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  1. Hi Eric, My first question is a bit more strait-forward, when fully following the Rulebook, but not using the Multiple Sanity rolls optional rule, should the SAN check points be (1/1d10 only) or (1/1d10 + 0/1d6) when seeing both the Dagon as well as other deep ones at the same scene?
  2. Hi there, The CoC Keeper Rulebook (7e) says: Then some of my non-native-English-speaker friends argued that it implies Spending Luck can only be used once, is there really something about this limitation? I don't think so since the "one" here is used as pronoun. I know asking basic English language question here is quite stupid, sorry for the troubling.
  3. In the Chapter 8: Sanity there is an optional rules named Multiple Sanity rolls, which ramps up the SAN loss by making additional rolls and choosing the max one. The optional rule states: The rules state that the Sanity point loss for a monster remains the same whether one monster or a multiple monsters are encountered. One option that ramps up Sanity point loss is to ask the player to roll Sanity loss once for each monster and then use the highest number rolled. This approach works well when multiple monsters of different types are encountered simultaneously. Harvey encounters 3 deep ones and Father Dagon all at once, and is required make one SAN roll. Harvey’s player fails the SAN roll and must roll for Sanity point loss once for each monster. She rolls 1D6 once for each deep one, results in 2, 4 and 5. She also rolls 1D10 for Dagon, resulting in 4. Harvey loses Sanity points equal to the highest value—5 points. My questions are: As Multiple Sanity rolls being an optional rule, so with this rule disabled, what should happen if investigators see different types of monster simultaneously? Say we're in the same scenario of 3 deep ones(0/1d6) and Father Dagon(1/1d10). As the rule is said to be "ramps up Sanity point loss", so I believe the default sanity loss should be smaller, but how should that being determined? How would a SAN loss in Multiple Sanity rolls being recorded? More specifically when adopted to Getting Used to the Awfulness section, would the 5pt in the example only counted for deep ones, or both deep ones and Father Dagon? When investigator encounters Father Dagon again should the max SAN loss be limited to 10-0=10(as SAN loss not directly from Father Dagon), 10-5=5(as final loss of the mix exposure) or 10-4=6(as individual SAN roll to Father Dagon) due to the existing encountering?
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