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    (Excuse my english... I'm french!) So I'm 42 years-old and I began to play RPG with Black Eye when I was 9. Around 11/12, I discovered CoC and then it was love at first strike! I mostly play with my mates, but I'm part of a RPG association as well. I'm mainly a GM (but also a player) fort BRP system (CoC, Astounding Adventures, Magic World...). I also ran numerous tables like D&D, Hollow Earth Expedition, CthulhuTech, Amber, Dark Continent, and several french and non translated RPG (Bitume, Alienoïds...).
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    I'm mostly a CoC keeper, and I'm also currently running an Astounding Adventures table, and preparing The Coming Storm HQ campaign. I'm also re-reading Amber, CthulhuTech and HeroWars as short-term campaign projects. As a player, I'm part of Tales from the Loop, Beasts & Barbarians and Pendragon tables.
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    Family: I'm married, got two kids (2 and 7 years-old). Profession: archaeologist. Other hobby: I'm writing SF short stories (about 20 texts published in magazines and anthologies).

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  1. Loïc

    Cattle raids

    There is a quite good presentation of cattle raids, their customs and obligations and so forth in HQ The Coming Storm (vol. 2: Eleven Lights). But basically, yes, as said above, the rule is to ask the clan chief permission. Then, that's what crawlers do... 😉
  2. Funny too: I used Storm Tribe (and Thunder Rebels) to prepare this campaign, and for the rules, I'm running a mix between HW et HQ rules... In other words, you unmasked me!!!! 😋
  3. I'm running The Coming Storm HQ campaign, and one of my players chose the "full text writing creation" and created a valindir... Indeed, such a character isn't thought highly of in Red Cow Clan, and when the Great Winter will come, he certainly will have big problems (a lynch mob...). Then, his background is also certainly the most creative of all the party: he's some kind of a village idiot (a handsome and strong one, but yes, a village idiot) in Red Cow Fort, a stickpicker, and there was some really good prophecy dedicated to Valind in his background, with strong links with the clan and the
  4. And Ernalda procession (no wedding without her, and apparently without booze...) :
  5. Both (the wedding, and the feast) are from La privée des hommes aux temps des vikings (Private Life of Humans in Viking Ages), a great collection when I was a kid (1970s/1980s). The artist is Pierre Joubert.
  6. Just for illustration (add a bit of minoian culture...) :
  7. TOPIC SOLVED!!! Thanks to Chaosium team quick answer and advises! I'm probably going to make my order tomorrow... and wait for UK warehouse exclusive products to ship to France again... 😉
  8. Hi! Don't really know where to post this, and I'm not sure my mail worked on Chaosium's website... So, I wanted to make an order yesterday to take advantage of Chaosium's great promotions (Blood Tide, The Magic Book, In Search of the Trollslayer and several Cthulhu classic scenarios I don't have yet in my collection...). When I wanted to finalize and pay my order, I saw an alert saying "one or more articles of your cart can't be shipped to your current address (in France). Please register another address of destination". Not exactly the same words (and certainly in a much better english),
  9. Don't know much the Shadow (unfortunately never been published in France, we just know the movie), but for the Phantom (many french-translated comics...) I remember he mainly uses his two guns (maybe he shouldn't have any malus when using both of them at the same time? or allow him twice attacks/turn?). Can't remember seeing him with a sword, but frequently with "tribal" weapons (bow, spear...). And since he's been partly educated by the Bandars, I'm sure he knows something about poisons and darts...
  10. And what about sidekicks? Henry Jones for Indiana, bandar tribesmen (and Guran!)/Heroe/Satan for The Phantom, and so forth?...
  11. And heraldry also uses sirens, wolves, snakes, griffins, dragons... Specialists (dungeoneers?) are still looking for shields with painted kobolds, goblins and trolls.
  12. May the Stars be right!!!! Happy new years all of you. Just a french (frenglish?) joke: "Knock-knock! - Who's that? - Lapinou! - Lapinou who? - Lapinou year!" (in french, "lapinou" stands for "bunny"). Sorry. Wish you'll have better ones this year. Shouldn't be difficult.
  13. Sorry, but you're wrong. In ancient charts : West = Hic sunt monstrorum East = Hic sunt draconis South = Hic sunt leones (for Middle-Ages christians, lions were devil-creatures) North = no specific latin sentence. No need. No one would dare.
  14. Never played Superworld. But here in France, Nephilim is some kind of a cult-game. I played a long long campaign several years ago, and had very great time! Even the longer character creation ever seen (and still great!).
  15. I began mastering The Dark Eye for my 8 years-old son during the first containment here in France. We didn't stop... Now I'd like to run someting else for him, but with another player (his sister is only 3 years old). I'm tryng to pressure my wife, but her previous experiences (Conan RPG, C.O.P.S.) didn't convince her...
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