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  1. Our GM created a bunch of NPCs first, to get used to the rolling, which was good. He ended up with some great people (the Humakti Temple in Boldhome has some of the most strained internal politics imaginable, and as for how the High Sword gets on with the Earth Priestess, just don't ask...) and he also ended up knowing what was going on in the world and the past. When he ran the PCs through chargen, he did it individually, so we got a lot of attention, but that attention was mostly on our pasts, individually chatting about what we were. When I've run it, I've both done it with all the PCs t
  2. To me, that's a strength. This is the session in which you get together your chosen snack food, and put your history together. The GM talks about history as it happens, and after a while you know how you know each other, and when you parted company and met each other again. It's a session's-worth of mutual planning. A lot of this will go on the sheet and not do much, yet. You don't have to demand they REMEMBER this. Just that they write it down, and end up as a party. I had no clue what the words meant when I made my D20 rolls, but my GM tied together the story as we went along, and the
  3. You're the sort of customer I love. I did eMail Meredith, and she did sort it. I'd tried uploading it against first and for some reason that hadn't worked, but it usually does, so I think I just got unlucky with the upload.
  4. Darnit. I thought I had fixed that. For some reason, it doesn't always pick up which of multiple PDFs should be the one you're actually looking at. Or something. Or the wind is wrong. EDIT: AHA! There you are, dropdown box on a totally different page that I had never seen before! OK, that should now propagate, but you may need to clear your cache. Leave it 15 minutes for the database to catch up, and if it's not solved then by clearing the cache, I'll ask DTRPG.
  5. The Gifts of Prax is now available at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/344911/The-Gifts-of-Prax?affiliate_id=205935.
  6. Beer With Teeth are delighted to introduce https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/344911/The-Gifts-of-Prax?affiliate_id=205935 - The GIfts of Prax, an RQG adventure suitable for any group of characters. It has anger, vengeance, bad life choices, and a very special condor. An Encounters appendix introduces multiple new Praxian problems. Help Erhehta the shaman have his entirely justified revenge, while gaining fame, fortune, and the things that Prax can bring you (if you don't take care). We estimate it'll take 2 sessions to complete, but there is enough there to make more without having to
  7. We went with the Green Stripe Morokanth (thank you @Leingod) so that we could have a plot hook because they were out of their usual ranges. The Gifts of Prax will be launching soon.
  8. Thanks, Nick. Yes, absolutely. Stone and Bone's sequel is written and waiting only on the last bits of art and proof-reading. Stone and Bone is about one session, while its follow-up is about two, and includes encounter tables and new animals and even a killer plant. It could easily become a short campaign if you wanted it to. I second the idea of getting Nick's index PDF. If you look up the current year's then you'll get a snapshot of 2020's issues, and also it will be updated all this year. It will still be a recent release on the Jonstown Compendium.
  9. Sweeeeet. That's probably the one to use. I may also grab from David Scott's idea there to have nicknames. It's a smallish encounter, but I realised I didn't have an associated name, so that goes in now. The Bilos Gap clan is another way of referring to them.
  10. Are there any known, canonical clan names for morokanth? Borderlands has 'The Morokanth of Bilos Gap'. Any others? Beer With Teeth thank you in advance - our next publication is very nearly ready to go.
  11. Hmmm. Hopefully, all advice needed should be in the book, but I'd go with having pre-prepped any sorcery spells if you have a high-powered party and need your vampire to be over the top powerful, and to use Deveval for emotional impact. He should have plot armour until he's done his job, which is to tell people the problem. (It MIGHT also be to give them True Sword if that's the only way someone can harm a vampire in mist form, which I decided was possible with that spell.) However, he's obviously a kid who is doing what is right because it's honourable, and he's determined to be a good Hum
  12. The Dragonewt Quick Draw skill in the bestiary might be a good model here. Bear in mind that it has a significant penalty for fumbling. That is, you can use the skill - but while you get an advantage it's not a flat advantage with no drawbacks.
  13. As I recall, the Chaosium interpretation of this was that it's appropriate to wear Charisma as a spell when communicating. Don't worry about whether that sort of thing can be masked, so much as what happens if you don't wear it. It would be like not wearing a suit to an interview. Things like Bladesharp, that you might want to cast when in ambush positions, also have to be spoken out loud. (Spell-casting gets through the Silence spirit magic.) Rune Magic might be castable by an internal call to the god or goddess in question, but it's also got a visual component. I'd use that compone
  14. 'absinthe and a volcanic island'. It's shorthand.
  15. What he says, but I believe what you get is a share of 5% - if someone has clicked on several links, DriveThru shares out the 5% between all the clicks, I think. It's definitely upped my enthusiasm for sharing, which is where DriveThru gets their extras. Because it sits outside our agreed royalty sharing, BWT have agreed to share ours. I'm the person who pushes it most, but I'm also the person who would profit most from it, only that wouldn't be right, because there are four of us. So, for that reason we dedicate it to the improvement of our work, and use it to buy assets.
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