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  1. Ah yes, the frenzy I ignored because I am quite happy with Cthulhu 6 and Orient Express wasnt new.
  2. Would have been nice to have been told this, you know,when it came out. I had no clue. (since I am CS Barnhart)
  3. I should update my profile. I am back in Maryland these days. I have emailed them repeatedly and no reply.
  4. Well its been over a year since it was submitted and over a year since the last Adventure contest and I havent seen either work published. At what point do I yank the Encounters Manual back from Chaosium and just put it out on my own?
  5. Huzzah Baragei! Huzzah! I agree. I am tempted by Achtung Cthulhu but savng my funds for the new Mutant Chronicles and Warzone games! As cool as AC looks, I have Cthulhu rpgs and WW2 rpgs so I think I am set there!
  6. Dustin and Charlie. I know we just got out of the holidays, but I havent heard from them in a while.
  7. I havent had any replies to my emails about certain books they are supposed to be published. I havent been paid for one of those books. They havent updated their web page in 4 months. Does anyone know if they are still alive?
  8. Isnt this just an updated and renamed verson of Skraag City of Orcs from D20?
  9. Glad to hear B'61 has been played LOL. Good news is that the second monograph has be submitted so hopefully more B'61 fun is on its way. This volume is full of encounters and locations that range from espionage, to sci-fi horror to supernatural terror complete with a introductory adventure. Plus I plan to write B'61 adventure submissions for the new adventure contest, one as a sci-fi BRP and one for CoC.
  10. You could redo it as Cowboys and Elder Things or Cthulhu and Indians and do it for Call of Cthulhu.
  11. Book is submitted to Dustin. On to next project, hopefuly its not another 4 year wait LOL
  12. Almost done, just updating two entries for "super hero" stuff. And waiting for the art, which is turning out better than I expected.
  13. Work is still underway on both the new setting/game/genre spinning out of Berlin '61 (simply called '61) and the long over due Encounters Manual for Berlin '61. The Encounters Manual is weighing in currently at 67 pages and looks to bloat to about 75 pages in all, if I decide to throw the x-mas advenutre into the thing then that will push it up to about 85 pages. It is shaping up pretty nice, even if I say so myself with plenty of interesting locations, some horror, some adventure, stats, NPCs and hints and clues at how the world of '61 will be shaped! Look for the Encounters Manual to be r
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