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  1. Again, thank you for bringing it up and checking through details with me.
  2. That means it's not a known (if old) problem with ipads... Yeah, I think I need to park this one and concentrate on new writing. That way, I can improve for the new writing, and if I find the answer as I go, I'll come back to here. The maps are available via download, and I'll do the others when needed.
  3. What's your OS? I think to be honest I can't track this down, but I can provide map packs. C&P works for me, but gives me to top image - which is usually an image frame. It may be a combo of how transparency is treated, and the way Scribus works. Even some images that are definitely not in a frame are coming out as a panel of the master page beneath. Which is, for the sake of argument, an image... but still. Yet there are images that are .pngs with transparency that let me choose the image. I'd say it is mostly about the stacking and clipping process. Rather than remake these files, I'll do a lot more of the future work outside scribus, and see if that changes things. That way, when you click on an image, you're going to be clicking on the image you expect, rather than a composite. With that said, it could well be that there's a composite image and this is borking things. In the mean time, please make use of the map pack, and I'll include one in any future package until I've found out what the problem is. And, just possibly, after that as well. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, and in particular you, @jajagappa, for sticking with the bug report.
  4. Hmmmm. That does sound more like an interaction problem, but for the life of me, I can't find anything in the Scribus settings that would indicate this and I have the security measures turned off, as DTRPG asks. HOWEVER... When you say 'black square' do you mean a literal square filled with black? Because that's what I was understanding, but if you're getting a black outline, that's different, and that I can work out how to deal with. (That is what my test got, and I just realised that is what you might mean.) If so, let me know about that. It'll be a stacked image problem, where you're getting the item frame, not the image underneath, because the frame has transparent pictures in the middle.
  5. Getting a larger size of map for zooming in while playing can be difficult. A screenshot is much smaller than you might want a map, if you're playing with counters. I freely admit that the best way for me to do small compressed cover images is by screenshot. A little part of me was sad about that, but mostly I just marvel at the tech.
  6. So, I could not work this out. HOWEVER, a map pack is easy to make and DTRPG does not limit the number of downloads. I chose to add my map pack as a zipped folder of files, and it's just the same process as uploading your PDF. That way you can sort out your legitimate use files for yourself. It may not be perfect, but it's workable, so that's the solution I'll be using.
  7. Could it perhaps also have been updated with a splendid map, Nick? tell us more!
  8. Beer With Teeth are happy to offer Vinga's Ford, an adventure for RQG, set in Dragon Pass but transferable to anywhere you can put a river. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/315517/Vingas-Ford?affiliate_id=205935
  9. It's good you found a solution. I had a look at this, as Scribus is set up to allow images to be copied and pasted. As far as I can tell, it's a setting on Drivethru RPG, and I haven't managed to isolate exactly where that is. If I find out, I'll upload a map pack.
  10. My players do that when I ask them to make a Scan roll. It's really endearing. At least one has noticed that I don't bother with plot so much as ask them to roll things then build on the fumbles while laughing. But sometimes, you need an elder sorcerer vampire who has been planning their next move for a decade. And hopefully, she won't be rolling on the fumble chart.
  11. Thank you all for your help here. You've given me a good understanding to work from.
  12. Yeah. Slightly off-topic, it does look to me a little like there was reaching for a reason they were like *that* because we need vampires in this game... But the rationale works for me, at least, and I've definitely got some work-arounds for those little weaknesses, which make things more Gloranthan.
  13. I'm hoping for things in the list on https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/canon/ I'm happy to go with a cult that is cursed in various ways, however. And aaaaah, vampires stripped of powers in sunlight but not killed by it is a big bit of what I was after, so that one is definitely definitely staying whatever else*. Cults of Terror is 'about 95% canon' by guess, so yay. *unless there's a cult change that says otherwise in which case it's a new sort of vampire anyhow. Thank you. That's a perfect fallback for me if there's nothing 100%, and a good general guide.
  14. Ah! Thank you very much.
  15. Pre-planning. When creating a scenario, assume Divination will be used. Make sure you narrow it down, because someone of the Knowledge Cult probably can't tell where something is buries if it's under the earth. Someone who is of Ernalda will not be able to find out about things happening in Middle Air. The gods require a particular question and will give an answer. They cannot tell you anything about the future, and they have very little knowledge about the past. They don't know specifics. So, 'What will happen if' cannot be answered. 'How should I' can be, but may be from the god's point of view. But above all, consider it first. If your really interesting problem can be solved with Divination, then make sure that there is a really interesting solution too.
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