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  1. So, this may be a shot in the dark but: does anyone know any sources regarding the sky trolls? Trolls that invaded the sky dome in the God Time and stayed there, like the Celestial River? I recall reading oblique references to them, but don't know if there are any actual myths about them.
  2. I've been thinking about this a bit myself, and given the skull similarities I agree with giving dark trolls the same bite damage as an equivalently-sized bear or other large omnivorous mammal
  3. The RQG campaign that prompted this thread featured the revival of an ancient tradition in its latest session: the full ceremonies of a human-troll marriage. The player characters are the founders of a new settlement on the frontier between the Grazelands and Sartar, and the marriage is intended to sanctify the community's place as a non-tributary ally of the Grazelander queendom. The marriage comes only after a courtship period where the prospective groom, my Esrolian Argan Argar dark troll, met the eligible daughters of their most prominent neighbor, the sunlord of the Four Gifts tribe, an
  4. Asrelia, the elder earth goddess of treasure within the earth, is certainly one of them.
  5. Come to think of it, the Orlanthi probably would've taken much better to a system where a picked band of ceremonially equipped warriors faces an equivalent Lunar force at a pre-arranged location, with the losers being sacrificed to the Bat, much better than the quota system. As the ones to set the rules the Lunars would usually win, just like the Aztecs tended to in their Flower Wars, but the opportunity to fight for their lives and sacrifice themselves for their communities--i.e., going to the set-piece battle because without it the Lunars will resort to conventional war and all its horrors-
  6. How horrific this is rather depends on how much weight you place on an individual's soul heading to the afterlife at death, then getting recycled into a new life, and on what exactly it means for the souls of the Bat's victims to cease to exist. A Lunar explanation could be that those sacrificed to the Bat are essentially getting the end point of the Lunar Way early: their individuality is dissolved away, while their full potential is returned to the formless pre-existence of Chaos. One day the energy of their disintegrated soul will return to Glorantha through the Chaosium in an entirel
  7. This is why things operate best in Glorantha when there's a benevolent troll overlord getting all the different peoples to work together.
  8. There's an Italian film that Amazon Prime picked up recently, The First King, about Romulus and Remus in Bronze Age Italy, that feels like it could've easily been set in early Dawn Age Tarsh.
  9. As always with Pelanda at the end of the God Time, it's worth bearing in mind that other than the Spolites, they failed to establish mutually beneficial relationships with powers of Darkness. Their nearest center of Darkness power was Alkoth, and the Shazodrings, as Shargash's hellspawn, had zero interest in the schemes of equal exchange and defense against Chaos set up by Ezkankekko in what's now the Holy Country and Dragon Pass. Without Darkness+Harmony powers as intermediaries and protectors, most of Pelanda suffered terribly even by the standards of the age in the Greater Darkness.
  10. My interpretation of the Hero Wars is that if your PCs aren't Argrath themselves, it's probably their job to stop or counsel him before he butterfly effects the Monster Empire into being
  11. I have found direct descriptions of Argan Argar being married to Asrelia as well as Esrola in older materials, and every single one of his holidays coincides with one of Uleria's. I think it's a fair assumption that one of the many elements of the cult that's deterioriated since Belintar is recognition of those mythic relationships. Ah, I've seen that term used rather than "The Loyal Household" in older versions of the AA cult write-up. This does clarify things, and I'm pleased the Spirit Warriors are getting an update for RQG. Is there any indication of how an entity joins the Spiri
  12. Sure, and I'm familiar with those figures, but if they're not normally associated with the Loyal Household then who or what is?
  13. Another question for the tribe, regarding this from the Sartar Companion's Argan Argar cult write-up: The Silver Age Heroes have come up before in this thread, and they may or may not be included among beings who joined the Household during the Kingdom of Night--they are probably no longer part of the Household, after Belintar heroquested to win them to his side in his war to depose Ezkankekko. This was written for the 1600s version of the Argan Argar cult though, so presumably Belintar did not suborn all of the Loyal Household, and maybe some have returned since Belintar's dism
  14. Echoing the endorsement of King of Dragon Pass, I'm trying to put together a RuneQuest game of mostly people unfamiliar with the setting and system, and KoDP does a great job of illustrating what it's like to live day by day and season by season in an Orlanthi community.
  15. This is an illustration of the Shadow Plateau troll soldiers who marched with Arkat into the final campaigns of the Gbaji Wars: that's what a First Age troll cohort from the Kingdom of Night looked like. And look at troll hero Kwaratch Kang there in the foreground, he's so pleased with it all!
  16. Just gonna dip my toe in on these points from the previous page. 1) As the troll god of mediation between Darkness (not just trolls themselves) and surface people/elements, Argan Argan was among the chief war gods of Kethaela in the Darkness, Grey and Dawn ages, with a brief resurgence in the second age. In the Storm Age, as Esrola's husband, Argan Argar was the god-king of Kethaela and led its peoples in wars against the rise of chaos, using his Harmony influence to bridge the divides between them and allow them to fight together effectively. After the gods departed and the Greater Dar
  17. you could try to suit trollkin in it too, but they would eat the soup and the armor!
  18. probably something duck shamans with connections to some Great Turtle of the Creakstream River can make for the fighting drakes.
  19. If i could choose any Gloranthan era to set a game in, it'd be Kethaela in the Greater Darkness
  20. General question, because I may be GMing a Pavis Mostali player character in the near future: I know the Flintnail cult is supposed to be contained in the forthcoming Gods & Goddesses book, but does anyone know of fan ports of its RQ2 or RQ3 versions?
  21. based on the characters' backgrounds, I'm planning to open a forthcoming campaign with a caravan trek from Pavis to Tarsh.
  22. dumuzid


    I'm thinking specifically of the enlo turned uzko trollkin hero Sticker, from Unspoken Word #04: Uz
  23. dumuzid


    It's the chief differentiator of AA spear trollkin mercenaries, they can fight in the day when they have to, like dark trolls. they didn't exist until a trollkin heroquested to make the connection with Argan Argar, I think during the Gbaji Wars.
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    Blindfolding them is one of the few ways to reliably transport undisciplined trollkin through daylight. Crueler trolls actually blind lower-value trollkin outright to facilitate moving them through sunlight, leaving them only their rather meager darksense, if it won't disrupt their intended duties. Comparable to real world human societies that deliberately maimed skilled slaves to prevent them from escaping their owners. The only other really reliable way is Argan Argar spearkin training, which takes time, effort, magic, and makes trollkin a lot more dangerous than many dark trolls and
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