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    I have been throwing dice at people in anger for some time now.

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  1. Thanks to the God Learners for having us, and sorry about the unearthly beings we summoned by using Ludovic's microphone stand as a pentagram. I hope you cut that part.
  2. As far as I can work out, Structure Points are not hit points in an ordinary fashion. You cannot stab a stone wall to death. I think Quality has something to do with the armour value, or the difficulty in damaging the wall, but fortunately that was not mentioned in the spell so I am assuming it does not matter. I under-estimated the size of the walls, but I am OK with that given we did not go with the plan of trying to bring them down.
  3. So it looks like something between no and yes - not a sure thing, but given what Glasswall and Alda Chur are made of, you might be able to get through one of the cracked bits. Thank you.
  4. The Create Fissure Rune spell came up in play last night, and we had to make a hurried ruling on it, because we were not sure how much damage a particular wall could take. Can anyone let me know about how many structure points the city walls of Alda Chur would have? It wasn't in any of the RQ books we could find at the time, and I'd like to know about how much damage we COULD have done. (We went with a different plan.)
  5. I'd look at this from the three-point PoV. A three point Elemental has a certain amount of power it can put down and/or people it can effect. A three point power Rune spell might not have the area of effect, because powers do not necessarily have physical manifestations, but it's a start. The other three point spell I would look at is Sever Spirit. It is a single insta-kill if you pass a POW vs POW. So, for three points I would say you can summon a spirit that physically duels one person to the death, which is less powerful than sever spirit, given the person it is attacking can heal, and friends can help. It might also be a spirit that fights one round of combat against everyone within a certain radius, but that sounds like a lot of dice rolls. If I did that I would probably run it like the Harmony Rune Spell, where there is one single roll against everyone. (People might or might not have a parry roll, or you might just say what level of parry/dodge it beats, depending on where you are on the rolling vs fiating scale.) A two point fighting spirit would go on until one person cannot, and a one point version would stop when a wound is inflicted. Again, this might vary by area, for a shorter effect. The conservation of ninja rule says that the fewer people attacking you, the harder they are. So, each blade in a whirlwind of blades attack is weak, but there are a lot. If it's a single attacker spirit, it's strong. Those are probably two different sorts, and you could be guided how to summon one or the other, but I'd say you'd need different spells (for reasons that make sense to me in my game). I tend to randomise the spirit you have, unless you have a specific Summon spell. There might be other sorts of spirits of Death, but I think you could also use Truth. (I am pretty sure Ernaldans can summon spirits of harmony and fertility, just not elementals of those powers.) A three point Truth spirit sounds like a Lhankor Mhy thing, but a two-point spirit sounds a bit like the level of the Oath spell. So it looks like you could find an enforcer-of-Truth spirit, who might smite people who lie in court. Two points is more than the one-point Detect Truth, so they could do it over a wider area and/or not be limited in the numbers of times they could use it. I'd say they could dole out what they spend in MP as HP damage, if someone has lied. This might require a POW vs POW but given the size of spirits for 2 points, it might already be too weak. The size of the effect depends on your game. A one-point Truth spirit could hold an Oath for as long as it stays manifest, which is long enough to have a short meeting where it is REALLY important everyone keeps to the rules. You could get bigger versions of that as well, although I'd be leery of a 3 point version. It probably powers itself with MP, so you might want a bigger version, but it might also need more POW. YMMV. Other thoughts: spirits of certain types of swords could be called on to inhabit your enemy's blades (or even blunt weapons). Humakt hates it when people use Death wrong, and they will try to take back the power. Effectively this casts Dullblade, lasting for as long as the spirit wrestles with Death. POW of the spirit vs HP of the weapon, per round, for levels of Defeat Death effect inflicted. If the total damage is ever 0, the weapon is conquered, and breaks. The nature of the sword is to cut. Some spirits might just cut everything around them that is softer than they are. Want to show your disdain for the worldly goods of your high-fertility enemy and their collection of velvet hangings? Bring a little separation into the world. Spirits of Honour exist, no doubt. They act on the summoner as guides. Don't go against what they say, or you'll find your score drops. However, if you let one inhabit you for a season it's a season's training. Possibly this will work even if you are already over 75 in Honour. (I think that is the limit for training all things, so I'm saying it is for this conversation.) Some sword spirits have a physical manifestation. Free hidden weapon! But... don't mis-use it. They'll know. Essentially, the different aspects of swords and truth can be combined with different things spirits do, but a lot of spirits are, aheh, double-edged.
  6. Yeah. If it got called 'Colours' then we'd have a note explaining that. We need something thematic to the weavers' community we want, though. Webs of Clearwine is what we want for the weavers bit, but not for the wine part, and every other title we might produce has a double meaning. It's finger-tappingly frustrating to not have this one match,
  7. Not common at all. Pretty upper-class. So ANYWAY, our book is available in PDF and you should buy it. You've all bought it, right?
  8. Now, I want you to think very hard about what you did... No, stop looking proud! (We already rejected Legs of Clearwine, but had not got to Butts. We need to aim higher!)
  9. Craters of Clearwine would be about the failed dwarf attempt to bring the Cannon Cult to a new audience.
  10. That's too long to make a snappy title BUT Distilled Clearwine would be two words that are about the right size. That would fit in the title space and let us keep the effect of words piled up. Yes, I am the layout artist. How could you tell?
  11. 'Nobs of Clearwine' is the working title... But we'll find a different one. Heads of Clearwine is possible. Floaters in Clearwine, probably not.
  12. It is probably (although not definitely) too big a project for the level of detail we like to use. It has multiple chief priestesses, multiple sub-cults, and literally thousands of initiates, some of whom will be there all the time. It's also covered to some degree in Chaosium books, where the map of Clearwine is two pages with a lot we could fill in, in those gaps. It's a big project, probably far bigger than you realise. I wrote https://beer-with-teeth.games/writing-a-bwt-book/ about Cups, which is a far smaller project and still took six months. Clearwine Earth Temple, done in a BWT style, would be at least a year of work. It's also heavily bound up with itself, so it would be difficult to go into detail about one part without defining the others. We can do a single geographical area of Clearwine more easily and believably than we can do a single cult like the Temple of Voria, say. The Priestess there WILL have a relationship with everyone else of importance in the Temple, so we would have to define everyone important. Ouch. We could use that time to create different things instead, that will be equally awesome, but will come out three or four times more often. So, that's a cool but big project that is not high up on the list.
  13. Aaah, this makes you our new favourite person! We have seriously considered whether we should just do this until the whole place is covered... but we reckon there are probably at least three more things we can do. There's another middle class area we want to cover, which is much more about how one set of people covered by the guilds would work, and there's the top end of the city as well, and then possibly we could do all of the criminal elements, top to bottom. We're not saying we WILL do all of those, but those are the things we'd like to cover if we could. Things like Thunder Tower are probably too small on their own, while the Clearwine Temple is probably too big, but an area of a dozen houses with internal and external politics means we get the right amount of detail. If I had infinite money, though, I would have Clearwine mapped.
  14. The second Beer With Teeth sourcebook for Clearwine is out, this one focusing on a middle-class area in the Colymar city. Cups of Clearwine is available on the Jonstown Compendium on DriveThruRPG. 12 households (13 if you count the pigs, geese, and alynxes of the courtyard) and dozens of NPCs. Art by Kristi Herbert. Writing by the whole Beer With Teeth crew. It includes a five-page adventure and a two page goods appendix, for those things you want to buy from the crafters in the area.
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