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  1. As the threat title says: it's a very, very big hole. But, I'm having difficulty getting any information what might have been there before the apotheosis of the red goddess.
  2. Regardless of the religious split, for the temple in runegate specifically, I don't think a Yelmalion would be allowed in for purely political reasons. Before the bat wrecked the place it hated them, afterwards? Relations went very, very downhill. The Triarty are loyalist elmali noted for not having good relations with Vaantar because of that and the high priest in charge is noted for his specific hatred of Yelmalio, equal to his hatred of Chaos. This is from the Sartar companion, mind you. Other elmal-identified figures in the town hate it as well, and the Sun Domes are considered one of the
  3. NewMars


    I mean, yes, it can very much be part of a greater myth. If you're willing to go and say that there's only one real way it happened and it was this one. Thinking that two different myths might have some kind of similar root isn't bad: but thinking that them being different means nothing, or that one of them is more "accurate" than the other is really missing the wood for the trees there. The kind of thing that, say, could lead to switching two nearly-identical goddesses around and then wondering why nothing grows anymore. Mind you, that sort of sickly light is right, there. But that ignor
  4. NewMars


    Oh, sorry, I meant the book of Heortling Mythology, page 169 to be precise.
  5. NewMars


    I'll admit, it does seem like the myth is kind of like two different myths that ended up stapled together. But that makes it kind of bizarre that a myth about loyalty to Orlanth and not the emperor would be the core myth of what is now apparently a regional subcult of a god who is about loyalty to the emperor. Also I was wrong, he has the justice spear, not the fire spear. That was my mistake. Mind you, the whole Elmal no longer having fire thing becomes strangely hilarious because of a reference in the guide, where it says "He also fought against Orlanth at the Hill of Gold, and even sto
  6. NewMars


    Remember that he fought using his spear, though, and at this point and in this context it was unspoken that this was a burning spear. Which was rather my point: he defeated the creators of disease with his spear, which doesn't make a lot of sense if his spear isn't the flaming lance.
  7. NewMars


    This isn't from KoDP (exactly), the myth is actually in the book of Heortling Mythology. So even if KoDP isn't canon, that myth is.
  8. NewMars


    Wait, without his fire powers, how does any part of Elmal Guards the Stead make sense? Half of that myth is specifically about the power of flame. When the stead is assaulted, it is by chaos creatures that represent disease: first is the eater of skin, which makes abscesses and bleeding wounds open on the skin. Second is the Author of sores, which causes wounds to fester and last is the maker of bad growth, which causes one's insides to multiply endlessly (i. e. tumours). Elmal slays them all with fire in different ways, either through a burning spear or using the sun to turn them to ash
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