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    Started with DC Heroes (Mayfair/1st Edition), Champions (3rd Edition) and Marvel Super-Heroes (TSR/FASERIP).
    Made my way through AD&D 2nd Edition, and then dozens of other systems.
    Have had two websites: 'Nuther World Comics and Republic of Replicants.
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    Right now I'm in-between games. Been using the D6 System in conjunction with Mythic for solo play.
    Was considering Chill/Cryptworld, but then thought about using BRP instead.
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    Louisiana, USA
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    What is was,
    What was isn't.

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  1. Thanks for the reply. Hope I didn't sound disrespectful in my post. Perrin's works were part of what shaped my rpg growth as a kid.
  2. I wouldn't mind some Adam West Batman type stuff. (I'm actually surprised that no one has made stats for him and Robin). Or even Hanna-Barbera/Filmation type superhero stuff. I've gotten to where if I look at a cover to an RPG setting book and it's a destroyed city block with some 'ultra kool' character posing with a gun or rifle I just shake my head and move on. While there may be good alternatives out there (like Cartoon Action Hour) some people want to try to keep everything under one rules system. If not, then I'd recommend playing Marvel Super-Heroes (TSR), DC Heroes (Mayfair) or Champions instead, over anything today.
  3. Thank you. I enjoy being creative whenever I can.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Just my own customized version of a character sheet. I like textured paper backgrounds and I like to have a place for an image.
  5. I saw that the first and third Superworld superhero conversions were posted in the downloads (X-Men and DNAgents), so I added the missing one (New Teen Titans). But it seems to have been taken down. Did Perrin only approve the first and third one to be shared? Edit: After doing some research, it seems that the Titans stats were up at one point. Posted by an Admin, even. So, it looks like something unrelated to Perrin may have been the reason they're not up. Truly a shame, but that's the way the world is these days.
  6. Thank you for posting this. I discovered the Micronauts with New Voyages in the mid-'80s. Really liked the strong sci-fi feel it had.
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