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    (Excuse my english... I'm french!) So I'm 42 years-old and I began to play RPG with Black Eye when I was 9. Around 11/12, I discovered CoC and then it was love at first strike! I mostly play with my mates, but I'm part of a RPG association as well. I'm mainly a GM (but also a player) fort BRP system (CoC, Astounding Adventures, Magic World...). I also ran numerous tables like D&D, Hollow Earth Expedition, CthulhuTech, Amber, Dark Continent, and several french and non translated RPG (Bitume, Alienoïds...).
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    I'm mostly a CoC keeper, and I'm also currently running an Astounding Adventures table, and preparing The Coming Storm HQ campaign. I'm also re-reading Amber, CthulhuTech and HeroWars as short-term campaign projects. As a player, I'm part of Tales from the Loop, Beasts & Barbarians and Pendragon tables.
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    Family: I'm married, got two kids (2 and 7 years-old). Profession: archaeologist. Other hobby: I'm writing SF short stories (about 20 texts published in magazines and anthologies).

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  1. Hi, Yamsur. I'm in Mulhouse and I'd be glad to welcome you!
  2. Oh... sorry for "demanding" (french mistake)... it's certainly a too strong word... 😕 I'd just like more "narrative" screens (with just one or two columns, no more, with the essential rules). This said, I do agree with you about the interests of an entirely customizable home-made screen, that's why I'm working on a 4-panels for HQ. Still, who knows? I'm sure Chaosium's artists could make a wonderful HQ Glorantha screen!! And thanks for the Uz taunts idea, I keep it (and probably add Durulz puns...) !!! 😁
  3. I wonder... Is there any chance to see one of these days a GM screen suitable for HeroQuest? WIth a great original landscape from Loïc Muzy or Jon Hodgson??? I have my old HeroWars french screen (Multisim), and I love it, but I want to change the view for my players (!!!). 😉 More, through the years, I'm becoming more and more demanding with the GM side (less rules and more narrative stuff, like a map, a table of the runes, Eurmal's top 5 jokes...). So I'm currently working on a homemade screen (maybe I will present it on a post when it'll be finished), but I'm realistic: it would never match a real Chaosium product. 🙁 And if it is the opportunity to see more excellent gloranthan art (and not just extracts from the books), then great, where is my debit card??? 😵
  4. So I ran one last Astounding Adventures online last night... Since I had done the three book's scenarios, I chose to slip onto Pulp Cthulhu, with its core book scenario The desintegrator. Three players (two veterans, one beginner), very good atmosphere, good PCs involvement... The Desintegrator is a very nice one, really, and we all had a very good time. SPOILER ALERT! And then all the fiends were revealed. When the players had to face a proto-shoggoth on the one hand and some fungi on the other hand, they all suddenly lost their nerves both with their initiative. They became totally passive and quickly decided to deal with Mr Sleep and obey him!!! Yet I had prepare them. Yet one of my players soon understood they were playing some Cthulhu stuff. Yet they were two veterans. Yet one of them soon suggested to destroy the desintegrator (but even him decided to abandon this idea). When they were walking with Mr Sleep, carrying the device, I added more details, triggered many warnings... Nothing to do. It had to be a TPK. So be it. 💀 Still, it was a good TPK scene and my players enjoyed it (phew!). When they entered the crevasse with Mr Sleep, I stopped the roleplaying and had to improvise with an outer point of view. "The world never heard from you again" and that kind of stuff. Like if I was reading a press review. I never mentioned their obvious dead. And they really enjoyed it (phew! again...). ☺️ This scenario gave me, as a GM, the opportunity to deal with some improvisation I never had to make before: switching the points of view in such a way, and choosing not to describe the final scene at all. It preserved the atmosphere right to the session end and even a little beyond (when we were chating after playing). Funny nota: it's my 4th TPK, and all four occured in a Mythos environment (on in Delta Green, two in CoC, one here in Pulp Cthulhu). Then, you will laugh, it's only the second I have to manage as a GM. The two others? I was a player, of course, and I must confess both of them were entirely my personal fault (a fumble on a hand grenade throwing, and the intentional sacrifice of my fellow players to invoke Shub-Niggurath). With this one, at least, I'm making equal... 😁 Last point: slipping from Astounding Adventures onto Pulp Cthulhu was still a good idea, and even with a TPK my players really liked it. And this scenario provides very good atmosphere as well as some typical pulp stuff (the device itself). Be sure I'm not done with these two RPGs...
  5. Loïc

    Playing a duck

    I also read some stuff about Durulz pirates of the Heort Creek in The Coming Storm. You could also imagine the character to be one of their inland contacts whose task is discretly fencing the loots in your players' village... But it means less personal implication than the refugee pitch... and it doesn't fit with an Humakti profile. And beware: the only player who played a Durulz in the campaigns I played (I wasn't GM) also played a duck in Cobra Space Adventures RPG (excellent one, by the way). In both cases, it added much fun (he's a great roleplayer), but in both cases, he really pissed us (and our GM) off !!! Nevertheless, I remember really great scenes. ...and I'm still admiring my GM's patience... 🥰
  6. Loïc

    Playing a duck

    Remember that the Durulz (at least some of them) were part of Starbrow's rebellion. It could be a good character implication for your player : his duck's parents (or one of them) were slaughter by Lunar when Starbrow's rebellion failed (or during the Duck Hunt), and he and his surviving relatives were given refuge by the Colymars. Do not forget Humakt is also part of the Storm pantheon... And as wrote Shakespeare : - What ? A rat ! - F***! A duck! Sorry, I'm leaving the room... 😕
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  9. Sorry, I don't even see the error(s)! 😁 French is not only a nationality, it's also a bad excuse... 😉
  10. I DO convert! 😁 Amazing job, that's all. (...and by the way, amazing first name.. 😉)
  11. Agree with you about the difference between the Lunar and Roman empires. This said, whether you want to destroy your opponents' gods to make yours one and only (at least in the Middle Air), or you believe yours is still the one and only, the difference is just a matter of time: the Christian god IS the one and only / the Red Goddess WILL BE the one and only. And this is even more simple for worshippers: kill Orlanth's unconvertible whorshippers, whether it weakens their god or they are foolish beyond redemption... Anyway, just frag 'em all!!! (Sorry, I love this kind of academic discussion... 😊 )
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  13. ...just to carry on with my previous reply... I said I saw the Lunars pretty much like the Early Roman Empire, when it was still paganist. We could keep up by saying that when the Roman Empire adopted Christianism as official religion, it became much less tolerant towards pagan cults of its provinces (these cults were all forbidden, while even with the previous imperial cult, all cults were allowed as long as they didn't disrupt the Empire's peace and order). In practice, we do know (texts, archaeological discoveries) it depended on the local authorities. In Sartar, we could easily imagine a Lunar clergy and some of the military command (Tatius the Bright) totally fanatical and hostile towards Orlanth's worshipping. In the other hand, we could meet Lunar officers more indifferent to religious matters, as long as the peace of the Empire is respected/preserved. Of course, these "tolerant" Lunars would be more present among less in-sight officers and sub-officers... and they wouldn't openly disobey their command anyway!!!
  14. In this matter, I see the Lunar Empire much similar to the Roman Early Empire, when it was still paganist: it is better to agregate / absorb peacefully conquered people. As long as the Orlanthi do not oppose the Empire; they can worship anygod they want. Massive religious conversion needs more time, the Lunars are certainly aware of that - and it's the business pf the missionaries, not the garrison ! For Orlanth's cult, its a bit different. As a source of trouble, a call to revolt, it is forbidden (as was Christianity by the Romans at first). Shrines and temples are destroyed. But the Lunars are too good politics: they do know there must be an "exhaust valve", or the whole thing can explode to their face. So they turn a blind eye to little worshipping, as long as it is discreet and not causing massive meetings and troubles.
  15. About this White Bull campaign... Is there any chance, in the end, to have it published either as book or as a Cult of Chaos scenario (or just a short campaign script)?
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