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  1. Ah, great, I need to find those articles. There's details in just that paragraph I haven't seen elsewhere.
  2. Is anyone familiar with a location called Morbode to the north of Kethaela in the Darkness? Inhabited by a Chaos entity called Braznofstel?
  3. found this in Book of Drastic Resolutions: Darkness, for whatever weight you give that.
  4. This 'classic case' wasn't actually so: this anecdote here conflates two very different forms of involuntary sea voyaging, from pretty distant times. First, the 'thugs bash drunk blokes over the head' bit. You're referencing 'pressganging' here, a specific practice of the colonial-era British Royal Navy. The idea wasn't primarily that they grabbed any old fool off the streets, though that could sometimes happen. The waterfronts of Britain's 17th, 18th and 19th century port cities were ringed with boarding houses, taverns, brothels, and plenty of establishments that blended all three se
  5. Who were the Gold Wheel Dancers?
  6. @Jeff I'm curious about the vision for the forthcoming mass combat rules. In running other systems I've found the main challenge of portraying mass combat is in making the battle as interactive to the players as possible without bogging play down by trying to model too much mechanically. Can you speak at all to the structure of mass combat? As in, where does it position the players and their characters, or how many distinct 'entities' does a battle typically model (and requires rolls for)?
  7. Of course, by the time a dark troll projects their Darksense that far out they're dealing with ranges where their own eyesight is at par with a human's, praise be to Kyger Litor for her gifts to survive the Hurtplace.
  8. The typical in-game explanation when my usually quite charismatic dark troll character fails his Charm or Sing tests is that he failed to calibrate his performance for the human audio range. Either Unspoken Word or the Trollpack also describes how a troll physically shows they're angry or aggressive: by laying their ears back tight over their skull and growling, initially at a register too low for humans to catch, but fully audible by the time the troll is properly enraged.
  9. From the Guide, p. 95 The classic Trollpack goes more into much more detail on troll digestion than Darksense, but refers to "trolls' sonar" repeatedly. I've based my further understanding of it on the page-length writeup in The Unspoken Word #04: Trolls of Glorantha, p. 17, which includes a list of sense-words for Darksense without obvious human equivalents.
  10. I'd answer no, on the basis that Darksense isn't sight. It's echolocation, it has nothing to do with perceiving light. A Farhear spirit magic spell might work, but echolocation isn't exactly hearing in the human sense either, which trolls are also capable of. I find it more likely that some bat spirits, dehori, maybe even dolphin or whale spirits, can teach a Farsense spell to sharpen Darksense, which would be completely useless to most non-trolls. Trolls have functional (if farsighted, colorblind) eyes, and access to the same sighted abilities as humans (with lower base values) for Farsig
  11. Having done some raising of obsidian walls by magic in RQG recently, that sounds like the Palace of Black Glass on the Shadow Plateau
  12. The less said about the elusive Eurmali heroband known only by an acronym, the LMFAO, the better e: Ezkankekko to open the Sea Gate of the Shadow Plateau, and drain the flood harmlessly into Ezdaroun the primal Underworld river.
  13. The seas rising to swamp the land is one of several signs in the Norse Eddas that Ragnarok is here, caused by the restless coils of the World-serpent churning the oceans.
  14. to be fair to the immediately post-Conquest Kethaelans, the last guy who raised meaningful resistance was killed and resurrected to preach Belintar's good news. I reckon the officially designated Sixths accepted their governors with a lot more docility after a visit from Andrin "the Renewed."
  15. @M Helsdon Pertaining to your previous book, Armies & Enemies of Dragon Pass, in your coverage of Esrolia how deep did you go on the Kimantorings and the Kingdom of Night?
  16. What about a Humakti with a mundane iron sword? Can they 'shred' spirits with just their cult magic and a blade?
  17. The Argan Argar cult as it exists in the 1620s primarily emphasizes that you learn Darktongue and one other language to an extremely sophisticated level, making no particular requirements on which. I would expect the Argan Argar initiate or priest in charge of language training in a given 'modern' Kitori tula to focus on teaching the community's young people in whatever the dominant human language is and darktongue, along with learning to read and write in darktongue for those with the time and aptitude.
  18. In contrast to the nuptial character of the Esrola rites, maybe there's an 'adoption of Choralinthor' myth here where Argan Argar proves himself to be a worthy stepfather to Choralinthor? The Mirrorsea is sullen and withdrawn from the land after the tantrums and abuse of Lodril's reign, disrupted by stronger foreign currents and unwilling to trust his mother's new husband. By selectively protecting Choralinthor from some problems and teaching him to overcome others himself, Argan Argar helps Choralinthor grow into a god who can help bridge all the peoples of Kethaela and learns about Water w
  19. What if we withhold that assumption? Esrola wasn't Argan Argar's only consort, Ernalda and Asrelia are both closely connected to him as well. As the god of shadows, as Jeff said somewhat upthread, darkness-on-the-surface, I like the duality in Argan Argar having a high holy Earth Night, celebrating his successes in bringing harmony between Darkness and the Surface on land, and a Water Night, celebrating the same successes in relation to the seas and rivers. Someone had to negotiate with the sea gods and merfolk to fix the signs and exchanges that would let Jeset's and Kogag's ships ply the
  20. Argan Argar's high holy days are Waterday and Clayday of Harmony Week in Darkness Season. Holy days are supposed to be associated with particular myths of the god, and I would guess that the Clayday festivities have to do with Esrola. What about Waterday though? Most of the written Argan Argar myth involves Earth and Fire, I'm not aware of any big known Argan Argar myths with Water as their central non-Darkness element. Does anyone have any thoughts about what the Waterday high holy day would pertain to, or insight into sources on relationships between Argan Argar and Water deities I'm
  21. Of the three example wyters in the Bestiary, two out of three have rune points in cults that they can spend for rune magic without having to burn their POW. They regain those points by worshiping on appropriate holy days the same as any other spirit with rune points.
  22. Does the coverage of Ralios include any look at Guhan, or the historical Stygian Empire?
  23. The group I play in gets by with just discord, but we have homemade dicebot and don't use many maps.
  24. There's an old Greg story about Arkat when he was still a Brithini Horali, in Book of Drastic Resolutions: Darkness, that describes a night-long skirmish between trolls and Brithini troops. The Brithini switch between mechanical ocular nightsight devices mounted on their crossbows for mundane sight in the dark and magic-sight to perceive the trolls' spells. It's very Warhammer 40k, especially in how it demonstrates the Westerners having a mostly sound functional understanding of their troll opponents, but having zero understanding of the trolls' culture or internal life.
  25. Pleased to say that my group ran my homemade Wooing of Esrola heroquest this evening, as their community's main quest for Sacred Time of 1626-1627. The participants were my Argan Argar warrior, who is also priest for their community's wyter; the wyter himself; the community's Ernalda priestess; the community's trollkin chief, who became Argan Argar's Black Badge in the Gods Realm; the community's chief Maran Gor initiate; the community's chief Zong hunter, a Shadow Plateau dark troll like my character; and the community's chief green elf who became Flamal in the Gods Realm. It was a deli
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