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  1. Ok. That explains it. I remembered that the 3rd edition would have had a similarly worded rule to boost spells with magic points.
  2. Shield 10 is hard to be dispelled. You must use 10 rune points and you don't know how big the shield is. What if you use 10 points and your opponent has an 11 point shield. A better option to do yourself shield 10 or some offensive spell boost with magic points. Sunspear can act as a shield 10 against without a boost. And I think the problem is more the goodness of the shield and the sword trance than this rule. It’s a good thing that you can protect yourself if you fly with spells. Otherwise, all flying spells would be dropped to death.
  3. I am a little surprised that so many people thought that the magic points are not allowed to use to boost spells harder to dispel or dismiss. Where had you come to the notion that it is not possible, even though it read in the rulebook.
  4. i think you can boost additional magic points any spell to make it harder to dispel or dismiss. If you have protection 2 and you use 1 additional magic point. Removing the spell requires dispel magic 3. Without additional magic points it would be enough to cast dispel magic 2. However, the protection 2 spell will only give you 2 points of armor, no matter how many magic points you boost.
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