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  1. This is particularly important. Spirit allies, or discorporate shamans for that matter, aren't traveling through the same physical world in a different state, they're traversing a space that's parallel to ours but not exactly the same. My discorporate character was specifically looking for spiritual information about the area they traveled while discorporated, if they'd been trying to get exact information on the physical area they'd come back with woefully distorted perceptions
  2. I've played a character that did just this and they weren't even a shaman, they happened eat magical food that discorporated them for a few hours. One of the big advantages of having a shaman's fetch or a rune-priest's allied spirit is the ability to send them around as immaterial scouts. Sending your spirit pals roaming like that potentially subjects them to your enemies' unseen defenses, of course, and unless you have one of those reliable rune-level relationships with the spirit you'll need Control (Entity) magic to reliably send it out and bring it back.
  3. Flags would also be lost on mer people unless they breach for a look at the topside of the ship, and I'd figure signaling to the triolini would be at least as important for Gloranthan ships as the role signal flags play in real world navigation. How do you proclaim your allegiances to the merfolk? Painting or carving on the keel or the outer hull?
  4. I would guess that in addition to hearing the thunder with their ears just like humans and seeing the lightning with their poor eyes, each peal of thunder would produce echoes to 'light up' the terrain to darksense, adding a layer to the display to trolls that humans can't even perceive.
  5. My GM has the PDF, I look forward to trying it
  6. dumuzid


    To any cultured troll i'd expect the difference between herd-man and human to be as stark as between venison and beef
  7. The following are all just my own takes and interpretations, based on reading the Trollpak and Unspoken Word #04: Uz and playing a dark troll, but here goes: On a purely physical level, dark troll eyes are more or less the same ocular organ humans and other sighted beings have. given irritants, i assume they'd water and redden the same as human eyes, that's how i've played it anyway. as others have noted they tend to express grief as pain, through wailing and probably tears Among their own kind trolls are very sensitive to sound. They keep spoken words and ambient noise in g
  8. There's also the chaos god Thanatar, who gives their cultists magic to sever people's heads but preserve them 'alive' as sources of knowledge and magic
  9. Lots of interesting stuff in this thread, I'm glad it was bumped. Because it seems like some here might find it interesting, I wrote up one potential resolution for the fates of Vamargic and the Smoking Ruin: the one reached by my own Runequest group. It's a substantial story, so rather than post a wall of text I've attached this PDF. I certainly hope @Joerg finds Vamargic's ending suitable. The Smoking Ruin Unity Battle.pdf
  10. Why did Belintar establish the Holy Country?
  11. In that case Argan Argar and Xiola Umbar will just have to remind Kyger Litor that we're already down to ~70% kin/30% uz. And maybe Ernalda can help show her that there's always another way.
  12. Ah, thanks, I see that changed in the 600s. Well, like @Minion1stClass was saying, the mistress race is not infallible. And this shows that the definition can change with the circumstances. If suddenly every successful trollkin birth was a value, whole litters of values, it could change again.
  13. Right up until your murderhobos become the ruling power somewhere, of course.
  14. I'm particularly interested in what could happen if a troll mother pregnant with a trollkin litter didn't deliver prematurely, but carried the full litter to healthy term and birth. By definition, any 'trollkin' born past the traditional cut-off point is not an enlo by anyone's standard, but an uz. They'd probably be little uz, goblins, but presumably they'd lack the developmental issues trollkin face.
  15. My Argan Argar dark troll has wound up as something like the chieftain of a community of dark trolls, trollkin, a couple different human cultures, even beastmen who visit for holidays. He's been involved in some pretty heavy Earth magic in the last year, and is starting to get all sorts of funny ideas about what might a genuine accord between Ernalda and Kyger Litor could mean for trolls. One of the results of this was that he got the community's KL/Korasting shamaness to consent to designating the community's trollkin as uz, not merely enlo.
  16. Hmm. If the Unity Council's project had followed the original plan and brought Argan Argar into Time, instead of making the hard swerve towards Nysalor that broke the council, I wonder if that wouldn't have created a 'Solar destroyer,' a Pelorian or Pentan Arkat. I also wonder if Only Old One withdrew his support from the project when he realized that repercussion, prompting the Broken Council to turn to Dara Happa to fill the elemental breach, rather than the inclusion of the Dara Happans prompting Only Old One's withdrawal. He seems to have deliberately used this effect, of gods bringing
  17. Or Genert as a mediator, the way Pamalt seems to be in his part of the cosmos--or indeed both. In any case, it seems to be a form of elemental interplay that lost some of its necessary components in the Greater Darkness.
  18. We all already know plenty about how Light and Dark have fought. What I am more interested in is when and how they've made peace.
  19. My own research into Argan Argar and Darkness myth recently led me to looking into the star gods, which turned up these Yelorna details from her old cult write-up courtesy of jajagappa: I wasn't aware of Yelorna's Ernalda/Genert connection until today though. I'd been looking for myths dealing with the relationships between the stars and Xentha. What I've found ist mostly bits like Yelorna mustering the star captains into the Sky Dome to oppose Xentha's new reign there. Yet the stars hung in the night sky, without breaking the darkness and without being devoured by it, for an awful
  20. My group does a bit of a mix of those approaches. We mostly handwave spirit magic casting rolls outside of combat, since you can just re-attempt with no ill effect, but we always roll rune magic since a fumble can have such drastic effects
  21. welcome to the dancing grounds
  22. I hunted down the Tradetalks in question and they proved quite interesting. Another question: does anyone know of myths establishing the relationship between Xentha and the solar star gods? I've been enduringly curious about the relationship between trolls and the stars. The mistress race can't usually see the stars, but dark trolls with their better-developed eyes can. The stars hung in Xentha's night skies from the start of the Storm Age down through their descent to help the last scattered survivor groups of the Greater Darkness. There at the very nadir of existence just about
  23. Great trolls are throwbacks. They have the size and strength of the mistress race, the darksense and digestive system of dark trolls, but they're male-only with stunted intelligence and fertility. They're an unsuccessful effort to restore the ability to birth dark trolls reliably and/or re-open the potential to birth mistress race trolls outside of limited magical circumstances. Even the most pro-Cragspider accounts of her efforts state pretty baldly that she was defeated in heroquest. To date, every single troll hero who's attempted the Battle of Day and Night quest has failed, though the
  24. One of the greatest and most dangerous heroquests regularly attempted by the modern Kyger Litor cult is to quest back to the Battle of Night and Day and interpose yourself between Gbaji/Nysalor/D'wargon and Kyger Litor, to prevent or ameliorate the Trollkin Curse. Kyger Litor priestesses work for years to gather power and weapons to face the Enemy, and generations of them have done so over a thousand years. To date their greatest sucess is Cragspider's, in creating the great trolls. Anything that could break the curse on a community- or species-wide scale would be something all that lab
  25. I have a question, or at least would like to solicit the tribal opinion, on 'modern' usage of Zolan Zubar. What form do you think the Zolan Zubar position took in RQG mechanical terms? Priest of the wyter of the Unity Council's armies as a whole? Head of a spirit cult? Zorak Zoran runelord-exclusive subcult? And does anyone have an opinion on the prospect of reviving the position in the Hero Wars? What it would take, and what the chief obstacles would likely be? For instance, how certain are we that Zolan Zubar and the Sky Bear now mastered by the Red Goddess are the same en
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