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  1. Hi folks, thanks for the replies 😊 Yep becoming a round table knight its definitely an aspiration that the PK's can have, meeting the requirements in the book is a guide, and how they roleplay their characters will have an impact on wether membership is offered. For some they may not qualify whatever the numbers on their character sheets state. For the players that are interested in becoming RT knights, but don't yet meet the standard I will give them then opportunities to be guided or mentored by a more senior knight or one of the unnamed RT knights, so they can work towards it, and an
  2. Hi Tizun Thane, thanks for the reply. Good point about killing the mystery of the grail and being outside of the the events of the GPC. I think I'll keep Listenesse mysterious by heavily restricting entry to it, perhaps in my campaign part of the magic/mystery is that no-one can ever find entry to the place unless invited (or some other vague method), due to it being hidden from mortal eyes. Regarding the events of the GPC, ther PK's will undoubtedly want to become round table knights, so either they will achieve that status and be involved in the main events of the GPC, or be sponso
  3. Hi Morien, Thanks for the quick reply and the points you make, appreciate it ☺️ Looking forward to hearing from anyone with any other info, or ideas about Listeneisse, cheers, Nick
  4. Hi, I am starting to put together notes for a Pendragon campaign I will be running in the future. I am looking to set the campaign in the North West of England (as its near where the players and I live). Am thinking of starting the campaign in 490, and then all the way through the GPC. I have the 4th edition rulebook, and have been looking at Perilous Forest supplement for information about the region. At the moment I am thinking of having the PK's as vassals of Sir Pertelope at Pentwortham castle, or William, Duke of Danger, who is a vassal of the King of Listeneisse. As such there m
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