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  1. Sorry to hear about the greenlight wait! I hope it gets resolved positively. I am rooting for all of you!
  2. Hello! Just wanted to check in to see how everything was going. Still very much looking forward to the book when it comes out.
  3. Good luck with it! I will support it and be rooting for it as well!
  4. That is a nice looking set the main Space looks a little small to me. It is definitely looks bigger compared to the others in my Soul of Chogokin set. Sorry that it is happening again Rosen. Looks like you need to pull out the Getter Drill, Drill Pressure Punch, and Mach Drill as well!
  5. Ah, Indesign.... an old nemesis of mine as well. Good luck! Will the rules allow for the GM to turn a villain into an ally of the heroes or allow a player to play that character. It seems like everyone of these shows had at least one tragic character who began as a enemy, became friends with the heroes, then died at the end of the episode. But what if they did not die and joined the heroes instead? It would be pretty cool to play someone like Tekkoki from Getter Robo G and use his mech.
  6. Sorry to hear you went through that and I hope you don't again! Glad to hear everything was fixed. There is enough craziness in the world to have to deal with more. But, back to the fun stuff Will we see Dragonsaurus in the game? Seems like a fitting enemy to have in a boom with everyone.
  7. Glad to see the project is about to go up! I noticed that I cannot access your website anymore. Are there any plans on bringing it up again? I hope everyone is OK over there with everything that is happening!
  8. Well, I certainly would not say Dr. Hell is as charismatic as Ankoku Daishogun but he did have his moments. Stuff like: He convinced Dr. Kabuto and the other members of the science team that investigated Bardos island that he was trust-worthy. With a last name like "Hell" even! LOL! He was able to convince Duke Gorgon to talk instead of fight when they first meant. He convinced Mycenae that he would be a good agent to destroy Mazinger so much that they brought him back in Great Mazinger. He had Ashura and Gorgon constantly competing for his approval. This got me thinking, what stat would a leader who inspires through fear and not likability use? Will?
  9. Thank you for the Dr. Hell preview! I have two questions from it. I see that Dr. Hell has karma. How is karma used by the villains? Complete newbie question, I know. What is the thinking behind Dr. Hell's charisma? He was not exactly likable among the good guys but he did have a lot of importance and respect among the villains. Not meaning to start a stat debate, just curious. I think that one thing that could work for Getter Robo is that while the current pilot handles the robot the other two pilots basically expand the perception capability of the team. For example, Ryoma is busy fighting the enemy robot in Dragon so he does not notice that there is a civilian trapped in the roof of a nearby building who needs rescuing. Hayato or Benkei, who can afford to be a little distracted as they are not active, can have bonuses to spot that civilian and provide the knowledge to Ryoma. Ultimately, I think it all comes down to the GM. I will just have to make sure to provide the players with enemy mechas that have clear advantages over some of the forms and weaknesses to others. If I see that Poseidon is not getting a chance, for example, then I will just bring out a water based enemy. I can also provide them with opportunities to use the individual jet forms before combining.
  10. The Final Dynamic Special is from the Super Robot Wars series of games. It involves different combination of Go Nagai robots combining forces to combat evil. Here is an example with Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, and Getter Robo G: Thank you for the update!
  11. Ok, sounds good. Considering the mecha on the cover image will you also be including rules for the legendary, final attack, the Final Dynamic Special? Also, and pardon my ignorance of D100, will combat work better with models? If so, is there any you recommend? I wish I could find a hex map big enough to use my Soul of Chogokin figures. We are in March. Is it too early to start "are we there yet" with the launch?
  12. Both make a lot of sense. Really interested in what you do with the villains as well as they had some really crazy and original powers and abilities. Actually that got me thinking. Will the focus of the game be on what you do in the mech, what you do out of the mech, or finding a balance between the two?
  13. Not surprised considering that Michiru's Lady Command is the only support ship in the image with all the robots. It was nice for her to finally pilot Liger after two series worth of episodes. I have always found combiners tricky in roleplaying games precisely because only one gets to play at a time. As long as all three players are willing to share it should be ok and a good roleplaying experience (that is a good way to earn Karma) but all it takes is one greedy player to ruin things. How about the pilots themselves? Will they be presented as humans (not counting cyborgs or aliens) or as the quasi-super human fighting machines they are occasionally shown as?
  14. Nice! Looking forward to reading that part. Now for a non-Mazinger question (gasp!). How do you handle Getter Robo G? Would one player roleplay Ryoma, Hayato, and Benkei or would three players share the robot? Almost March!
  15. You have to wonder why they did not just make a Scrander for Diana like Venus got. I don't think there is any reason why Diana could not use a Scrander like Venus, especially after her power boost in Great Mazinger. Will have to fix that when I run a game. That means I would already be nicer to poor Sayaka than her dad ever was! Alright. I suppose it would not be too hard to create a Minerva from Mazinger. That sounds like a fun reward! I will have to be on the look out for it! Can't wait to see it active.
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