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    Writer and artist in Beer With Teeth, a UK Runequest and RPG publishing collective.
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    I have been throwing dice at people in anger for some time now.

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  1. Yeah. If it got called 'Colours' then we'd have a note explaining that. We need something thematic to the weavers' community we want, though. Webs of Clearwine is what we want for the weavers bit, but not for the wine part, and every other title we might produce has a double meaning. It's finger-tappingly frustrating to not have this one match,
  2. Not common at all. Pretty upper-class. So ANYWAY, our book is available in PDF and you should buy it. You've all bought it, right?
  3. Now, I want you to think very hard about what you did... No, stop looking proud! (We already rejected Legs of Clearwine, but had not got to Butts. We need to aim higher!)
  4. Craters of Clearwine would be about the failed dwarf attempt to bring the Cannon Cult to a new audience.
  5. That's too long to make a snappy title BUT Distilled Clearwine would be two words that are about the right size. That would fit in the title space and let us keep the effect of words piled up. Yes, I am the layout artist. How could you tell?
  6. 'Nobs of Clearwine' is the working title... But we'll find a different one. Heads of Clearwine is possible. Floaters in Clearwine, probably not.
  7. It is probably (although not definitely) too big a project for the level of detail we like to use. It has multiple chief priestesses, multiple sub-cults, and literally thousands of initiates, some of whom will be there all the time. It's also covered to some degree in Chaosium books, where the map of Clearwine is two pages with a lot we could fill in, in those gaps. It's a big project, probably far bigger than you realise. I wrote https://beer-with-teeth.games/writing-a-bwt-book/ about Cups, which is a far smaller project and still took six months. Clearwine Earth Temple, done in a BWT style, would be at least a year of work. It's also heavily bound up with itself, so it would be difficult to go into detail about one part without defining the others. We can do a single geographical area of Clearwine more easily and believably than we can do a single cult like the Temple of Voria, say. The Priestess there WILL have a relationship with everyone else of importance in the Temple, so we would have to define everyone important. Ouch. We could use that time to create different things instead, that will be equally awesome, but will come out three or four times more often. So, that's a cool but big project that is not high up on the list.
  8. Aaah, this makes you our new favourite person! We have seriously considered whether we should just do this until the whole place is covered... but we reckon there are probably at least three more things we can do. There's another middle class area we want to cover, which is much more about how one set of people covered by the guilds would work, and there's the top end of the city as well, and then possibly we could do all of the criminal elements, top to bottom. We're not saying we WILL do all of those, but those are the things we'd like to cover if we could. Things like Thunder Tower are probably too small on their own, while the Clearwine Temple is probably too big, but an area of a dozen houses with internal and external politics means we get the right amount of detail. If I had infinite money, though, I would have Clearwine mapped.
  9. The second Beer With Teeth sourcebook for Clearwine is out, this one focusing on a middle-class area in the Colymar city. Cups of Clearwine is available on the Jonstown Compendium on DriveThruRPG. 12 households (13 if you count the pigs, geese, and alynxes of the courtyard) and dozens of NPCs. Art by Kristi Herbert. Writing by the whole Beer With Teeth crew. It includes a five-page adventure and a two page goods appendix, for those things you want to buy from the crafters in the area.
  10. Our GM created a bunch of NPCs first, to get used to the rolling, which was good. He ended up with some great people (the Humakti Temple in Boldhome has some of the most strained internal politics imaginable, and as for how the High Sword gets on with the Earth Priestess, just don't ask...) and he also ended up knowing what was going on in the world and the past. When he ran the PCs through chargen, he did it individually, so we got a lot of attention, but that attention was mostly on our pasts, individually chatting about what we were. When I've run it, I've both done it with all the PCs together, and done it with all the PCs individually, and I prefer together. I've also nicked his NPCs, because they're a really solid set of people who have their own loves and hatreds. Mostly, he doesn't create NPCs by that method, and neither do I, but those ones? They're special.
  11. To me, that's a strength. This is the session in which you get together your chosen snack food, and put your history together. The GM talks about history as it happens, and after a while you know how you know each other, and when you parted company and met each other again. It's a session's-worth of mutual planning. A lot of this will go on the sheet and not do much, yet. You don't have to demand they REMEMBER this. Just that they write it down, and end up as a party. I had no clue what the words meant when I made my D20 rolls, but my GM tied together the story as we went along, and the result was that in my very first session, I knew I was a hyper-aggressive little warrior who HATES Broo and Chaos. And lo, there was Chaos to fight... The process is a good one - the dice rolls are just the bones. It's up to the GM to put the meat on.
  12. You're the sort of customer I love. I did eMail Meredith, and she did sort it. I'd tried uploading it against first and for some reason that hadn't worked, but it usually does, so I think I just got unlucky with the upload.
  13. Darnit. I thought I had fixed that. For some reason, it doesn't always pick up which of multiple PDFs should be the one you're actually looking at. Or something. Or the wind is wrong. EDIT: AHA! There you are, dropdown box on a totally different page that I had never seen before! OK, that should now propagate, but you may need to clear your cache. Leave it 15 minutes for the database to catch up, and if it's not solved then by clearing the cache, I'll ask DTRPG.
  14. The Gifts of Prax is now available at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/344911/The-Gifts-of-Prax?affiliate_id=205935.
  15. Beer With Teeth are delighted to introduce https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/344911/The-Gifts-of-Prax?affiliate_id=205935 - The GIfts of Prax, an RQG adventure suitable for any group of characters. It has anger, vengeance, bad life choices, and a very special condor. An Encounters appendix introduces multiple new Praxian problems. Help Erhehta the shaman have his entirely justified revenge, while gaining fame, fortune, and the things that Prax can bring you (if you don't take care). We estimate it'll take 2 sessions to complete, but there is enough there to make more without having to write your own adventure. It is englorified with art by Kristi Herbert.
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