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    (Excuse my english... I'm french!) So I'm 43 years-old and I began to play RPG with Black Eye when I was 9. Around 11/12, I discovered CoC and then it was love at first strike! I mostly play with my mates, but I'm part of a RPG association as well. I'm mainly a GM (but also a player) fort BRP system (CoC, Astounding Adventures, Magic World...). I also ran numerous tables like D&D, Hollow Earth Expedition, CthulhuTech, Amber, Dark Continent, and several french and non translated RPGs (Bitume, Alienoïds...).
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    I'm currently running a Call of Cthulhu Miskatonic University students table, and willing to come back to The Coming Storm HQ campaign (containment, you know...). As a player, I'm part of Tales from the Loop, Nightprowler and Mega tables (the two lasts are French RPGs).
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    Family: I'm married, got two kids (3 and 9 years-old). Profession: archaeologist. Other hobby: I'm writing SF short stories (about 20 texts published in magazines and anthologies).

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  1. Fleas Sack Grubble-Crap-Shit "Fucking Meow-Meow" (quote from Harvey Keitel in Argento's Black Cat...)
  2. Indeed, as far as historians know, maps always were a political instrument, designed to affirm power upon a territory. Other good examples are the roman itinerarians (Antoninus' is a list of stationes and cities, with indicated distances between them), and of course The Table of Peutinger (https://leg8.fr/empire-romain/table-de-peutinger/). The last could easily be imagined as a Lunar mapping of its empire...
  3. Oh, sorry! I've never read Mallory in the original spelling... A fail to repare!!! 😉
  4. ????? 😳 Never wrote any letter to an "auberge de jeunesse" in a 43 years-life in France!!!!😲 For an elite language, I would choose Latin (of course, I'm French...), it allows anyone to agree with one another, and it explains the arrogance of Roman knights...
  5. You mean "Coeur Hardi" I think ? "Cure" means "therapy" (often "balneotherapy"). A Roman knight I suppose?😊 As a source of inspiration, it makes me think of a XVth-XVIth century french knight called Bayard, whose motto/nickname was "sans peur et sans reproche" (fearless and flawless). Maybe take a look at knights' mottos (when known...) could be useful?
  6. I strongly disagree with all this. I did mastered Magic World. And I'll surely master it again. So for me it never failed!!! ... of course, I'm a real dumb in business and economics... 😜
  7. (Precise I'm French...) As a matter of fact, we often use these kind of nicknames when playing Pendragon. But always after a while, when the knight begins to be quite renown. Really, a good english-french dictionnary could be enough, since many modern french adjectives already existed in in Middle Ages. But... but... (and thanks to Voord99)... Some Old French adjectives had different meanings than in modern French (and vice versa). Examples : Pepin le Bref: means "the short", but in modern French "bref" is used mainly for short-speaking... Gilbert le Gentil (quoting Voord99): in Old French, Gentil means "gentle", as opposed to "vilain" (same as in English), which refers to the lowest social classes of the Middle Ages. And in modern French, saying of someone "il est gentil" can be (see context) the same as "il est bien brave", refering to a nice but dumb person... A knight with such a nickname should be harrassed for this in tournaments... Last, as in English, most actual french second names refer to a profession or a land designation. For example, mine means (in Occitan) "hazel grove"!!! All this is a bit confused even for a French, and I'm afraid this is even more confusing for my fellow-english-speaking roleplayers... So, I advice to just translate your nickname in modern French (you'll have probably 95% chances to match a medieval-origin adjective!!!). But if you're planning some sessions in France, beware: in the Middle Ages, French is not at all spoken in the whole territory: Brittons speak Breton, Alsacians/Lorrans have germanic dialects, Basks speak Euskal, the whole South of France speaks three distincts occitan languages (and even have their own litteratures, from West to East: Gascon, Languedocien, Provençal), and so forth... Then if you want to add color to your nicknames, you can take a look at these (many ressources on the internet, but in French I'm afraid...). Last point: some take a latin nickname, like Carolus Magnus.
  8. Loïc

    Cattle raids

    There is a quite good presentation of cattle raids, their customs and obligations and so forth in HQ The Coming Storm (vol. 2: Eleven Lights). But basically, yes, as said above, the rule is to ask the clan chief permission. Then, that's what crawlers do... 😉
  9. Funny too: I used Storm Tribe (and Thunder Rebels) to prepare this campaign, and for the rules, I'm running a mix between HW et HQ rules... In other words, you unmasked me!!!! 😋
  10. I'm running The Coming Storm HQ campaign, and one of my players chose the "full text writing creation" and created a valindir... Indeed, such a character isn't thought highly of in Red Cow Clan, and when the Great Winter will come, he certainly will have big problems (a lynch mob...). Then, his background is also certainly the most creative of all the party: he's some kind of a village idiot (a handsome and strong one, but yes, a village idiot) in Red Cow Fort, a stickpicker, and there was some really good prophecy dedicated to Valind in his background, with strong links with the clan and the other players... We discussed it, and considered Valind (at least an aspect of Valind) as a primordial force of nature, destructive and indispensable in Orlanth's society. In the cycle of seasons, after all, winter and the winds of Valind are useful, for without them, there should be no renewal of life... So is his character: there is no matter of good nor evil, he's like a child, with all his innocent cruelty and destructive drive. Of course it isn't "canonical", but players' creativity and commitment should always be encouraged and rewarded...
  11. And Ernalda procession (no wedding without her, and apparently without booze...) :
  12. Both (the wedding, and the feast) are from La privée des hommes aux temps des vikings (Private Life of Humans in Viking Ages), a great collection when I was a kid (1970s/1980s). The artist is Pierre Joubert.
  13. Just for illustration (add a bit of minoian culture...) :
  14. TOPIC SOLVED!!! Thanks to Chaosium team quick answer and advises! I'm probably going to make my order tomorrow... and wait for UK warehouse exclusive products to ship to France again... 😉
  15. Hi! Don't really know where to post this, and I'm not sure my mail worked on Chaosium's website... So, I wanted to make an order yesterday to take advantage of Chaosium's great promotions (Blood Tide, The Magic Book, In Search of the Trollslayer and several Cthulhu classic scenarios I don't have yet in my collection...). When I wanted to finalize and pay my order, I saw an alert saying "one or more articles of your cart can't be shipped to your current address (in France). Please register another address of destination". Not exactly the same words (and certainly in a much better english), but basically the same meaning. Halas, I don't have any other available address to make this order... And the site doesn't precise what articles are concerned. So I had to cancel my order... 😪 So my questions: probably a stupid question: is this situation covid-related, both for US and UK platforms? is it concerning all Chaosium products for France? how long the promotions will last? If this is covid-related, I'm sure you can't say when orders from France will start again, but I'd just like to know if I have a chance to take advantage of your promotions... Anyway, I hope this f***ing situation will end very soon, and not just for my ordering compulsion. Just for everyone's sake. Thanks!
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