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  1. awww I'm still waiting mine. I ordered on 25th of september and is still on AWAITING SHIPMENT.
  2. I explained my self grongly, I was trying to say: the RQ2 POD. But in the end I ordered the Pegasus plateau XD
  3. well is bite, so I prefer to not pay for it twice. But if the POD is far away...
  4. ordering mine.... or waiting for the POD?... hum
  5. oh man, all this little hints are making me eager to have this map, the hype it's real, now it's a must.
  6. I finish the Smoking ruins, and the follow adventure that was rescue an adventurer from the underworld, what a blast
  7. What are the small shilver coins?
  8. Jag

    RG in spanish?

    todo lo que aumente la comunidad en españa genial, pero para nuestro grupo nos ha dado igual que esté en inglés la verdad. Claro que entiendo que el idioma es una barrera para mucha gente.
  9. Jag


    I discovered it with the same pic. I think they are cool, also totally right the blindfold, but why everyone have to wear the same. Let's their own style to bright
  10. O_O and in the actual RQG line is one official author of the dragon rise? Is commonly known by the people in Sartar?
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