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  1. That opens the question of what theistic cults a Dehore shaman would be likely to join, since afaik Dehore is not usually worshipped himself except as a spirit cult. I'd say the best god-cult for a Dehore shaman would be the god of whatever kind of darkness they tend to draw their spirit allies from: Argan Argar for Dehore shamans who deal primarily with surface darkness, Subere for those who specialize in dealing with the things of deep, perfect darkness.
  2. There's two basic forms of troll shamanism. Korasting tradition focuses on ancestor worship and is analogous to the Daka Fal tradition among humans (Daka Fal is acknowledged among trolls as their common ancestor with humans and the other races, but Korasting is a more immediate ancestor-guide for trolls, being something like Kyger Litor's fetch). Dehore tradition focuses on interacting with Darkness spirits, including elementals, which may be troll ancestors but are not always so, and would be analogous to Kolati shamanic tradition in Orlanthi society. A male troll shaman might be more incli
  3. The giant crabs in the RQ Bestiary are just animals, though big tough ones. sometimes animals just happen to be sentient in Glorantha though, or the Waertagi might magically bind a spirit to a crab to control the creature and give it its own magic. trained battle crabs, wild giant crabs martialed by appropriate Summon (Entity) magic, there's a lot of ways they could've put together crab sorties on land. According to the Bestiary, Giant Crabs will range inland a few kilometers most seasons; stories of waertagi 'using' the crabs may just be locals attributing unfortunate crab scuffles to Waer
  4. Unless they've got Darksee or equivalent magic the first Kimantoring response team up against that berserker can take most of the Sword Trance bonus away just by having their Argan Argari shroud the offender in a nice deep Create Shadow. Then an Orlanth initiate with Darksee (or Darksense) can crack em with a Thunderbolt, and a Gorian can step in to chop up what's left. e: or ex-Kimantoring House Guards after the Esrolian Civil War, but the same spread of magic and war cults applies
  5. So, I said my next big post would be about a Unity Battle staged in-game, and that's true, but before that I have I another thing. Events in that game, and a post on these boards pointing out that the Black Horses of Black Horse County are technically just a kind of embodied Underworld spirit, gave my an idea. Introducing a friend to Six Ages recently also played a role. For whoever's perusal, I present: "Horses for Uz, an Argan Argar myth of the Storm Age" horses for uz.pdf
  6. That's not the True Arkat, it's lacking Black Arkat:
  7. if anything, that makes it more impressive.
  8. Not exactly the same thing, but can ancestor ghosts worship in the same way as mortals? The ancestor ghosts shamans and Daka Fal initiates (and Daka Fal shamans etc) summon have RP and rune spells, after all. Does an Orlanthi stead with a sufficiently potent Daka Fal tradition usually have a few immaterial ancestors openly participating in ceremonies?
  9. On that note, Malkioni societies have saints, do they also have Saint's Days? And would, say, an orthodox Rokarist army observe such Saint's Days in the field? Their sorcerers might be able to make observing days of nonviolence in the midst of war both practical and effective.
  10. I think the simplest answer to this is that what KoDP and Six Ages call Clan Magic is an average of clan members' available POW and RP for the season: RP for blessings, defense, and power in the otherworlds; POW to feed the clan wyter for miracles and sacrifice for new rune magic.
  11. The wyter will have INT 14, and probably the Spirit, Darkness and Harmony runes. I'm lobbying for it to have the Resurrect rune spell, based on both the thematic appropriateness of the spell and posts here, but I don't have the final say on that. At this point I'm really hoping to use the wyter as a deliberately spidery guardian for the community. I want it to bind the community together with its web, detect and snare enemies, and metabolize them into new resources and guardians for the community. Spirit magic to find and trap, spirit combat in conjunction with my character and other m
  12. that's a good question. on the one hand real-world humans have wielded pikes 3x+ their own height in great numbers; on the other hand, those are pikes, not solid swords. you're talking about the equivalent of 3m long sword in the hands of a 2m tall human, and that would be...I dunno, Sephiroth's sword?
  13. How does Wyter POW regeneration work? Is it really 1 for 1, i.e. after casting the 10-point Resurrection, if ten people from the community each give a POW the wyter's topped back up? I'm gonna have to work out some Argan Argari 'if you offer POW to the town wyter, you're owed however much RP worth of magic from the community's initiates and priests' Equal Exchange scheme. And a side question: wyters function as allied spirits in most respects. Most characters can have only one allied spirit at a time. Does being a wyter's priest fill that spiritual 'slot' for a character, preventi
  14. the best part of playing a cultist of one of the husband-protectors is piggybacking on all those Ernaldan holy days.
  15. I've definitely seen that phrasing before, too, though I've never read Cults of Prax. Fair enough. Certainly wouldn't be the first time the great matrons in Dagori Inkarth commanded one thing, while trolls living elsewhere went and did another and Jalkaleel, as a darkness matron herself, makes perfect sense as a Seven Mother who'd attract trolls. Well, thank you! He sounds like a fine troll, though one wonders what happened to turn him against the school at Molorios so.
  16. This is an important question. The wyter was brought into its current position and state by two connected magical acts: 1) the successful staging of a Unity Battle that included humans from several cults and societies, dark trolls and trollkin, centaurs and minotaurs, and Flamal elves, and 2) a ritual conducted by a genuine Seshnelan sorcerer among all the participants in the battle who wanted to continue working together and found a settlement. The sorcerer framed what he intended as a gift to those assembled, but didn't explain in advance. He asked a speaker from each contingent to name t
  17. Hachrat Blowhard? I see he's mentioned in the Guide as having destroyed an EWF library in the 10th century, around the same time Alakoring slew the Diamond Storm Dragon, but that single line of description seems to be the only mention of him in either volume. Do you know where a more detailed version can be found? And worshipers of the Red Moon? I had heard of Blue Moon trolls, and their partnership with the Lunar Empire, but not of trolls following the Red Moon directly. Makes sense though. Trolls can only see red, black, white, and shades of grey; the red-to-black moon would stand
  18. Almost anybody who knows about Glorantha knows about the ducks. They're adorable, they're ferocious. Don't mess with the ducks. Part of what makes them so charismatic is the ducks' sharing in their human neighbors' religion, more or less. There are duck worshippers of Orlanth, Humakt, Issaries, Ernalda etc. This is a rarity though, and the ducks are a special case, religiously speaking. Most of the sapient non-human species inclined towards theism have their own pantheons, the troll and elf pantheons being the most obvious examples. Some non-human cults are known to have human versions-
  19. Like the exact opposition faced on a heroquest sometimes differing from the 'traditional' encounter? Interesting.
  20. Well, Zistor was sufficiently Chaotic that Only Old One called a successful Unity Battle against it, as was done against Gbaji in at the end of the First Age. Can't speak for the rest though.
  21. So, without getting into the details of the campaign I'm in, my character just became the priest of a newly founded community's wyter. It's a weird community, and the resulting spirit is a bit odd as well (it's a huge spider with legs that become serpents' tails, bound to a bronze spear). My GM and I haven't worked out all its mechanics, but he rolled a POW of 28 and CHA 11 while generating it. My character gives it access to a spread of Darkness and Harmony magic, Rune and spirit; it will also have some more as-yet-undefined spirit powers. I've played a fully initiated shaman in RQ:G,
  22. Years ago I played in a FATE: Glorantha game about Manirian refugees settling a new home after the Reforesting begins, which involved befriending some giants during a high mountain crossing. The group eventually turned in that favor to bring the giants in to build a magical city for the refugees to settle in at the end of the campaign. The nice thing about giants is they can get up and do things without completely reshaping the countryside, like a true dragon would.
  23. Re: keeping a ship afloat, most merfolk are air breathers who can spend long stretches underwater, including the more piscine malasp merfolk. the malasp specifically are described as having magically maintained 'bubble-nests' beneath the sea. merfolk probably have all sorts of techniques, magical and otherwise, for making something water-tight, and for shepherding water around. merfolk who'd holed a ship and gotten the surrender of its crew could probably command what water the vessel had already taken on to rush out with magic, then seal the holes. then it'd just be a matter of towing the
  24. There is this evidence that Desdel had children: (Esrolia, p. 30) Now we could quibble over the possibility that the Desdel priestly family have just claimed the name, or the second generation of the family were adoptees of Desdel rather than blood descendants, all fair conjectures, but Esrolia is as much about mythic Esrolia as it's about Esrolia within Time, I think we can take as read that a family called after Desdel was present in re-founded Nochet in the Silver Age and probably the Dawn, though I don't know of any evidence showing how far they survived past the Dawn. I think t
  25. Thank you for making these points, I shall address them in order. I appreciate your argument, and here are my counters. First, from a source I hadn't seen when I made my big post about Eurmal, The Book of Drastic Resolutions: Darkness, (p. 80, from Heroes of the Night). What I'd like to direct your attention to is the last sentence there: "Shortly after his birth his father (Argan Argar) left the Hurtplace (Surface) forever, and Ezkankekko took the position he is best known for, the second and final ruler of the Kingdom of Night." This is a detail I haven't seen st
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