. And if someone ever complete this crazy epic journey and survive, and after that many other start to do the same, and really believe in it then, and only then, may be a reason to give Yelmalio the powers he deserves. One of my favorites crazy campaign ideas. Meanwhile he doesn’t need nothing of that, and I don’t think that he cares about it, like someone already say, he is Spartan Jesus!
  14. If you want it slightly less aggressive, do something like the following: Have plenty of Healing, either spells of potions Remind people that Heal wound is a Common Magic spell and is widely available to PCs Have Chalana Arroy Temples offer Resurrection on Credit, if needed, with no Credit Limit, it also allows PCs to go on adventures specifically to pay off their debt to the Healers Have massive damage to a vital location not mean instant death, but just means the PC is unconscious until healed, maybe except for a head cut off in a single blow Have 0 General Hit Points mean unconscious and bleeding for CON melee rounds, with healing possible up to that time Allow multiple lots of healing on a location, without having to wait for rounds Allow the RQ3 "Being Heroic" rule, so a PC can roll CONx1% to act when they should be knocked unconscious or functionally incapacitated However, I have found that the best way to avoid losing PCs in combat is to downplay combat and play up other areas of the game. In my last RQ Glorantha game, the PCs maybe had a combat every 4 or 5 sessions. I like that options! Many thanks !! However, what i mean is that Glorantha is an overwhelming setting for unknown players, and more the set of rules for 20s veterans. oh ! And I’m a Fan of yours ! www.soltakss.com was an oasis years ago in my mundane heroquest for rules and that type of adventures! (even if my Dm hate me later for the ton of new mode of late game i brought xD ) it's a pity that there were no more updates.
  15. I'm going to incline for the quick start adventure, it begins with a really simple cattle raid and escalate extremely quickly to a conflict with a Elder Goddess... like "oh see over here, it’s the trail of our beloved cattle and those thieves... WTF... is that a bull's skull moving through the wall ?? Holy mother of Orlanth now a Impala zombie corpse moving with roots and vines.... anybody else is seeing that gigantic statue moving? Is she talking in my head???" All in 1 session ! Same Idea !
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