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  1. I would rather see somebody converting HQ stats into RQG. There are many many nice scenarios in HQ books but NPCs would need to have playable stats for RQG.
  2. Oh yes, our Noble from Clearwine was taken by xxx, but our Healer was fast and cast Sleep to the bird so the Noble survived with some bruises. Though that guy was clumsy enough as earlier he had hit himself into leg with sword while fighting with that xxx and later woke up the xxx in the xxx, cause his cuirass armour kept so much noise πŸ˜‚ but some days later that Noble saved the whole bunch and Gringle's Spawnshop basically alone. I connected those classic stories, so that instead of Munn they went to Apple Lane as it was Gringle who paid for the silver leaves of the Money Tree. EDIT...xxx
  3. And I didn't updated Henere's statistics as he just served beer and looked jolly happy πŸ˜…
  4. We just played that scenario. I located Greenbrass northeast from Clearwine and switched the road directions so that Apple Lane goes where Munn originally did... that makes sense as then Clearwine road leads to south.
  5. This is pretty interesting thread, expecially details around Whitewall. I’ve been wondering why there is no decent map available of that city nor any pictures? It’s anyway quite important scenery in Gloranthan history.
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