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  1. That's actually a good point. Ernalda thanks you for your sacrifice to her... But I'd probably allow a plank, or a beam. Probably not separate flagstones. I like the idea of Glue being used as a thief spell, TBH. Learn it, and then use it on one end of the stick you're holding the other end of.
  2. I suspect a lot of people were using it as a thing to glue people down, which is then suddenly overpowered. I'd like it a lot more if the glue were permanent, so it was a bit like repair, but not entirely. However, that doesn't seem to be the case.
  3. Reviews so far: Storm Bull says RAWWRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But louder.
  4. But it is a touch spell. The boot part doesn't work.
  5. I like the rope version. I'd laugh as a GM if you tried the glove-fighting, but I could see someone gluing a shield to their arm in extremis. Shields glued onto backs ... nah. Arms have to swing. But still, the rope is very good indeed. And jamming locks, and gluing reins to saddles... But it's very limited IMO, even with that.
  6. Glue. As written, it's not clear that it does anything other than hold something temporarily for 2 minutes, once you, the caster, have held those things together.
  7. Illusion is physical, though. You're creating stuff. That said, it's expensive compared to other things. But a Swiss Army Knife/Multitool is expensive.
  8. That town 2 days away, where we're not part of the community? I can see adventurers doing that, sure. Not so much other people. Humans don't act in their own economic interest in the real world. Why expect fantasy to be different?
  9. Access to the correct shrine. Or, better, Temple. Your local place will probably only have one spell available. Bully for you if it helps with pregnancy, but not so good for your fields.
  10. Sure, but that's a balancing thing right in there. You MIGHT know a friendly Storm Voice - but your supply is not unlimited.
  11. The description of the spell says the only people you, the Issarian, can swap with are Priests. You can't just grab passing initiates. And Priests might have their own reasons and desires beyond merely widening their own magic, and probably have plenty of chance to do it with people who are NOT you... And would you care to up your offer please?
  12. If you can find a Rune Priest to do it with, sure. It does mention that in the description.
  13. Initiation into my PC's clan is an auto-tattoo. There's a blue tree you embrace and it gives you a vision and spikes you in return. However, it does take the Wyter Priest checking beforehand where your other tattoos are. The tree's powerful, but it's also blind to what is on skin already. Other clans may vary.
  14. Remaking Runes to my own taste so they'd be subtly different, I made them as monolithic blocks and then chipped them because they did indeed look terrible. +1 for aging and weathering.
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