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  1. Howdy- So is this some sort of monster manual for CoC?
  2. Howdy- Thanks all for your replies, I found a set of U-Boat plans and used for the scenario The Derelict. Well actually I just used the creature from the Derelict module. The players were on their way to England aboard the Tramp Steamer Nostromous, strangely enough, they found their course changed and heading to the Artic. It turns out a distress call was picked up by the ships commo officer and determined that it was coming from an old WW I sub perhaps abandoned on one of the icebergs or something. The players end up being volunteered by their employer (Erica Carlyle) to go and inve
  3. Pulled the trigger on Getting HotOE today. Both pdf and print copy. Also ordered Stillwater for the Darker trails old west RPG. Thanks again Chaosium for reprinting HotOE much appreciated.
  4. Howdy- I plan to run my players through a U-Boat adventure and was wondering if there any good deck plans for a world war I u-boat. I have done some googling but what I have found is most scans are of poor quality or just not what I am looking. thanks for any answers. scott
  5. I thought Hudson and Brand was the definitive work on CbG. I could be wrong, but it is very good.
  6. Howdy- Are there any legible versions of these handouts out there in internet land? The handouts in Masks of Nyarlathotep are hard to read as written. thanks
  7. I agree, I have players from around the world that want to play cowpokes, hearing someone with an english accent attempt an American southern accent is priceless. Although I would not recommend Devils Gulch, they did not include the 7E stats in that supplement. Ya I know, I can fill them in myself but I am too busy. Best of all, DDT has alot of sources to draw from, The Wild Wild West, Bananza, The Lone Ranger and much more. So it does not have to be mythos exclusive at all.
  8. Howdy- Pulled the trigger on this product and it did not disappoint. Was thinking about Pinnicles Deadlands but was put off by the civil war revisionist history. Happily; Down Darker Trails left out the lost cause BS. I plan to run an old west campaign with pulp elements later this year and can not wait to throw in elements of Gunsmoke and Bananza into the mix. Currently running Masks of Nyalarthotep using the Pulp engine and the players are having a blast (we just got done with the Perlude in Peru.) Anyway, keep up the great work and hopefully we will see more CoC old west supplemen
  9. Is there way to subscribe to a newsletter or something to get notice when HotOE goes up for sale? thanks
  10. What I do is the first / 3 shots are made at normal difficulty. So you can squeeze off 3 shots each one rolling for regular success. If you want to empty your clip IE go beyond the three shots, then it is done at a hard roll. Ya even I kind of fathom some of those CoC rules. I mean, a character can dodge the damn bullets for crying out loud, even after taking their action.
  11. Will Horror on the Orient Express go on POD? thanks
  12. I think that Nameless Horrors is PDF only in Chaosiums store. But am not sure. Can someone from Chaosium confirm if they are selling a PDF or a physical book? Scott
  13. Howdy- Used the Berlin book in my game yesterday and boy, what a fantastic job Chaosium has done on it. My players were all over Berlin forcing me to really put my DM'ing chops too good use as they explored parts of the city instead of going straight into the adventure I planned to my chargin lol. But there was such a wealth of good and interesting info, which I had bring up on my PDF to find. I have the physical book, but it is such a beautiful book that I am loathed to rip off the shrink wrap. As an aside; is there a print version of Namless Horrors in Chaosiums store? Could buy i
  14. lol, I dont know, I have the original stuff so I am not sure about the new stuff here is a utub vid:
  15. Howdy- If you really like ASL and have FtF opponents, then buy as much of the official stuff as you can. MMP is a great company but they only publish limited quantities of modules due to warehouse space. They just came out with Croix De Guerre 2020 Edition, it includes a HASL and the new and improved French OB. Hopefully I managed to answer some of your questions. Scott
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