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  1. I like that placement to coincide with the mention of many standing Artmali ruins around Benestros in the Guide.
  2. Another general question: the Guide says that Gabaryanga was originally a slave in Benestros, which is described as the breadbasket of Afadjann. I'm still getting my head around Pamaltelan geography, and try as I might I can't find Benestros on the Argan Argar Atlas sections covering Afadjann. Does anyone know where the place lies?
  3. Interesting, and heavily contradictory to other sources in parts. The early section is more or less in line with other sources, if we read 'Chaos War' as the war for the Sky after Yelm's death. I recall the name 'Bredjeg' as the name for an enemy god of Artmal's in Revealed Mythology. The naming of Cathora's homeland among the 'Fralari nation' is new to me. The only thing I can find in the Guide that resembles that name is Fralos in Estaurenic County, Seshnela, a mid-sized city with a peculiar relationship to a guardian spirit descended from Nakala. Per the Blue Moon's theogony, some
  4. Before I delve into all this from Jeff, a general question: has anything like a Teshnos or Melib King List been written to anyone's knowledge?
  5. Thanks to those pointers I've found this much more in the Guide: And a search for Tryensaval and Halwal leads me to this: Tryensaval is also included in a list of Ascended Masters venerated by Malkioni who respect such things in the Third Age. So thirty years after Avalor/Avlor set off into the Wastelands, he or someone claiming to be him/named after him took part in Halwal, Tryensaval and Sigur's successful campaign to drive the God Learners from Fronela. I don't know enough about God Learner anagathic sorcery or alchemy, or Avalor's biography (to know how old he was
  6. These seem important to the quest, where can I find these documents?
  7. Can you expand on this? Why would this specifically work as a Blue Moon method to teach Illumination? I definitely agree that that is something she can teach, and has taught before.
  8. Well, on the plus side, if there's no more detailed treatments extant I can flesh out my own Red Sword quest, in the middle world and the Otherworld. I have read and enjoyed that article: how widespread is the interpretation that the Third Eye Blue are descendants of a Zaranistangi offshoot who set off to find a new great magical weapon to replace the Red Sword? Anyway, turning to the Red Sword of Shargash. To the best of my understanding, the chain of transmission goes like this: Shargash gave the sword to his nephew Artmal Moonson in return for saving his life durin
  9. P.S.: Does anybody have any idea what a Zaranistangi loper beast actually looked like? And are there any Zaranistangi left in the Middle World in the late Third Age?
  10. I've decided to involve my RuneQuest players in the events of the Hero Wars surrounding the New Artmali Uprising in Fonrit. In my Glorantha the heroic blue rebel Gabaryanga, having heard through travelers' tales of the Teshnite explorer Gebel's quest to recover the long-lost Red Sword of Tolat, began a Magic Road quest to meet up with Gebel and join his expedition. After venturing alone through the otherworlds Gabaryanga arrived at the Pairing Stones in Prax during Sacred Time, and followed the line of the Zola Fell to find himself in New Pavis, where Argrath White Bull offered him guest
  11. My RQ:G character illuminated towards the end of my group's last session. He'd had several brushes with dragonewts, a dream dragon, Argrath, and it all culminated in achieving Draconic enlightenment in a Storm Age dragonewt meditation chamber, during the Sacred Time of 1627-28. The same character underwent initiation to the direct cult of Arachne Solara during the same Sacred Time. How does Illumination change this character on a moral and interpersonal level? Before Illumination their personality was built around the interplay of the Darkness, Harmony and Movement runes, driven by dev
  12. depends on the kind of spirit. some have their full CHA worth of spirit magic, some have only limited selections. what sort of being is it?
  13. The thing I like least about the 'expected' shape of the fourth age, even more than the end of magic and the severing of people from the gods, is that the elder races seemingly die out by the time the Harshax are re-inventing the written word and trying to understand the Hero Wars. My favorite development in the RQ:G game in which I'm a player is the player characters' creation of a new Earth+Darkness complex in southern Dragon Pass, a place founded on Earth magic and protected by Darkness, which harmonizes and regulates the other elements in defense of the Earth. It's a community delibe
  14. The only house rule in the game I run regards passions. At the end of each session players can select 2 different passions rated less than 80 to shift up or down 1d6. on the player side I've found that middling passions don't tend to move much, and I wanted to give my players a way to sculpt their characters' inner life a bit outside of using their passions for augments.
  15. I'm not sure it's a given that animals have the same lifespans in Glorantha as on Earth, particularly not animals who've undergone some sort of initiation rite, as Telmori wolf-siblings presumably do. i like the recursive reincarnation idea though
  16. We fall because the Chaosium that lies beneath Nakala, the Primal Darkness, calls us back towards nothingness. The womb of Nakala birthed other elements to put buoying Water and solid Earth between us and the maw of Chaos, so that there are things to keep us from falling through formless Darkness into oblivion.
  17. He knows that just as Sedenya's emergence returned Arkat as Argrath to oppose the new god within Time, his full emergence would trigger the return in some form of his own ancient foe: the Only Old One, or possibly Kwaratch Kang.
  18. Speaking only for myself, but since Spirit Magic rolls are simple pass/fail, with the only downside being forced to try again, and no new effects for a special or critical (or fumble), in my group we only actually roll for it when timing is a factor. we always roll for Rune Magic though, since its fumbles and criticals matter even outside of timing considerations.
  19. There was a way, not to recreate the Golden Age, but a bright part of the Storm Age, that might've succeeded. According to old, old Tradetalk articles by Shannon Appel "with help from Greg Stafford," the goal at first was not to incarnate a new bright god, but an old, dark, good one: Argan Argar. In the context of the middle Unity Council, locked into wars with the sun-worshipers of the north, it makes a lot of sense. Argan Argar and Esrola together ruled a realm in what became Kethaela that was like the Kingdom of Night but moreso, a powerfully Harmonious and friendly neighbor to the s
  20. That was specific to "Harmast's Time," i.e. the era of the Gbaji Wars, when Argan Argar (embodied by Ezkankekko) was still the preeminent husband-protector of Ernalda in Esrolia. They were still calling Only Old One by his Greater Darkness name, Lord Victory Nightbrother, in the text. I would expect the public position of Orlanth to wax and wane with his acceptability as a husband-protector, which has increased drastically since then.
  21. The Nightcult subcult of Argan Argar worship allows humans to take on troll form, and vice versa. In places where the Kingdom of Night was strong and people took Only Old One up on his offer to teach the inner secrets of Darkness, it's not unheard-of for human and troll genealogies to intersect.
  22. Okay, what about another less than accessible goddess: Arachne Solara. Firewitch worships her, the Beast Valley folk worship her: what do they get from it?
  23. Then, rather, a subcult of a more accessible god based around an Imarjan intervention in that god(dess)'s myths might offer Summon Geese?
  24. Surely she offers the Summon Geese rune magic spell?
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