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  1. I've been thinking a little about Valind's Glacier lately, because I've been thinking plenty about the Sea of Fire at the other end of the lozenge. Pamalt, the ruling god of the Sea of Fire (as far as I know), made his Agi to populate the far south in spite of the heat. Given the other ways these realms seem to mirror each other, a race of ice immortals like human-scale hollri, created to people and defend the glacial lands before the trolls arrived, doesn't seem so far-fetched. This is my feeling--and another way I think Valind's Glacier mirrors the Sea of Fire. Sail far enough int
  2. I'm having trouble locating Jokotu, City of the Free, in the Argan Argar Atlas maps of Fonrit. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. That adds Tarkala the Lover, Argrath's Esrolian snake priestess companion, to the list of Ernaldan heroines then.
  4. For now, mostly just the material benefits from being some of the White Bull's favored apprentices: free skill training from White Bull Society trainers, Argrath paying to give them improved POW gain rolls, that sort of thing. He also hooked each of them up with a fine Praxian mount (the duck rides a bolo lizard). At this stage they're more warlocks-in-training, not the real deal yet. They did learn some unique magic during today's session though. Their mission is to support the White Bull assault on Corflu by finding magic to neutralize the Watchdog of Corflu. Today the Cleansed One,
  5. It's usually described as Yelm's 'disintegration.' Elements of him that were previously combined into a cohesive whole are divided and disperse. You've got Bijiif, the Dead Sun, who leads the first dead gods of the Solar Court down into the underworld (and drives Kyger Litor and her trolls out of there). You've got Basko, Yelm's Shadow, who's found by the emerging trolls and worshipped into one of the primary gods of the Kingdom of Ignorance. You've got Antirius (which I believe is the original Dara Happan understanding of Yelmalio), who hovered over Yelm's Footstool as the sun of Dara Hap
  6. Queen Samastina of Nochet is a big one.
  7. The duck player character has become the undisputed mascot of my players' group of Eaglebrown Warlocks.
  8. Well, there's no time in the Gods Realm, so in a sense he was already corrupted when he was thrown in, but let's impose a little Time anyway for the sake of our mortal sensibilities. The 'they' in that sentence are elder gods of the non-Storm elements, Orlanth's 'uncles' if you consider Umath a sibling to Yelm, Gata and the other elder elemental deities. No, they were not punishing Ragnaglar directly for his later crimes; the implication is that Ragnaglar later forces himself on Thed because of his time in the Sex pit.
  9. "The Initiation of Orlanth" starts on p. 34 of the Book of Heortling Mythology. The "Other Brother" referred to there is Ragnaglar.
  10. Esrolia: Land of 10,000 Goddesses includes a description of the wedding between Queen Norinel of Nochet and the Only Old One, which could at least offer insights to the Ernaldan elements of a wedding.
  11. J. Campbell's work has been around long enough that there are jokes about his theories written into the setting. My favorite is Glorantha's own 'Hero with a Thousand Faces,' Ezkankekko. Every society in central Genertela has a story about a tall, dark stranger of their own species inviting them into a league of mutual support and defense with the other surviving peoples of the Greater Darkness? It's all one hero, but he could shapeshift!
  12. The game I run is following a group of Eaglebrown Warlocks traveling down the Zola Fel. Their journey is a this-world heroquest intended to support the White Bull's campaign to seize Corflu. Two of the warlocks engaged "Judge" Dahak, the weird, infamous sorcerer of Old Pavis, in debate during an encounter along the river, and came away from the meeting with their first % points of Illumination. I ran the encounter in the spirit of the sort of confrontations with demons and fierce enemy gods would-be Lunar illuminates are supposed to face in the process of Sevening, abetted by the great
  13. I've never heard of a baboon undergoing the troll adoption rites, but as-written there's nothing saying Kyger Litor won't adopt a baboon who passes her tests. Argan Argar has always made a point of welcoming non-uz to the altar, and Zorak Zoran is entirely indiscriminate, well-known for having non-uz worshipers. I don't see a Xiola Umbar temple turning away a baboon who sincerely wanted to become a healer and otherwise met their requirements, either. A Zorak Zoran baboon berserker is probably terrifying now that I give it a moment's thought.
  14. This makes me consider Lanbril's relationship with Argan Argar--because really, doesn't the thievery god necessarily have something to do with the god of shadow and Equal Exchanges? Particularly since Argan Argar priests were the de facto kings of Esrolia from before the Dawn through Belintar's conquest (excepting Palangio's interregnum), presiding over one of the natural centers of Lanbril worship in Genertela. In line with the idea that the Lanbril cult has characteristics of ancestor worship, I could see Lanbril of Nochet being thought of as one of Argan Argar's children with Esrola i
  15. Is there a connection between the Genertelan baboons and the intelligent gigantopithecus apes of northern Pamaltela?
  16. Well now we're getting into the mythic background of the Praxian baboons, when they had a sophisticated urban civilization in Genert's Garden. A baboon might find precedents for all sorts of occupations and cult affiliations if a Daka Fal shaman were able to look back far enough to see lives lived in the Monkey City, which are now the Monkey Ruins of Prax.
  17. IMG one of the senior initiates at the Pavis Knowledge Temple is a baboon. another is a griffon
  18. The Baboon Troop are a Praxian tribe, the Praxian character history options work just fine for them.
  19. Well, I believe the phenomenon being discussed was sorcerers taking multiple rounds to power up major spells, which I would expect to look and sound rather different from a Humakti calling on Sword Trance in the span of a single strike rank, etc. Unlike theistic and spirit magic big, flashy uses of sorcery actually take enough time to cast to give enemies the chance to disrupt them mid-course. All that magic does take time though, especially if anyone fails or fumbles their casting rolls and has to re-attempt things. It's a major tactical issue if one side enters the fray with their Wea
  20. To add to icebrand's thoughtful comments on this: in the games I've played and am running, tactics like these aren't a matter of picking on someone, they're what happens when the game really starts to get tactically interesting. Like icebrand says, the answer to big extemporaneous sorcery is generally to stop it from going off. Once it goes off, the Strength of any sorcerous spell big enough to require several turns of casting is going to blast through most magic defenses, if the casting has happened successfully you've already failed to counter it. In the example that helped start this tan
  21. In addition to the gods you listed, the current form of the Blue Moon spends most of her time climbing up the outside of the Sky Dome. And wouldn't you know it, she's a premier oracular deity. Bozkatang, who looked into the Chaosium and learned the secrets to fighting Chaos in advance. And whose followers helped worship the Blue Moon into her current form...
  22. Why stop at three? In one important battle I had a battery of dozens of them queued up to rain lead bolgs on an important enemy sorcerer. Turned out to be very important, only their sling harassment kept the sorcerer distracted long enough for my character's Yelornan sister-in-law to put a Firearrow into him and decisively fizzle the sorcerous shaping. He was casting a souped-up Moonburn too, according to my GM after the fact; if it had gone off, it would've changed the whole tempo of the battle.
  23. I was one of two players in a recently-concluded campaign centered on the adventure book The Smoking Ruins that ran the gamut from small scale dungeon delving to high stakes politics, military actions and heroquesting. As the scope of the came expanded, and our little group's proficiency with the system increased (we'd also played in a shorter 3-player campaign a year or two before) we took on secondary characters prepared using the options for starting with more experience in the Adventurers chapter of the core rules. Running a campaign with fewer total players has some particular challenge
  24. Create Shadow for my money, it's a handy trick to use like that
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