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  1. What I do is the first / 3 shots are made at normal difficulty. So you can squeeze off 3 shots each one rolling for regular success. If you want to empty your clip IE go beyond the three shots, then it is done at a hard roll. Ya even I kind of fathom some of those CoC rules. I mean, a character can dodge the damn bullets for crying out loud, even after taking their action.
  2. Will Horror on the Orient Express go on POD? thanks
  3. I think that Nameless Horrors is PDF only in Chaosiums store. But am not sure. Can someone from Chaosium confirm if they are selling a PDF or a physical book? Scott
  4. Howdy- Used the Berlin book in my game yesterday and boy, what a fantastic job Chaosium has done on it. My players were all over Berlin forcing me to really put my DM'ing chops too good use as they explored parts of the city instead of going straight into the adventure I planned to my chargin lol. But there was such a wealth of good and interesting info, which I had bring up on my PDF to find. I have the physical book, but it is such a beautiful book that I am loathed to rip off the shrink wrap. As an aside; is there a print version of Namless Horrors in Chaosiums store? Could buy i
  5. lol, I dont know, I have the original stuff so I am not sure about the new stuff here is a utub vid:
  6. Howdy- If you really like ASL and have FtF opponents, then buy as much of the official stuff as you can. MMP is a great company but they only publish limited quantities of modules due to warehouse space. They just came out with Croix De Guerre 2020 Edition, it includes a HASL and the new and improved French OB. Hopefully I managed to answer some of your questions. Scott
  7. You have questions on advanced squad leader? by all mean PM me and I'll try to help you.
  8. Awesome wargame, it never loses its value. You cant download pdf's of the boards or counters lol. Buy as much in print official stuff from Multi man publishing, once it goes out of print the secondary market is brutal IE super expensive. I am a big ASL fan.
  9. I kinda had this same problem with one of my players, high CR, owns a fleet of airplanes, a race car and so on. He had a ton of plans on how he was going to spend his wealth. Well being the experienced GM (25+year) I decided to run the Two Headed Serpent campaign. Thus taking him totally out of that situation. and putting him in a situation where he did not have access to his vast wealth. The players in The Two Headed Serpent campaign start off in Bolivia right from the git go. So as an option, you can have your players start in some god forsaken part of the world and not have to worry about h
  10. Howdy- So what is the next big CoC boxed set campaign to go on kick starter or getting printed?
  11. Life is good when one can play two great campaigns, Masks of Nyarlathotep and The Two-Headed Serpent. Beautiful books and great campaigns no less. Thank you Chaosium for putting out these great campaigns. Played part of of the Bolivia chapter today and my players had a blast (and they went about things very unexpectedly ). This Friday I continue with the start of the Peru chapter for Masks of Nyarlathotep, my players for that group cant wait too play nor can I. Its weird, I DM D&D on sundays and just do not feel the same level of excitment that I feel for These Call of Cthuhlu campaigns. o
  12. Hi- Since all the books produced by chaosium are printed in china, why are they so expensive? Why not print them in the USA where it might be cheaper. I look at my old books from the 80's and sigh a little on how I miss seeing Made in the USA.
  13. Howdy- Is the new Runequest monster book compatible with CoC 7e? thanks
  14. I am running my Masks campaign using the pulp rules. I would also highly recommend going over the Peru chapter it is seriously wonky. Also note, you will need some kind of village lay out for puno, a museum and basement layout for Prof Senchez and the basement for Rizo. You will also need an island and house for Nyla since there is a major encounter there. I personally changed everything around, instead of the players meeting Larkin, I decided to have them meet senchez and Rizo through Jackson Elias. Thereby when Rizo encounters the Vampire thing in the basement the player are there to defeat
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