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  1. Only the core book will be essential, the GM book will basically compile/expand rules on specific things, that are in no way mandatory to run the game. Just like you didn't need the Book of the Estate or the Book of Battle to run a cool KAP 5.0/.1/. 2game
  2. Yup, physical copy is $39.99 (minus postage costs)
  3. Tokenstamp is very useful to create tokens quickly I also recommend Artbreeder for NPC/PC portraits. Great tokens btw
  4. Yup, the name change was kind of a head scratcher. At first, it looked cool, as Saxon descending names can be seen as weird in a still mostly romano-briton world, but I think the name changes were sometimes a bit strange and haphazard, with some being changed while others remained. So I welcomed the change back to the originals on that. Now, it sure makes some of the supplements a pain to navigate, and it would have been better had the names remained in place throughout. Book of feasts, at least some of it, has already been incorporated into rhe core rules, and for the rest, given
  5. Good stuff! Looking forward to your next episodes good luck with the campaign and have fun Feel free to come visit the KAP discord and say hello
  6. Used the new passion system last night, it went really well, one of my players said it gave him more motivation to use passions, because the risk of messing up with lower passions is mitigated
  7. Indeed, the full rulebook will answer all the questions regarding the new edition. Now, I can't wait to hold it in my hands
  8. I'd be all over new maps, and a GPC where everything is consistent in terms of names, places, and all. Also, I'd love to have era maps that show you the differences between, say, Logres in 485 compared to 531. I'd love for the books to give us updates on who rules what, who is born, who is dead, etc... No more Menevia in Salisbury, confusion on saxon kings, etc etc please
  9. People, please STOP with the already mentioned topic. You are hijacking a thread that was created to cover & discuss 6th edition at large, not just the ONE topic that some of you have decided to make a cause for arguments and name calling. This has nothing to do within the confines of this forum, and reflects poorly on the community. If you want to discuss this very topic, please switch to the other thread, as mentioned by the mod. Thank you all for being reasonable
  10. My answers below: * Experience checks - I generally give them for every critical roll and for successes that mean something for the story and/or PK. Heck, I even award them sometimes when a result provokes a good laugh, or if the character fumbles (because failing is a great teacher too, right?) * Solo's. It really depends on the characters and what they're after. We will generally always play the "economy" solo, since most PKs own land. Sometimes, we'll add raids, madness solos and the likes, depending of what is happening. Don't make solos automatic events, it needs to make sense i
  11. Si tu arrives à trouver les éditions d'Oriflam, tu y trouveras beaucoup de choses intéressantes pour ta partie Bon jeu
  12. Keltia was awful, the whole premise was basically "look, we're not like Pendragon here, we give you REALISTIC arthurian stuff, brythonic stuff wooo hoo!!!" Came across as pretentious and stupid. No wonder that game bombed so hard. And I bought it on release, because I like the idea of a more "grounded" arthurian game. But the execution was poor. And I sold that book a few years later
  13. You have a detailed map spread over two pages (north & south), Black & White
  14. Great book, makes feasts real fun. It does take a while to go through though, so I use it for the most important feasts.
  15. As good as these books were, I find them to be a bit of a mess. I hope the new edition gives us a unified, cleaned up version of those, that will be utilized across the whole series
  16. i would say yes, also its kind of silly that you get the same amount of Glory for being a simple vassal knight or a big time baron
  17. Yup, Alexandre Astier, the creator, was an avid RPGer in his youth
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